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DEPECHE MODE - Electro Megamix by DJ HOKKAIDO (non-stop mix) 2013

approx 40 mins
Depeche Mode are an English electronic music band formed in 1980 in Basildon, Essex. The group's original line-up consisted of Dave Gahan (lead vocals, occasional songwriter since 2005), Martin Gore (keyboards, guitar, vocals, chief songwriter after 1981), Andy Fletcher (keyboards) and Vince Clarke (keyboards, chief songwriter 1980–81). Clarke left the band after the release of their 1981 debut album, Speak & Spell, and was replaced by Alan Wilder (keyboards, drums, occasional songwriter) with Gore taking over songwriting. Wilder left the band in 1995; Gahan, Gore, and Fletcher have since continued as a trio.
Depeche Mode have had 48 songs in the UK Singles Chart and twelve top 10 albums in the UK charts, two of which debuted at No. 1.
According to EMI, Depeche Mode have sold over 100 million albums and singles worldwide,[2] making them the most successful electronic band in music history.[3] Q magazine calls Depeche Mode "The most popular electronic band the world has ever known"[4] and included the band in the list of the "50 Bands That Changed The World!".[5] VH1 ranked the group no. 98 on his list of the "100 Greatest Artists of All Time".

MADONNA MEGAMIX medley 80's (non-stop hits mix)

When you think about clothes worn in the 80s, what is the most popular style that comes to mind? Madonna. The pop icon was discovered and elevated to her most popular days in the 1980’s. Her style was the most copied and sought after look. After all, Madonna was omnipresent in 80s culture, appearing on TV in many music videos, on the big screen in movies, on cassettes in every home and car, and in concert.

Dead Or Alive - Pete Burns - Master Mix Megamix Greatest Hits PWL 80's Hi-NRG Disco Dance

Dead or Alive were a British New Wave band from Liverpool, England. The group found success in the 1980s and had seven Top 40 UK singles and three Top 30 UK albums. They were the first group to have a number one single under the production team of Stock Aitken Waterman. Dead or Alive, which has variously included Pete Burns (vocalist), Wayne Hussey (guitarist and songwriter), Mike Percy (bass guitarist), Steve Coy (drummer), Timothy Lever (various instruments), and Jason Alburey (keyboardist), have released eleven albums, and became popular in Japan.
Two of the group's singles reached the U.S. Top 20 on the Billboard Hot 100; "You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)" No. 11 in 1985, and "Brand New Lover" No. 15 in 1986. "You Spin Me Round" charted in 1985 in the UK, then again in 2003 and 2006 following Burns' appearance on the television reality show Celebrity Big Brother. The latter also became the first of two singles to top the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart.

Sunday, 17 February 2013

High Energy Double Dance - Volume.1 (2LP Set) 1984 80 Minutes Non-Stop mix

c 1984 80 Minutes Non-Stop mix
also available in better quality
High-Energy Double Dance - Volume 1 HQ VERSION
(320kbps/Split-Track Version)
"So Hot! This is High Energy! I have flown and traveled to all the great dance palaces of the world, but this collection of Hi-NRG tops the lot - right inside your home or car! You don't stand a chance if you cant dance! Jump to it" Moola. High Priest of DJ
(hehehe)" I'm really going to have to guess here, there aren't any dates on these comps until vol 5 in 1986. This must be around early 1984 judging from the tracklist.

Around this time I was blissfully unaware of the trend emerging here, I only knew these tracks from my mom who taught aerobics - so for the first 2 years this was just "aerobic music" to me.

Still there are a lot that I remember from this album: Fun Fun, Eveleyn Thomas,The Flirtations, Marsha Raven, Hazell Dean, Miquel Brown, Eartha Kitt Cafe Society and Gloria Gaynor.

The sound was BIG as it was leaps and bounds beyond disco, exciting new things to do with synths and even some "breakdance" scratchings in there. Mixed by Gary "Zipps" van Riet (who later defected to Eurobeat - hehehehe) and quite well too.

20 Tracks capturing the genre perfectly - nice artwork on the front and back covers, the "fantasy" cover themes were kept right through almost to the end. A good start for the series I must say.

