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The Story Of High Energy Music (Ian Levine's perspective) 3 Hour Film Documentary (PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED!)

The Story Of High Energy Music (from Ian Levine's perspective) 

Never seen before, not until now, this detailed history was filmed in 2002 and has now been made available for the fans. It contains some treasured interviews of people no longer with us. Bear in mind when watching people's comments that they spoke is of them over sixteen years ago. This is a cut down edited version from the original seven hours, so therefore, over half of the artists credited on it, are omitted from this version, which we edited together as a greatest hits version.

Thanks to Ian Levine for putting this online
[this video is hosted exclusively on his YouTube channel]

Additional Notes:
The Story Of High Energy Music (from Ian Levine's perspective)

 Ian Levine says he "invented Hi-NRG music in 1983", we all know Patrick Cowley (who already died by 1982), Bobby Orlando, Denis LePage (Lime) and many others had created massive Hi-NRG Hits, legendary albums, many years before. (The Flirts, Sylvester, Roni Griffith, Divine, Lime etc)

Nonetheless, Ian Levine certainly took High-Energy to another level of commercial success, and made Record Shack and his artists known stars around the world. 

Some very RARE interviews, interesting historical facts and stories are told - interviewed by Ian Levine around 2001/2002 [approx 16/17 years ago] 


Friday, 26 October 2018

GIORGIO MORODER Story - Electric Dreams (The Full Length Documentary) BBC Radio 2 electronic disco 70s 80s

Nile Rodgers presents this special programme on Giorgio Moroder, the man behind the sound of Donna Summer, the producers' producer, the legend many say invented dance music.
Nile focus' specifically on his work in music production, his formative years in Italy before he moved to Munich and how he created the team who would become known the world over as the Munich machine. This was at a time when Europe was really emerging as home to Krautrock - the name given to bands such as Kraftwerk, Can, Neu! and Tangerine Dream. Giorgio's sound though didn't fall under the 'Krautrock' umbrella. He was creating music which was fusing European electronica with American R n B. This was soon to be known as disco.

Giorgio enjoyed massive success with Donna Summer, then with the Three Degrees and other artists including Sparks but it was his work in the film world that really sent him interstellar..

In 1978 Alan Parker was directing a film called 'Midnight Express'. He really liked the sound of ' I Feel Love' by Donna Summer and promptly contacted Giorgio to do the soundtrack to the movie. Giorgio duly obliged - the film score went on to pick up an oscar and the rest as they say is history.

Offers came fast and furious and there followed a mouth watering array of projects including American Gigolo, Top Gun, Flashdance, and lesser films such as Electric Dreams and the Neverending Story. Giorgio had conquered tinsel town. It was official.
With fresh interviews with the man himself, Debbie Harry, Irene Cara, New Order's Bernard Sumner, and the Mael brothers from Sparks, among many more, Nile Rodgers celebrates the life and times of Mr Giorgio Moroder.

Nile Rodgers looks at Giorgio Moroder, the legend many say invented dance music. This programme looks at Giorgio's work in film and how he conquered Hollywood. There's tales of Oscar success with 'Midnight Express', 'Flashdance' and 'Top Gun'. There's contributions from a host of big names- Debbie Harry from Blondie talks about the song she wrote with Giorgio for 'American Gigolo', 'Call Me '. Irene Cara recalls co-writing the 'Flashdance' signature tune, 'What a Feeling'. Limahl talks about his involvement in 'the Neverending Story' and Giorgio himself talks about recording 'Electric Dreams' with Phil Oakey.

There's also an insight into the stable Moroder built which also produced Harold Faltemeyer (Axel F/ Beverley Hills Cop) and Keith Forsey (Don't You Forget About Me/ The Breakfast Club).

Worth tuning in alone for Terri Nunn from Berlin talking about their inter-band squabbles over recording 'Take My Breath Away'!


Tuesday, 23 October 2018

CeCe Peniston vs The Human League - Finally, Things are Made of Dreams! (Parralox Bootleg Remix V2) 2018 DJ DANCE PROMO MIX

CeCe Peniston vs The Human League - Finally, Things are Made of Dreams!
(Parralox Bootleg Remix V2) 2018
Bootleg Remix by Parralox. Original appears on "Finally" 
Cece Peniston is a Dance / R&B Diva from USA.

