Sunday, 17 February 2013

High Energy Double Dance - Volume.11 1988 80 Minutes Non-Stop mix (2LP Set)


Another direct hit for High-Energy. Another good one this, a grand mix of House and Italo as per volume 10.
They really picked good tracks on this one. Italo/Nrg stuff from Sweet Connection, Man To Man (Housey!!) , All Systems Go (Nice Remake of Pop Music), Denise & Baby's Gang ,Mike Hazzard and the brilliant "Dragons Legend" from Koto and "Passion" form Linda Jo 'from The Flirts' (sampling the Grant Miller track "Red For Love").

Fab acid and house are abound, stunners from Cappella, Jack E. Mokassa, Hithouse, Risen from The Rank and the fab mix of "I'm a Man/Ye Ke Ye Ke" by Clubhouse (Silver Pozzoli in disguise!!!).
Some spooky but brilliant "New Beat stuff from OFF and Silicone Dream (why they never included "James Dean Loved Marilyn" by Silicone Dream defeats me, but hey...). Pleasant Balearic from Vanilla and Raul (The Guy who mixed the Bolero Mix Series).
Altogether a good album and good mix by Andrew Wood. WOM design studio do a mediocre cover which really didn't live up to the last one. No sign of the High-Energy dude or cool side names - sniff! Still a grand compilation though. Well Done.

Side One
Helyom Halib - Cappella
Opera House - Jack E. Mokassa
Cuba - Man To Man
Need Your Passion - Sweet Connection
Jack To The Sound Of The Underground - Hithouse

Side Two
Space Intro - Silicone Dream
Time Operator - OFF
Time Machine - Silicone Dream
Sampler '83 - Risen From The Rank
Bamboleo - Vanilla

Side Three
Pop Muzik
- All Systems Go
Disco Maniac - Denise & Baby's Gang
Do You Like House? - Dalu
It's No Secret - Tasha
Supersonic Level - Antonella

Side Four
- Raul Featuring J. Bonnel
Stop Me Baby - Mike Hazzard
I'm A Man/Ye Ke Ye Ke - Clubhouse
Dragon's Legend - Koto
Passion - Linda Jo

Mixed By: Andrew Wood

Engineered: Mark Baker (Get It In The Edit???)
Cover: WOM Design Studio
Release: 1988



  1. Great memories from the late 80s. Can remember time and location when this came out. Just finished high school. Those were the days!

  2. wonderful staff and memories during 80s break dance was still boss

  3. Can you upload 4 LADO tracks of High Energy Double Dance Vol. 11 please?

  4. I notice that there is no tracks of this album that one can listen too.
    I do have the album - how can I upload this album to this site so anybody can lsiten to it ??

  5. If you need some or all the songs email me


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