Just a note about the intro here - Karl Kikillus was a chart show (well we only had 1 chart show) presenter in the 80s (Pop Shop - Bwahahaha) so it really was a big plug for them to have Karl on the comp, clever media work, also featuring Moola for credibility.


Side One
High Energy Theme
- Karl Kikillus.
Happy Station - Fun Fun.
Primitive Desire - Eastbound Expressway.
High Energy - Evelyn Thomas.
Earthquake - The Flirtations.
Catch Me - Marsha Raven

Side Two
- Hazell Dean.

So Many Men So Little Time - Miquel Brown.
Somebody to love - Cafe Society.
When You Walk In The Room - Ramming Speed.
Desire - Paul Parker.

Side Three
Where Is My Man - Eartha Kitt.

Just Another Broken Heart - Dororthy Moore.
Skiing In The Snow - Laura Pallas.
Countdown - Rofi & The Lovetones.
Evergreen - Hazell Dean

Side Four
I Am What I Am - Gloria Gaynor.

He's A Saint He's A Sinner - Miquel Brown.
Emergency - Laura Pallas.
Jealous Love - Hazell Dean.
Living My Own Life - Earlene Bentley.

Label: Principal Records
Catalog#: HEDD 1
Format: 2 x Vinyl, LP, Mixed
Country: South Africa
Released: 1984
Genre: Electronic
Style: Hi NRG, Disco
Credits: Artwork By [Back] - Hans Van Der Vegte Artwork By [Front] - Mark Day
DJ Mix - Gary "Zipps" Van Riet* Engineer - Julian Laxton
Executive Producer - Patric Van Blerk , Peter Cooke
Notes: Engineered at JLB Studios.
Running Time: 80 Minutes


High Energy Double Dance - Volume.2 (2LP Set) c 1984 80 Minutes Non-Stop mix


This classic mix starts off with a High-Energy intro from SA music legend Julian Laxton.
High-Energy Double Dance - Volume 2 has all the right ingredients. Big tracks from Fancy, Fun Fun, Lime, Ken Laszlo (lots of Italo creeping in eh?). Evelyn Thomas is back in again with her "High Energy" mega hit, as on the previous album (do you think it will be on the next one too?). Also Evelyn does her fabulous "Masquerade".
"Coming Out Of Hiding" by Pamala Stanley is featured too! 
Great Hi-NRG Mega Hit Classic


Brilliant track and remix from Marsha Raven "False Alarm". Sheesh I remember that one well - big aerobics number. The Twins make their first appearance a double one "Face To Face" and "Not The Loving Kind". Other stand outs are Hazell Dean and of course Divine "You Think You're a Man" which was apparently produced by Pete Waterman of Stock Aitken Waterman Fame. Cool! Hazell Dean was already being produced by Stock and Aitken, just a matter of time.

Really a good one. Cover is a bit odd - blue sky with black lightening? Also they duffed a bit, they put the artists name on the building and although Paul Parker's is on the cover he ain't on the album.
A brilliant compilation! (for many reasons, my favourite early High-Energy album)

Side One
Hi-NRG Theme MK II
- Julian Laxton. Slice Me Nice - Fancy. Colour My Love - Fun Fun. Take It Up - Lime. Hey Hey Guy - Ken Laszlo. Black Leather - Miquel Brown.

Side Two
High Energy (Remix)
- Evelyn Thomas. Masquerade - Evelyn Thomas. Caught In The Act - Earlene Bentley. Maybe This Time - Norma Lewis. We Are Invincible - The 501's.
Side Three
False Alarm (Dutch Remix)
- Marsha Raven. Face To Face - The Twins. Not The Loving Kind - The Twins. Hi Sex Drive - Dolmann. Touch & Go Lover - Carol Jiani.

Side Four
Coming Out Of Hiding - Pamala Stanley. You Think You're A Man - Divine. Whatever I Do - Hazell Dean. The Fight - Norma Lewis. (Ha Ha) Here I Come - Ashleigh Sendin. ______________________

Principal Records
Catalog#: HEDD 2
Format: 2 x Vinyl, LP, Mixed
Country: South Africa
Released: 1984
Genre: Electronic
Style: Hi NRG, Disco
Credits: Artwork By [Back] - Hans Van Der Vegte Artwork By [Front] - Simon Ford
DJ Mix -
Gorgeous Gary* Engineer - Julian Laxton Executive Producer - Patric Van Blerc , Peter Cooke
Notes: Mega-Mixed by Gorgeous Gary / "Zipps", engineered at JLB Studios.
Running Time: 80 Minutes.


