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High Energy Double Dance - Volume.12 1989 80 Minutes Non-Stop mix (2LP Set)

If there was ever a point where things started to change in the 'world of dance music' this is when it happened... In 1989 the european dance music business & music trends shifted again. Sales of Italo Disco had peaked in 1988, and global dance trends were becoming less European, with more influence on black American house/rap music. 
It was shortly after the release of this album that WOM (World of Music) went bust.

Not a bad compilation but Acid and New Beat are thrown in and the funky uplifting house we had seen in the previous two volumes is discarded.
Good thing side three was just totally Italo which really was the album's saving grace in my book.
Side 1 has nice New Beat stuff from Overdrive, Beat Kick and OFF nothing brilliant though (Space Lovers version of Magic Fly was probably a hit but it has been covered so many times before)

Side Two starts of brilliantly with Out Of The Ordinary's "The Dream" which samples Martin Luther King Jr. Haunting stuff. Kicks into a nice cover of Raze's (Or was that Royal House's ?) "The Party" then goes all weird with poppy-funk stuff from Mod 222 and David Christie.
Side Three as I have said is really the best with fab Italo tracks from Fred Ventura, "The Streets" (amazing italo!), Anika, Gypsey & Queen and the Fab "Come Back And Do It" from Malcolm J Hill.

Side Four has some nice house and a Dead-Or-Alive sounding track by group SX5. Nothing fab there.
Andrew Wood does a good mix although I have no idea what the hell Marilyn Monroe is doing on here - although i remember this track being popular at the time.
Oh, and to top it all off the cover supposedly by WOM design studios is actually STOLEN from Koto's "Chinese Revenge" remix single. Booo Hiss! Some nice tracks but not a favorite High-Energy album. High Energy 13 was better!
Side One
I Wanna Be Loved By You '89 - Marilyn Monroe
Beat It Up - Overdrive
Magic Fly - Space Lovers
Claro Que Si - Beat Kick
Everybody Shake - OFF

Side Two
The Dream - Out Of The Ordinary
The Party - Rubix
Moving Up The Beat - Mod 222
Living It Up - David Christie

Side Three
The Streets '89 - Fred Ventura
Young Generation - Anika
Action - Gipsey & Queen
Come Back & Do It - Malcolm J Hill

Side Four
Let's Down The House - DJ Atkins & Sharada House Gang
Ecstasy - Risen From The Rank
It's My Life - Oscar
I Need More - SX5
High Energy Double Dance - Volume.12 1989 80 Minutes Non-Stop mix (2LP Set)
Mixed By: Andrew Wood / Engineered: Mark Baker / Cover: WOM Design Studios
Release: 1989
many thanks to "fantastic Ferdie" for providing VOLUME 12 :)


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