Sunday, 24 January 2010

Qkumba Zoo - Child (Inside) [Radio Mix] 1996 South African Electro Disco 90's cult

Qkumba Zoo is a dance music trio from Johannesburg, South Africa, consisting of vocalist Levannah, dancer/sculptor Tziki and musician/producer Owl.
Their first single, "The Child (Inside)," produced by the Berman Brothers, hit #1 on the US Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart in 1996 and #69 on the USA Hot 100. It peaked on the Official American charts at #34 on 10/18/96.
In recent years, the original mix of "The Child (Inside)" has been used in several American & European television commercials, the most popular being from Seaworld amusement parks and Carnival Cruise Lines.

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Kimera and the Operaiders - The Lost Opera (1985) Hi-Nrg 80's disco pop crap kitsch diva!

Kimera (born January 10, 1954) is South Korean-born popera singer.
Her music style was that of pop opera (similar to pop symphony yet with more techno beat). She created the style of "popera", consisting of a medley of opera arias set to a mid-80's form of disco and High N-R-G beats. Her music career stage was in Europe, mostly in France and Spain, but she also enjoyed tremendous success with her debut single "The Lost Opera" (reaching number 1 on the South African Springbok Charts in June 1985 and charting for 19 weeks) and first two albums in South Africa.

"ok.... it IS totally kitsch, yet Kimera was THE number #1 best seller in South Africa in 1985 with her cheesy, over the top mega hit "THE LOST OPERA". This Korean invaded South Africa's airwaves and homes like cheap "made in Korea" washing machines!
Housewives thought of her music as "high art"... and a bit of "a cross cultural experience". ha ha ha!! :) Welcome to the 80's!

The music video for KIMERA's "LOST OPERA" is totally ridiculous and well worth checking out - such class! "" [RETRO DISCO Hi-NRG]

+ the Original Extended Maxi Version

Vicious Games (12'' Maxi Mix) 1985 electonic synth pop classic

is a Swiss electronica band consisting of Dieter Meier and Boris Blank.
They are probably best known for their singles "Vicious Games", "The Race" and "Oh Yeah", which feature a mix of electronic music and manipulated vocals, as does most of their music.
"I never knewHow much I loved you, I never knew How much I cared, So I played Vicious games, vicious games With different names, different names Vicious games, vicious gamesWith different names, different names
I was afraid to go under, Afraid to see when I closed my eyes Vicious games, vicious games With different names, different namesVicious games, vicious gamesWith different names, different names
I never knew how much I loved you, I never knew how much I cared, I just played Vicious games, vicious games, with different names, different names. Vicious games, vicious games, with different names, different names

Now that you're gone, and you have left me, I had to learn, I had to learn how much it hurts, To play those vicious games"
link removed by artist request

Friday, 15 January 2010

Man 2 Man - Male Stripper (12'' extended mix) 1986 Hi-NRG Eurobeat Classic

Man 2 Man (also known as Man to Man) were a US Hi-NRG band from New York City that formed in the early 1980s. They were best known for their hit singles "Male Stripper", "Energy Is Eurobeat" and "I Need A Man".

The act was composed of brothers Mikki and Paul Zone, who had been known on the local Brooklyn music scene since the mid 1970s.

The band scored their biggest hit, "Male Stripper", teaming up with cult electro producer Man Parrish. Originally released in the United Kingdom in 1986 on the Bolts Records label, "Male Stripper" was a big club hit throughout the autumn and peaked at #64 on the UK Singles Chart.[1] In early 1987, "Male Stripper" charted again in the UK, and this time the song became an even bigger hit, spending five weeks in the Top 10 and two weeks at #4 on the UK Singles Chart.