High Energy Double Dance - Volume.3 (2LP Set) 1984 80 Minutes Non-Stop mix

Not Bad - more High Energy than Italo really. I'd rate Vol 2 better but this is still a good one.
Fancy is back with the brill Chinese Eyes and Come Inside And a remix of Slice Me Nice. Nice tracks from Hazell Dean, Cafe Society Fun Fun.
Also the big dance version of One Night in Bankok by Robey. Oh and guess what's back again - Evelyn Thomas with "High Energy".
 Not much more really stands out in memory other than Divines' "I'm So Beautiful" (yip! Stock And Aitken on the credits) which I still think is great even thought its very camp - see the pictures page if you want to see what Divine really looked like (without the fright-wig that is).

Another cool cover - oddly enough 1, 2 & 3 all look similar but are done by totally different people. Once again Paul Parkers' name is up in lights but nowhere to be found, as with Nicci Galble's. Interesting to note that they have kept the original High - Energy font almost throughout the whole series, the "Double Dance" font was only kept from this volume on.

Side One
High Energy (Re-Remix)
- Evelyn Thomas. Chinese Eyes - Fancy. I'm So Beautiful - Divine. It Its Love That Your After - Jackson Moore. Back In My Arms (Once Again) - Hazell Dean

Side Two
One Night In Bangkok - Robey. Come Inside - Fancy. Slice Me Nice (Slice-Mixx) - Fancy. Relight My Fire - Cafe Society. Stargazing - Earlene Bentley. Living In Japan - Fun Fun.

Side Three
Fighting For Our Lives - Shiraz. Doctor's Orders - Maegan. You Turn My Love Into Bittersweet - Linda Lewis. Reach Out - Jimmy James. Nothing's Worse Than Being Alone - Velvette.

Side Four
I Hear Thunder - Seventh Avenue. Frantic Love - Eastbound Expressway. Life Is The Reason - Norma Lewis. Power Of Love - Astaire. Young Hearts (Be Free Tonight) - Jimmy Ruffin.

Label: Principal Records
Catalog#: HEDD 3
Format: 2 x Vinyl, LP, Mixed
Country: South Africa
Released: 1985
Genre: Electronic
Style: Hi NRG, Euro House, Disco
Credits: Artwork By [Back] - Hans Van Der Vegte Artwork By [Front] - Ester Boshoff
DJ Mix - Gary V.R.* Executive Producer - Peter Cooke
Notes: The Galactic Mixx by Gary V.R. (Zipps), engineered at RPM Studios.
Running Time: 80 Minutes.


High Energy Double Dance - Volume.4 (2LP Set) 1985 80 Minutes Non-Stop mix

High Energy Double Dance
80 Minutes Non-Stop mix
In case you wanted to know where it started, this is it.

Modern Talking make a double appearance "You're My Heart You're My Soul" AND "You Can Win If You Want" .
HE4 was oddly titled "Let Your Feet Do The Talking" , but everyone knew what it was.

DJ Gary"Zipps" (the mixer) nowhere to be found on this one - probably about to defect to Eurobeat here! Same combination of good stuff and odd funk (Barbera Pennington, DC Allstars). Still some good numbers - Fancy make a double appearance again. Divine's Walk Like A Man is also on!

The South African (Cafe Society) version of Woodpecker From Space is on too (the original Video Kids one was never released in SA). Still I grew up on it and it was a big hit - does sound quite different from the original so its not like its a rip-off. Paul Harcastle's 19 is in there which was a big track at the time.

Volume 4 was credited as being "An LA City Jay Mix" - mixed by a black American DJ from Los Angeles called "Jayjay" actually - he was the resident DJ at a Jo'burg club called Q's at the time. Jayjay had just won SA's first ever "Battle of The DJ's" competition that year, but he went back to the States after that. Don't know who did the cover but it looks like Lee Selsicks work (see next volume). Not a bad one, but the best is still to come ...