The Human League are a synthpop band from the UK.
Remixed at Subterrane Recording Studio, Melbourne, Australia on 26th September 2018.
FREE DJ DANCE PROMO Mix Download: (via Dropbox)


Tuesday, 18 September 2018

ITALO DISCO - 1984 DISCO NON-STOP MEGA MIX (Mixed by SpaceMouse) 2018


01. Fancy - Come Inside (American Mix)
02. Raggio Di Luna (Moon Ray) - Comanchero
03. Den Harrow - Mad Desire
04. Topo & Roby - Under The Ice
05. Doctor`s Cat - Gee Wiz
06. Baltimora - Tarzan Boy
07. Rose - Magic Carillon
08. Sign System - Stay With Me
09. Danny Keith - Keep On Music
10. Savage - Only You
11. The Voyagers - Distant Planet
12. Miko Mission - How Old Are You
13. Valerie Dore - Get Closer
14. Mike Rogers - Just A Story
15. Scotch - Disco Band
16. Video Kids - Woodpeckers From Space
17. Paul Sharada - Dancing All The Night
18. Robert Bravo - Love Me Like I Do
19. Betty Miranda - Take Me To The Top
20. Klapto - Queen of the Night
21. Marzio Dance - You Can Do It
22. Primadonna - Flashing On The Floor
23. Baby's Gang - Challenger
24. Blue Russell - I Wanna Fly Away
25. Sandy Marton - People From Ibiza
26. Cyber People - Polaris
27. Laser-Cowboys - Ultra Warp (The Final Conflict)
28. Ivan - Fotonovela
29. Hipnosis ‎- Argonauts
30. Duke Lake - Satisfaction, Love & Passion
31. Fake - Frogs In Spain (New Remix)
32. Max Him - No Escape
33. Time with George Aaron - Don't Stop
34. Bolero - I Wish
35. Fun Fun - Color My Love
36. Cruisin' Gang - Chinatown
37. Fancy - Chinese Eyes
38. Kirlian Camera - Edges
39. Mike Mareen - Dancing In The Dark (Galactica Remix)
40. Ken Laszlo - Hey Hey Guy
41. Stage - Voodoo Dance
42. K. Barré - Right By The Moon

Mixed by Spacemouse

Design, Artwork, Audio Remastering by
Retro Disco Hi-NRG


Saturday, 18 August 2018

AUTOMAT - Automat (Album) 1978 electronic electro space italo disco dance 70s RARE "OUT-OF-PRINT" LP

AUTOMAT ‎– Automat (Album) 1978

Automat is an album of instrumental electronic music composed by the Italian musicians Romano Musumarra and Claudio Gizzi.

It was produced in 1977 and released in 1978 by EMI Italy, through its Harvest label.
All the sounds in this album were generated by the MCS70, a monophonic analog synthesizer designed, built and programmed by the Italian engineer Mario Maggi.

Automat was Musumarra's initiative – after learning about the new instrument, he proposed to EMI Italy that he produce an album of electronic instrumental music.
Although at the time such a project was considered risky, the answer was positive. EMI suggested, however, that Claudio Gizzi, a more experienced composer that already worked with them, also participate in the project.
The composition work was divided: Gizzi contributed to side A, who filled it with a long suite with 3 movements, and Musumarra contributed to side B, who composed three shorter pieces.

They had very little time to complete the project with only four weeks in the studio.
As a result, the last track, Mecadence, was left somewhat incomplete.

The sound engineer in charge of the project was Luciano Torani.

Automat was the result of an unrepeatable sequence of events. The final result did not please either Musumarra and Gizzi nor the producers.
They never collaborated on any other project nor had the opportunity to use the MCS70 again.
Automat has only been released on CD once. Despite this (or perhaps because of it) the album achieved a "cult" status among many fans of electronic music.
Musumarra and Gizzi subsequently had successful careers as movie soundtrack composers. Musumarra also had many partnerships as a songwriter
and/or producer with famous pop artists, among them the Canadian singer Céline Dion.
His remarkable style of electronic arranging and composition can be heard, for instance, in the track "Je Danse Dans Ma Tête", from the Céline's 1991 album Dion chante Plamondon.

