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High Energy Double Dance - Volume.1 (2LP Set) 1984 80 Minutes Non-Stop mix

c 1984 80 Minutes Non-Stop mix
also available in better quality
High-Energy Double Dance - Volume 1 HQ VERSION
(320kbps/Split-Track Version)
"So Hot! This is High Energy! I have flown and traveled to all the great dance palaces of the world, but this collection of Hi-NRG tops the lot - right inside your home or car! You don't stand a chance if you cant dance! Jump to it" Moola. High Priest of DJ
(hehehe)" I'm really going to have to guess here, there aren't any dates on these comps until vol 5 in 1986. This must be around early 1984 judging from the tracklist.

Around this time I was blissfully unaware of the trend emerging here, I only knew these tracks from my mom who taught aerobics - so for the first 2 years this was just "aerobic music" to me.

Still there are a lot that I remember from this album: Fun Fun, Eveleyn Thomas,The Flirtations, Marsha Raven, Hazell Dean, Miquel Brown, Eartha Kitt Cafe Society and Gloria Gaynor.

The sound was BIG as it was leaps and bounds beyond disco, exciting new things to do with synths and even some "breakdance" scratchings in there. Mixed by Gary "Zipps" van Riet (who later defected to Eurobeat - hehehehe) and quite well too.

20 Tracks capturing the genre perfectly - nice artwork on the front and back covers, the "fantasy" cover themes were kept right through almost to the end. A good start for the series I must say.

Just a note about the intro here - Karl Kikillus was a chart show (well we only had 1 chart show) presenter in the 80s (Pop Shop - Bwahahaha) so it really was a big plug for them to have Karl on the comp, clever media work, also featuring Moola for credibility.


Side One
High Energy Theme
- Karl Kikillus.
Happy Station - Fun Fun.
Primitive Desire - Eastbound Expressway.
High Energy - Evelyn Thomas.
Earthquake - The Flirtations.
Catch Me - Marsha Raven

Side Two
- Hazell Dean.

So Many Men So Little Time - Miquel Brown.
Somebody to love - Cafe Society.
When You Walk In The Room - Ramming Speed.
Desire - Paul Parker.

Side Three
Where Is My Man - Eartha Kitt.

Just Another Broken Heart - Dororthy Moore.
Skiing In The Snow - Laura Pallas.
Countdown - Rofi & The Lovetones.
Evergreen - Hazell Dean

Side Four
I Am What I Am - Gloria Gaynor.

He's A Saint He's A Sinner - Miquel Brown.
Emergency - Laura Pallas.
Jealous Love - Hazell Dean.
Living My Own Life - Earlene Bentley.

Label: Principal Records
Catalog#: HEDD 1
Format: 2 x Vinyl, LP, Mixed
Country: South Africa
Released: 1984
Genre: Electronic
Style: Hi NRG, Disco
Credits: Artwork By [Back] - Hans Van Der Vegte Artwork By [Front] - Mark Day
DJ Mix - Gary "Zipps" Van Riet* Engineer - Julian Laxton
Executive Producer - Patric Van Blerk , Peter Cooke
Notes: Engineered at JLB Studios.
Running Time: 80 Minutes



  1. Thanks for all this hi-NRG. There isn't enough of this genre on the 'net!

    PLEASE could you restore volume 1 because the link seems to have died. Best wishes!

  2. The High-Energy Double Dance - Volume 1 Mix link has been restored :)

    Retro x

  3. thanx for sharing the series. i remember buying the series on double vinyl and from volume 10 it was available on CD for the first time. Also bought the complete eurobeat series on double vinyl which im sure you will be sharing on mp3 to bring back some hi-nrg italo eurobeat memories. I did spend many hours clubbing in good old Hilbrow and spending a fortune at Moolahs Music Warehouse. Great job and great blog keep it up.

    1. Woah! now theres a name from the past. My first international vinyl album, "you spin me round" I bought there, and it was see-thru pink, and it cost me whole salary.

    2. I was a DJ in south Africa in the early 80's, played the thunderdome and various clubs in hilbrow. We udes to have our main club in Carletonville and run 2 mobile discos as well. Used to use moolas record store for importing tracks, the high energy series always amazed me how popular it was...considering it was aimed ata ''gay'' market everywhere else in the owrl...are they downloadable anywhere?

  4. The High Energy Double Dance albums were the best!! Good old 80's Disco.

    Thanks Retro!!!

  5. A million thanks for this Hi nrg collection. you're a star man. These bring back alot of cool memories from my teenage years.

  6. Great stuff with the blog been looking for these for ages ...never missed any of these back in the 80s best years of my life

  7. Just downloading this..not heard any high nrg for eons and am looking forward to this big time.

    Many thanks Jason

  8. Downloaded Vol 7 and 3 they are way cool and will be back for somemore...really obscure can't believe it is so underground.

    Love the blog !
    Cheers Jason

  9. Great Collection of music
    Many thanks: Andres GT
    From Mexico City.

  10. Love this record and haven't seen it since my Hollbrow days back in the early 80's. Moola's shop was fab and very gay. Love your profile pic, you are hot.