A big thank you to High-Energy Double Dance DJ legend Andrew Wood for confirming that is was American DJ "Jayjay" (not SA Radio DJ "Alex J") who mixed Volume 4 :)

Side One
You're My Heart You're My Soul - Modern Talking

Tekno Talk - Tekno Talk
Lady O - Fancy
The Easy Way Out - Miquel Brown
Surrender - Axodry

Side Two
Kalimba De Luna - Tony Esposito

Take Me - Penny Lane
You Can Win If You Want - Modern Talking
Woodpecker From Space - Cafe Society
Send Her A Dream - Kirk Novac

Side Three
On A Crowded Street - Barbera Pennington
Bustin' Loose - D.C. Allstars
Shining Star - Precinct
Lucky Guy - Ryan Simmons
19 - Paul Hardcastle

Side Four
I'm On The Loose - Cafe Society
I'm In Shock - Fancy
Shout It Out - Astaire
Monovision - Howard Grace
Walk Like A Man - Divine

Label: Principal Records
Catalog#: HEDD 4
Format: x2 LP Set, Compilation, Mixed
Country: South Africa
Released: 1985
Genre: Electronic
Style: Italo-Disco, Hi NRG, Euro House, Disco
Credits: DJ Mix - LA City Jay* Engineer - Ian Osrin Executive Producer - Peter Cooke , Robin Mann
An LA City Jay Mix; recorded at RPM Studios. Licensed to and marketed by Record Distributors. LP & Cassette manufactured by Trutone Industries. Total running time approximately 82 minutes


High Energy Double Dance - Volume.5 (2LP Set) c 1986 80 Minutes Non-Stop mix

 OK! NOW Were talking! This is where things started hotting up. As the cover says "Including Italo Disco" taken from the Italo Disco series of albums (Import Only). This one they finally move away from the crappy funk-dance sounds of the previous volumes and head into major dance territory.

Brilliant numbers on this. Artists like Modern Talking are back, a Divine Medley is in there with his "Shoot Your Shot" classic hit. Hazell Dean is in there with her smash "They Say Its Gonna Rain" (Official #1 South African Chart Hit)
I can imagine this album sold BIG. Brilliant tracks from Hot Cold, Piano Fantasia, 7th Avenue, Grant Miller (remember that riff?). Fancy killed with "Bolero" still one of his best (Another double for Fancy here). Ken Laszlo has his big hit "Tonight".

The song that sets the mood for this entire album has to be Koto with "Visitors" spooky and fantastic it is one of my all time favorites.

Fantastic cover from Lee Selsick. Andrew Wood makes his first appearance and sticks around for many more. Oddly Enough they name the first side "Italo Side" then forget to name the rest of the sides! Really a stand-out compilation though. Brilliant! But it still gets better...

Side One
Dial My Number - Lolly Peterson
I Find The Way - Roger Meno
Cha Cha Cha - Finzy Kontini
Living In The Shuttle - Torrevado

Side Two
They Say It's Gonna Rain - Hazell Dean

Cheri Cheri Lady - Modern Talking

Love Is Like A Game - Hot Cold
Bolero (Hold Me In Your Arms Again) - Fancy

Side Three
Song For Denise - Piano Fantasia
Tonight - Ken Laszlo
Divine Medley: Walk Like A Man / You Think You're A Man / Shoot Your Shot - Divine

Side Four
Check It Out - Fancy
Red For Love - Grant Miller
Visitors - Koto
Love's Gone Mad - 7th Avenue

Mixed By: Andrew Wood
Engineered: Peter Pearlson
Cover: Lee Selsick
Release: 1986


Label: Principal Records
Catalog#: HEDD 5
Format: 2 x Vinyl, LP, Mixed
Country: South Africa
Released: 1986
Genre: Electronic
Style: Italo-Disco, Hi NRG
Credits: Artwork By - Lee Selsick DJ Mix -
Andrew Wood (3) Engineer - Peter Pearlson


High Energy Double Dance - Volume.6 (2LP Set) c 1986 80 Minutes Non-Stop mix

High Energy Double Dance
(2LP Set)

Yeah Baby! If number 5 didn't do it for you HIGH-ENERGY VOLUME 6 sure did!
They add the biggie right up front: Man 2 Man's "Male Stripper". Sheesh! Remember that song. I loved it, it has so much energy in it - that bassline and that riff! It was considered "too sexual" at my school, so they DJ's were banned from playing it at school dances - welcome to South Africa in the 80s!