Besides the MCS70 they also used: Sequential Circuits 3 row by 16 steps analog sequencer synced to a 16 track recorder for overdubs, EMT digital reverberation unit, Horban parametric equalizer (x2), 30 band graphic equalizer, natural echo chamber for reverberation, a 2 track recorder for delay effects.
The condition imposed by Mario Maggi to participate on the project was that the MCS70 were the only synthesizer used in it.
All the sounds had to be obtained from it, even the drum sounds.
The MCS70 would be presented in the 1978 Frankfurt Musikmesse and, for Maggi, the album would be a demonstration of the capabilities of his new synth.
MCS means "Memory Controlled Synthesizer". It was common for synths at the time to need the manual adjustment of every control in the panel to get a desired sound, a task that often took a considerable amount of time.
In the MCS70 a sound, once programmed, could be stored in memory and quickly recovered later.
Mario Maggi filled the 64 available memory positions with sounds created by him and these were the sounds used in the album.
Only one MCS70 was ever built. Before going into production, polyphonic synthesizers like the Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 arrived
at the market and, all of a sudden, monophonic synths were considered obsolete.
Mario Maggi then dropped the MCS70 project and started what would be his most famous synthesizer project ever: the polyphonic Elka Synthex.
In many regards, though, the MCS70 was superior. The MCS70 was bought by Patrizio Fariselli, member of the Italian Progressive Rock band Area, and used extensively in the band's 1980 album Tic-Tac.

French musician Jean Michel Jarre is said to have been the first person to get a copy of Automat.
While Automat was being produced, Jarre released his album Oxygène, which became one of the most famous works of electronic music ever.
Through the intervention of Claude Cavagnolo, at the time the representative of Montarbo's audio products in France,
Mario Maggi was introduced to Jarre and met him in his studio in Paris in 1978.
At this occasion Jarre listened to a copy of Automat on tape and, after giving an autographed copy of Oxygène to Mr. Maggi,
was given a pre-release copy of Automat as a gift (although the album was not yet available in the music stores)


In the back cover, besides the production credits, the album had the following text:

In the beginning there was the "MACHINE"
the survival and the organization of the planet depend upon the "MACHINE"
the future and the past depend upon the "MACHINE"... the past?
but who wanted the "MACHINE" ?

This text was inserted by the EMI's commercial personnel. The artists had nothing to do with it.

Automat ‎– Automat
Label: EMI ‎– EMI 6926
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: UK
Released: 1978
Genre: Electronic
Style: Electro, Space Disco


Side A (by Claudio Gizzi):
01 - Automat
(The) Rise (6:07)
(The) Advance (4:06)
(The) Genus (6:31)

Side B (by Romano Musumarra):
02 - Droid (5:30)
03 - Ultraviolet (6:44)
04 - Mecadence (4:00)

Engineer [Sound] – Luciano Torani
Programmed By – Mario Maggi
Written-By – Claudio Gizzi (tracks: A1 to A3), Romano Musumarra (tracks: B1 to B3)

The first side of this LP is divided into three parts on the label, but plays as a continuous piece of music.
Side A is the work of Claudio Gizzi. Side B is the work of Romano Musumarra. Programmed by the MCS 70 (Memory Controlled Synthesizer).


Friday, 27 July 2018

HIGH ENERGY - From UK With Hi-Nrg 80s - Passion Records & Fantasia Records (Mixed by Danielbeat DJ) 80s dance classics (2018)

High Energy - From UK With Hi-Nrg 80s
Passion Records & Fantasia Records (Mixed by Danielbeat DJ)


