Sunday, 17 February 2013

High Energy Double Dance - Volume.8 1987 80 Minutes Non-Stop mix (2LP Set)

(2LP Set)
c 1987 80 Minutes Non-Stop mix

Just gets better at this point. High-Energy Volume 8 picks up right where Volume 7 left off.
Stunning range of tracks and that HOUSE word creeps in here too, although only for 1 track (phew!)
The original "Love Can't Turn Around" by Farley Jackmaster Funk.

Another double from Man 2 Man here, their cover of "These Boots are Made For Walking" with Jessica Williams and the risky "I Need A Man" (Heheheh - remember coming back from Durban with the cassette playing in the car and being asked when this song came on "You certainly have some underground music don't you?").

Fab tracks from Body Heat, Micheal Bow, Jamie Dean, Grant Miller, Chip Chip, Mozzart (YAY!), Jacky Dean Foundation, Joe Yellow, Albert One, Triple G, Linda Jo Rizzo, Fred Ventura & Jock Hattle.
Fantasy Ten is in there with an OFF-ish (that is sounding like OFF) song called "Big Bang" which was one of the songs on the forefront of the "New Beat" movement.

Another fab mix by Andrew Wood with Lee Selsick doing another brill cover of our High Energy dude (this time with different specs!). A Good compilation true to the genre.
I remember seeing TV Commercials for this release back in 1987. Interesting to note at this point the South African music giant "World Of Music" put its name behind our compilation. This would be the major source and influence for the next few compilations.

Side One
No Mr Boom Boom - Body Heat
I Need A Man - Paul Zone & Man Parish
These Boots Are Made For Walking - Man 2 Man & Jessica Williams
Love And Devotion - Michael Bow
One More Time - Bianca

Side Two
Love Can't Turn Around - Farley Jackmaster Funk
Love Child - Jacky Dean Foundation
Wings Of Love - Grant Miller
Never Say Goodbye - Chip Chip
Money - Mozzart

Side Three
Caravan Of Love - Jacky Dean Foundation
Love At First - Joe Yellow
For Your Love - Albert One
Hey You - Joe Lockwood
Big Bang - Fantasy Ten

Side Four
Nervous - Triple G
Heartflash Tonite - Linda Jo Rizzo
Leave Me Alone - Fred Ventura
To Be Or Not To Be - Jock Hattle
Julia - KB Kaps
Mixed By: Andrew Wood

Engineered: Robin Mann
Cover: Lee Selsick
Release: 1987



  1. download works fine for me, thankyou!

  2. love child could'nt be any better

  3. Please check out my 15 minute megemix of this High Energy and others on my Soundcloud page.
    Cheers, DJ Radcliff

  4. I've waited along time for this and its great to hear some real dance music again!

  5. NEW LINK added June 2015. Enjoy!

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