Apart from Male Stripper there are fab tracks on this one too.

Commercial stuff from Boys' Don't Cry and Modern Talking. The London Boys make a nice debut. Aleph, Gipsey and Queen, Joy Peters, Patty Ryan, Taffy, Riki Maltese, Lee Marrow, Joe Yellow make up a brilliant dance album. A slower remix of Midnight Passion's "I Need Your Love" is in there, along with the brilliantly spooky "Cocoon" by Timerider (adapted from the movie by the same name).

Around this time Gary van Riet and Mark Baker (who engineered this one too) came out with the release of the Eurobeat series. Andrew Wood returns with another good mix here. Lee Selsick does a good cover as well. There are side names to here! Yay! A good album but the best is still (yes till) to come .....

Side One - Extra Energy Side
Male Stripper - Man 2 Man Meets Man Parish
Fly To Me - Aleph
Gipsy Queen - Gypsy And Queen
I Wanna Be A Cowboy - Boy's Don't Cry

Side Two - Eurobeat Side
Brother Louie - Modern Talking
Scratch My Name - Creative Connection
I'm Gonna Give My Heart - London Boys
Don't Lose Your Heart Tonight - Joy Peters
You're My Love, You're My Life - Patty Ryan

Side Three - High Energy Side
Black Is Black
- Los Bravos
I Love My Radio - Taffy
Venus - Velvet Noise
I Need Your Love - Midnight Passion

Side Four - Italo Side
- Riki Maltese
Mr. Fantasy - Lee Marrow
I'm Your Lover - Joe Yellow
Cocoon - Timerider
Feel It - Larabell

Mixed By: Andrew Wood
Engineered: Mark Baker
Cover: Lee Selsick
Release: 1986

Label: Principal Records
Catalog#:HEDD 6
Format: 2 x Vinyl, LP, MIxed
Country: South Africa
Released: 1986
Genre: Electronic
Style: Italo-Disco, Hi NRG
Credits: Artwork By - Lee Selsick DJ Mix -
Andrew Wood (3) Engineer - Mark Baker

Side A
Marked as Extra Energy
Side B Marked as Eurobeat Side
Side C Marked as High Energy Side
Side D Marked as Italo Side


High Energy Double Dance - Volume.7 1987 80 Minutes Non-Stop mix (2LP Set)

High Energy Double Dance
80 Minutes Non-Stop mix (2LP Set) 1987

If there is one album to be classified as the best High-Energy ever this has to be it.
I remember this came out 1987 when I started standard 7 (Grade 9). This was really when I first got exposed to dance music. The DJ's sneaked in "Male Stripper" when they could (they were from a local club called "Champagne Bowl") - surf shops, cars and portable radios pumped this during the day , the drummies marched to it at functions and it was alive in clubs through the night.

The tracklisting speaks for itself, floor killers by Latin Lover, The Nasty Boys, Fred Ventura (debut??) Modern Talking, Michael Bedford, Patty Ryan, Rudy & Co, Koto , Chikeria, Ken Laszlo, Aleph (Fire On The Moon - Brilliant!!!) and Paul Lekakis.
A triple dose from Man 2 Man: Energy Is Eurobeat (so hot they had to include another remix!), Sex Symbol, Mexico with a little bit of Male Stripper mixed in (probably just to piss our teachers off - snigger).

Another good mix by Andrew Wood. Stunning cover by Lee Selsick - this "High - Energy Dude" was plastered all over the place and became a symbol for the newly evolved genre. As dance compilations go no other one sticks with me like this one does, for many reasons. High-Energy Volume 7 was being played everywhere in 1987!