01. Kelly Marie - Breakout
02. Marsha Raven - False Alarm
03. People Like Us - Deliverance (Extended)
04. People Like Us - Heart In The Night
05. Lisa - Love Is Like An Itching In My Heart
06. Simone - It's Too Late
07. Marsha Raven - Catch Me (I'm Falling In Love)
08. Astaire - The Power Of Love
09. The Flirtations - Earthquake
10. Debbie Jacobs - In The Heat Of The Night
11. People Like Us - Hiroshima
12. Heat-X-Change - Thunder & Lightning
13. Nicci Gable - Strange Desire
14. People Like Us - Fighting For Our Lives
15. Gina Lamour - I'm Gonna Make You Want Me
17. Charade - Break Me
18. People Like Us - Reincarnation
19. People Like Us - Midnight Lover
20. Miriam Lee - The Men In My Life
21. Charade - Go To Get To You
22. Astaire - Fire In My Heart
23. Kit Rolfe - One More Hurt
24. Astaire - Love Trap
25. Norma Lewis - Give Me Back My Heart

Mixed By Danielbeat DJ.
Total Time: 51:46
2018, México
Cover Art: Daniel Aguilar Bazan
Audio Remastering & Back Cover: Retro Disco Hi-Nrg


Wednesday, 11 July 2018

HIGH ENERGY CLASSIC 80s NON-STOP DANCE HITS MIX (Various Artists) Hi-NRG Italo Disco Synth-Pop


Track List

01. Evelyn Thomas - High Energy
02. Miquel Brown - So Many Men, So Little Time
03. Lisa - Sex Dance
04. Divine - You Think You're A Man
05. Hazell Dean - Whatever I Do (Wherever I Go)
06. Lime - Unexpected Lovers
07. Jellybean feat. Adele Bertei - Just A Mirage
08. Bobby O. with Claudja Barry - Whisper To A Scream
09. Julie Coulson - Big Time Operator
10. Gibson Brothers - My Heart's Beating Wild (Tic Tac Tic Tac)
11. Dee D. Jackson - S.O.S. (Love To The Rescue)
12. Phyllis Nelson - I Like You
13. Boney M. feat. Bobby Farrell - Young, Free And Single
14. Dead Or Alive - You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)
15. Kofi & The Love Tones - Countdown
16. Bobby O. - She Has A Way
17. Trans-X - Livin On Video
18. Samantha Gilles - Let Me Feel It!
19. Sylvester - Do You Wanna Funk
20. Pete Shelley - Telephone Operator
21. Hot Gossip - Break Me Into Little Pieces
22. Boys Town Gang - Can't Take My Eyes Off You
23. Alphaville - Dance With Me

A Seawind Mix. Design, Artwork Remastering by Retro Disco


Saturday, 7 July 2018

Synthetic Dance Music - Various Artists (1983) italo disco space electronic dance synth-pop 80s

Various ‎– Synthetic Dance Music
Label: ZYX Records ‎– 20.032
Format: Vinyl, LP, Compilation
Country: Germany
Released: 1983
Genre: Electronic
Style: Italo-Disco, Electro, Synth-pop


01. Hipnosis - Oxygene
02. Faxe - Time For Changes
03. Doctor's Cat - Feel The Drive
04. Brand Image - Are You Loving
05. Caren And Connection - I'm A Woman
06. Koto - Japanese War Game
07. Samoa Park - Tubular Affair
08. Mike Cannon - Voices In The Dark
09. Smiles - Magnetic Dance
10. John Carpenter - Die Klapperschlange (Instrumental)

BERNHARD MIKULSKI Schallplatten-Vertriebs-GmbH
Cover – Steve Hamelink
Engineer – Michael Obst
Mixed By – Ralf Hennings
Label Code: LC 6350
Rights Society: GEMA


Monday, 2 July 2018

FRENCH CONNECTION - 70s Disco & Space Electro Disco From France - Various Artists (Compilation)

French Connection - 70s Disco & Space Disco From France

"Parlez-vous français? Unnecessary - this mix contains only one track in French language.
I would like to take you on a journey into the 70s, namely to France.
Many of these tracks & producers flooded the clubs around the world back then.
Have fun diving into the time of the French disco productions of the 70s."
(R u m p e L)


Sumeria - Dance And Leave It All Behind You (1977)
Produced by Alec R. Costandinos. He was the king of the eurodisco sound in the 1970's. Born in Cairo an raised to France. His father was Armenian and his mother was Greek. He managed to get a contract as a producer on casablanca Records. Recorded at Studios Ferber in Paris.