  11. My, My. Have I been searching for this!! This is absolute great music!! Those years I was doing my army camps (3 month camps). Unrest control in the townships. I had three tapes, which I listened to on the train from Pretoria to PE on my walkman and doing patrols in the townships. I somehow lost the tapes but never forgot the music. This brings back so many memories. Thanks for making this available!! I could never thank you enough. Many blessings.

  12. Been looking for these for ever. Thanks for this site, dont' ever shut down :->

  13. How could I have missed this site...? Only found it today, this after searching for Ben Liebrand 80's mixes. Have alot of the singles but so good to hear them again in these mixes. Thanks for a great site and all the info added.
    Was a DJ in mid-late 80's used many of these LP's. Keep it up, Thanks a mill..
    Wim - RSA

  14. Aaah.. the best from the 80s ever! My life changed as a young school boy from the moment that i've fist heard the awesome Hazell Dean and Searchin'. It was so different to anyting else around. She has become my favourate female singer over the years with all her hits (11 UK Top 75 hits, Evergreen being the first). I saw her live in the UK in 1995 and i have read on her site that she is coming to South Africa for shows in Pretoria and Johannesburg end of November 2010 !! I am most definitely flying up from Cape Town for them!
    Western Cape, SA

  15. Jan, thanks for the comment :) Glad you enjoyed HIGH ENERGY DOUBLE DANCE!

    Good to hear that HAZELL DEAN will eventually be visiting South Africa. I met her a few years ago, backstage in her dressing room. I mentioned I was from SA and that "They Say It's Gonna Rain" was massive there. She said she had not visited South Africa as yet, and as she did not sing that song in her show that night, she sang it personally for me in her dressing room, which was amazing! (A personal show!) FYI - BERNARD JAY was once Hazell Deans, DIVINEs, EARTHA KITTs and FANCYs Manager. He now lives in South Africa and has had amazing success there in the entertainment industry. I wonder if he is bringing HAZELL out for some shows? Here's a link for more info on BERNARD JAY Enjoy the downloads and HAZELL DEAN shows. She still very much has it! Regards Retro x

  16. Hello mr. Retro! An up date i got tonight from Hazell Dean's site:

    26th Nov
    80's Night
    South Africa

    27th Nov
    South Africa

    Hope to see you there! My cousin has already confirmed to fly up with me to Gauteng for that weekend, should be a blast!!
    Interesting stuff about Benard Jay, will check it out!
    Talk soon.. i better start learning my Hazell Dean dance Just google Searchin's Top of the Pop performances, should give you an idea..ha ha
    Jan x
    Cape Town

  17. Well Done "Retro" for putting this series available to the Hi-Nrg Fan out there!!!
    I was the Guy that brought out Hazell to SA for the first Time end of Nov 2010, She performed at Recess in Centurion the Friday Night (which was a Jacqueline's Tribute 80's Party) & then the Sat Night (Which is a Gay Evening called Babylon)Both nights we had around 850 people turned out to be a Great Weekend, also to let you know We are bringing out Jay St James (Jay Jay) who Mixed Hi-Energy vol4 on Friday 4th of March 2011 at Recess in Centurion (012)663-7862 or for tickets.
    End of May 2011 We are bringing Out The FLIRTS from the USA for the very 1st time to South Africa, so many more to come!!!
    My email:
    Would love to hear from you if you love the 80's & Hi-Nrg as much as I do!!!
    "The Wolfman"

    1. You on Twitter or Facebook Wolfman, 80s/HiNRG for me were the very best era for music.

  18. Wow ... how amazing is this!!?? I haven't heard these tracks for years but the moment I did, the words and beat just came back. Awesome job! Thanks for reviving this.


  19. Thanks for sharing these one hit wonders, Retro. It brought back many memories from back in those days!

    For me volume 7 & 9 was the best collection of hits.

    I managed to download all the albums but No 1. Could the link be broken perhaps?


    (South African baby boomer....)

  20. HIGH-ENERGY DOUBLE DANCE Vol.1 link is working perfectly for me :)

  21. Hi, any chance of uploading the mediafire files to 4shared? Cant access any of the older files :(


  22. Hi,

    I'm desperately looking for High Energy Double Dance Vol 1, on cd, where can I get it, if at all?


  23. I've still got the Record Shack 1 and 2 on disc up my loft, absolutely love HiNRG.

  24. Check out my 15 monites megamixes of all the High Energy Double Dance albums at
    DJ Radcliff

  25. I was floating between Wikipedia articles when I came across an article about Hi-NRG.

    Suddenly I remembered the tape my sister handed down to me as a child. Didn't expect to find it so easily as I could only remember a blue cover with lightning streaks.

    Thanks a lot for making it so easy to find!

  26. How can I order High-Energy Double Dance collection on Vinyl LPs?

    1. The original HIGH ENERGY DOUBLE DANCE LPS are available from


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