Side One
Energy Is Eurobeat
- Man 2 Man
Radioactivity - Laser Cowboys
Laser Light - Latin Lover
I Was Made For Loving You - The Nasty Boys
Winds Of Change - Fred Ventura

Side Two
Atlantis Is Calling (SOS For Love)
- Modern Talking
More Than A Kiss - Michael Bedford
What My Heart Wanna Say - Roger Meno
Stay With Me Tonight - Patty Ryan
Doctor For My Heart - Grant Miller

Side Three
Play The Game
- Rudy & Co
Jabdah - Koto
La Freak - Chikeria
Don't Cry - Ken Laszlo
Fire On The Moon - Aleph

Side Four
Boom Boom Boom (Let's Go Back To My Room) - Paul Lekakis
Male Stripper - Man 2 Man
Sex Symbol - Man 2 Man
Male Stripper - Man 2 Man
Energy Is Eurobeat - Man 2 Man
Mexico - Man 2 Man
Mixed By: Andrew Wood
Engineered: Someone at EMI studios
Cover: Lee Selsick
Release: 1987

Label: Principal Records
Catalog#:HEDD 7
Format: 2 x Vinyl, LP, Mixed
Country: South Africa
Released: 1987
Genre: Electronic
Style: Italo-Disco, Hi NRG
Artwork By - Lee Selsick
DJ Mix - Andrew Wood


High Energy Double Dance - Volume.8 1987 80 Minutes Non-Stop mix (2LP Set)

(2LP Set)
c 1987 80 Minutes Non-Stop mix

Just gets better at this point. High-Energy Volume 8 picks up right where Volume 7 left off.
Stunning range of tracks and that HOUSE word creeps in here too, although only for 1 track (phew!)
The original "Love Can't Turn Around" by Farley Jackmaster Funk.

Another double from Man 2 Man here, their cover of "These Boots are Made For Walking" with Jessica Williams and the risky "I Need A Man" (Heheheh - remember coming back from Durban with the cassette playing in the car and being asked when this song came on "You certainly have some underground music don't you?").

Fab tracks from Body Heat, Micheal Bow, Jamie Dean, Grant Miller, Chip Chip, Mozzart (YAY!), Jacky Dean Foundation, Joe Yellow, Albert One, Triple G, Linda Jo Rizzo, Fred Ventura & Jock Hattle.
Fantasy Ten is in there with an OFF-ish (that is sounding like OFF) song called "Big Bang" which was one of the songs on the forefront of the "New Beat" movement.

Another fab mix by Andrew Wood with Lee Selsick doing another brill cover of our High Energy dude (this time with different specs!). A Good compilation true to the genre.
I remember seeing TV Commercials for this release back in 1987. Interesting to note at this point the South African music giant "World Of Music" put its name behind our compilation. This would be the major source and influence for the next few compilations.

Side One
No Mr Boom Boom - Body Heat
I Need A Man - Paul Zone & Man Parish
These Boots Are Made For Walking - Man 2 Man & Jessica Williams
Love And Devotion - Michael Bow
One More Time - Bianca

Side Two
Love Can't Turn Around - Farley Jackmaster Funk
Love Child - Jacky Dean Foundation
Wings Of Love - Grant Miller
Never Say Goodbye - Chip Chip
Money - Mozzart

Side Three
Caravan Of Love - Jacky Dean Foundation
Love At First - Joe Yellow
For Your Love - Albert One
Hey You - Joe Lockwood
Big Bang - Fantasy Ten

Side Four
Nervous - Triple G
Heartflash Tonite - Linda Jo Rizzo
Leave Me Alone - Fred Ventura
To Be Or Not To Be - Jock Hattle
Julia - KB Kaps
Mixed By: Andrew Wood

Engineered: Robin Mann
Cover: Lee Selsick
Release: 1987


High Energy Double Dance - Volume.9 1987 80 Minutes Non-Stop mix (2LP Set)

c 1987 80 Minutes Non-Stop mix

The good stuff just keeps on coming'. The cover mentions High-Energy, Italo , House & Eurobeat sounds.

Good tracks from Mike Bow, Far East Connection, UK, Lee Marrow, Fred Ventura, Albert One, Modern Talking, The Nasty Boys, Samantha Fox, Hazell Dean & Ross.
Track one is a type of High-Energy "hooked on classics" number - a bit odd but still good!