Who's Who - Palace Palace (1979)
Produced by Daniel Vangarde aka Daniel Bangalter (Father of Daft Punk member, Thomas Bangalter)

Crystal Grass With Kristi B. - Overture To Love Train / Love Train Theme / Believe In Magic (1978)
French Disco Project recorded and mixed at Studio Des Dames, Paris & Johanna Studio.

Alec R. Costandinos And The Syncophonic Orchestra - Romeo & Juliet (1978)
The master himself with a empic disco opera. Take from one of the best disco albums from europe.
Recorded at Trident Studios London.

Space - Magic Fly (1977)
Early space disco gem from the french group Space. This song wrote music history!
Composed by Ecama aka Didier Marouani and produced by Jean Philippe Iliesco.

Voyage - From East To West (1977)
French Disco Project with Marc Chantereau, Pierre Alain Dahan & Slim Pezin. Recorded at Studios Ferber Paris & mixed at Trident Studios London. This group is still a legend.

Cerrone - Supernature (1977)
Another legend born in france. Supernature was a electronic disco masterpiece and very progressive for 1977.

Candy Sylver - How Is Love (1977)
Aka Evelyne Courtois is another space disco production from france. Only released on 7inch and quite unknown.

Soraya - My Life (1978)
Produced by Bernard Torelli & Jean-Pierre Massiera and recorded at Studio Antibes situated at La Fontonne (between Nice and Antibes), in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, South-East France.

Tony Rallo And The Midnight Band - Burnin' Alive (1979)
Another production by Alec R. Costandinos for Casablanca Records.

Phylicia Allen - Around The World (1978)
Produced by Jacques Morali. Well known as a producer for The Village People, The Ritchie Family,
Patrick Juvet and Evelyn Thomas. Born in Casablanca Morocco raised in France and late moved to America. Taken from the Lp "Josephine Superstar" This album is dedicate to the first black international star, Miss Josephine Baker. 

Patrick Juvet - Où Sont Les Femmes? (1977)
Swiss born Patrick Juvet released 12 studio albums. Hard to believe - this one was produced by Jean-Michel Jarre :)

Droids - (Do You Have) The Force (1977)
Another excample of the typical space disco sound from the 70s. Produced by Fabrice Cuitad.
Right after seeing "Star Wars" for the first time, he decided to make a concept album out of it.

Love & Kisses - Accident Lover (1977)
This was the brainchild of Alec Costandinos. Produced, Composed and Written By – Alec R. Costandinos. Recorded at Trident Studios London.

Rockets - Space Rock (1977)
Space Disco from Paris & produced by Claude Lemoine.

Compiled by R u m p e L


Monday, 25 June 2018

CHANGE - The End (12'' Maxi Single) 1980 italo disco space synth-pop electronic 70s 80s RARE "OUT OF PRINT" eurodisco

Change was an Italian Disco-Electronic Soul group, based in Bologna, founded by songwriters-producers Jacques Fred Petrus and Mauro Malavasi.

Initially they started with guest vocalist Luther Vandross but soon after James Robinson replaced him regularly.

In the same mode, Jocelyn Brown was replaced by Deborah Cooper as a main lead vocalist.
Between 1980 - 1985 they released six albums, inspired by the glamour and hi-class image of Chic.
They spawned hits like "A Lover's Holiday", "Searching", "The Glow Of Love", "Paradise", "Change Of Heart", "The Very Best In You", "Mutual Attraction".

In 1984 they collaborated with the gold duo of producers - songwriters Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis.
In 2009 they made a comeback with their long lost, since 1990, album "Change Your Mind" with guest vocalists Lisa Fischer and Patrick Boothe. THE END is the hidden B-Side Italo Space Disco gem on the A Lover's Holiday / The End
12'' Single (1980)
Change ‎– A Lover's Holiday / The End
Label: WEA ‎– WEA 79.140, WEA ‎– WEA 79140
Format: Vinyl, 12", 33 ⅓ RPM, Maxi-Single, Long Version
Country: Netherlands
Released: 1980
Genre: Electronic
Style:  Space / Italo Disco / Hi-NRG / Eurodisco