Bad Boys Blue feature on this album, you would think that they would have featured more but they, like Modern Talking, carry a bit of a stigma in this country (long story - don't get me started). It still is a good track though.

Lee Selsick gives High-Energy dude a makeover, and Andrew Wood is once again in the mix.
The cool side names are back again! (Yay!)
This was the third High-Energy album released in 1987 - a good year indeed! And a good compilation too!

Side One - The High Energy Side
It's A New History
- New History Orchestra
One Shot So Hot - Mike Bow
Ready To Go - Far East Connection
Road Runner - UK
Chinese Bang - The Caesar's Dancers

Side Two - Italo Side
Don't Stop The Music
- Lee Marrow
Night And Day - Fred Ventura
Fashion - T. Spencer
Hopes And Dreams - Albert One
In The Night - Sugar Shake

Side Three - The Eurobeat Side
Jet Airliner - Modern Talking
Nasty Relations - The Nasty Boys
Honey - Jilly And Jane
Nothing's Gonna Stop Me Now - Samantha Fox
Always Doesn't Mean Forever - Hazell Dean

Side Four - The Intercontinental Side
Come Back And Stay - Bad Boys Blue
Give Me Just A Little Time - Tom
Can't Take My Eyes Off You - Ross
Moonlight - Sugar Shake
Perfume Of Love - Scala
Run away - Patty Devick
Mixed By: Andrew Wood
Engineered: Neville Holmes
Cover: Lee Selsick
Release: 1987


High Energy Double Dance - Volume.10 1988 80 Minutes Non-Stop mix (2LP Set)

I'm always truly impressed by the way High-Energy dealt with new music. "If its good we'll add it in!" Its 1988 and High-Energy jumps full swing into House. But GOOD House.

By the time this comp was released there was really so much good House around I'm sure that the High-Energy crew had a hard time compiling this one. They make up for their absence with 2 hot "Jack Mix" style house megamixes (see below) which really shows their awareness of what was good at the time. Other stand-out House trax are from Cappella, Bunker Kru & Harlequin 4's, 49er's and Sybil.

Added into this is a selection of the best Hiigh-Energy and Italo sound with a "special" Aerobics mix in recognition of Aerobic Exercisers who consistently used the High-Energy series to work out to (I should know!). Stand out tracks from Beautiful Ballet, Albert One, Mr Zivago, Macho Gang, Amanda Scott, Fred Ventura, Distortion Voice and the massive hit from M & H Band "Popcorn".

Lee Selsick is dumped for the WOM (World Of Music) design studios who do quite a good job, our High-Energy dude is now a trendy watermark on a house-flava cover. Andrew Wood once again delivers the goods. And there are funkee side names again. Altogether an excellent album and brilliant handling of new unfamiliar territory.

Side One - The Energy Mix
- Beautiful Ballet
Everybody - Albert One
Little Russian - Mr Zivago
Red Man - 50 & 50 Brothers
Naughty Boy - Macho Gang

Side Two - The Power House Mix
Set It Off - Bunker Kru & Harlequin 4's
Walkure - 49'ers
Jack It Up (In The House) (Megamix) - Mirror Image
On The Floor - Powerhouse

Side Three - The Hot House Mix
Push The Beat
- Cappella
*Hot House (Megamix) - DJ Jack (Vison Masters)
My Love Is Guaranteed - Sybil
Voodoo Love - Judy La Rose

Side Four - The Aerobix Mix
- Amanda Scott
Only You - Tasha
Popcorn - M & H Band
Heartbeat - Fred Ventura
Distortion Voice - Distortion Voice

* Megamix Tracklistings
Jack It Up (In The House)
Jack It UpJingoCriticizeHouse ArrestRok Da HouseLove Can't Turn AroundPlay It Again JackAlways On My MidI Want To Be Your PropertyBeat Dis
Hot House
Doctorin' The HouseTired Of Getting Pushed AroundHouse ArrestTheme From S-ExpressThe Jack That House BuiltBeat DisRok Da HousePump Up The VolumeGood GroovePut Your House In Order

Mixed By: Andrew Wood

Engineered: Wessel Van Der Oudtshoorn
Cover: WOM Design Studios
Release: 1988