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Tantra - Hills Of Katmandu (Patrick Cowley Remix) 1980 disco classic [1982 remix] RARE! काठमांडौ Asia Disco Hi-NRG येँ महानगरपालिका

TANTRA's "Hills Of Katmandu" was a massive epic undergound early 80's 'space disco hit' (originally released in 1980).
Legendary San Francisco Hi-NRG producer/DJ PATRICK COWLEY remixed the track around 1982. Even today Cowley's remix of TANTRA - HILLS OF KATMANDU is considered to be an all time electro disco classic, and a very difficult track to find! :)
"This track is literally a pulsating electronic orgy of Hi-NRG sound!" 10/10! [Retro-Disco-Hi-NRG]

(Nepali: काठमांडौ, Nepal Bhasa: येँ महानगरपालिका) is the capital and the largest metropolitan city of Nepal. The city is the urban core of the Kathmandu Valley, in the Himalayas, which also contains two other sister cities namely Patan or Lalitpur, 5 kilometres (3.1 mi) to its southeast (an ancient city of fine arts and crafts) and Bhaktapur, 14 kilometres (8.7 mi) to its east (city of devotees). It is also acronymed as 'KTM' and named 'tri-city'.
Tantra - Hills Of Katmandu (Patrick Cowley Remix) 1982

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Grant Miller - The Maxi-Singles Collection [Greatest Hits] italo disco 80's

GRANT MILLER, the successful American 80's Italo Disco Artist, based in Germany and championed by EuroDisco legendary artist and music producer, FANCY!
Grant Miller: "I'll never forget the night I was at a dinner party where non-other than "Divine" himself was there! We started talking and spent hours getting to know each other. He immediately invited me to come to the music studio the next day, where he was working on a new catchy dance production with a producer I had never heard of in the U.S....someone called FANCY!?! Divine introduced me to Fancy and arranged for me to audition for him the next day. Fancy (or Tess) gave me a cassette of a song called "Colder Than Ice" and he told me to learn it by the next day! I was terrified and excited at the same time. So, the next day I met him in his long white Mercedes limousine. He popped the tape into the stereo and said, "Okay Sing". I guess he liked what he heard because that song became my first hit single, a cover version of one of Fancy's songs. Tess arranged an elaborate photo session for the cover and within 10 DAYS of that meeting at the restaurant, my first record was stacked in the windows of every record store in Germany. It was the autumn of 1985, and the soring beat of "Colder Than Ice" and "Red For Love" was pounding through the discos of Europe“.

[Greatest Hits]
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Saturday, 9 January 2010

SIPHO ‘HOTSTIX’ MABUSE – Burn Out (1984) African Disco [multi million selling disco hit]

Sipho "Hotstix" Mabuse is responsible for "Burn Out" in the early 1980s in which the Afro Synth mega hit sold over 500,000 copies in early 80's South Africa alone, and the giant mbaqanga (traditional Zulu) disco hit of the late 1980s, "Jive Soweto"

Sipho "Hotstix" Mabuse was born in Johannesburg on 2 November 1951. Mabuse got his start in the African soul group the Beaters in the mid-1970s. After a successful tour of Zimbabwe they changed the group's name to Harari. When they returned to their homeland in South Africa they began to draw almost exclusively on American-style funk, soul, and pop music, sung in Zulu and Sotho as well as English. He has also recorded and produced for, amongst others, Miriam Makeba, Hugh Masekela, Ray Phiri and Sibongile Khumalo.

Then in 1984 SIPHO 'HOTSTIX' blasted his way back into the charts with a release that has his country at his feet. "BURN OUT" was one of the first home made hits that took every South African by storm, irrespective of race. colour or creed.
"BURN OUT" was #1 on every radio station in South Africa and soon Sipho was singing his way to the United Kingdom to secure a major deal with VIRGIN RECORDS.

Sipho ‘Hotstix' Mabuse – Burn Out [1984]
(multi-million seller)

Friday, 8 January 2010

Boytronic - You (12'' Maxi mixes) 1983 german electro gay disco

Boytronic is a German music group playing electropop. It was founded in 1983 by Holger Wobker and Peter Sawatzki in Hamburg, Germany as Kapitän Sehnsucht (Captain Desire). They had a huge worldwide club hit with the track "YOU" in 1983.

Torrevado - Living In The Shuttle (12'' Maxi Mixes) 1985 italo disco

Retro Disco Hi-Hrg release notes:
(upload contains original 1985 mix and 1988 remixes)
Original Italian Release Label: American Disco
Original Release Catalog#: AMD 018
Format: Vinyl, 12", 45 RPM
Country: Italy
Originally Released: 1985
Genre: Electronic Style: Italo-Disco
Arranged By - Bruno Rosellini , Fabrizio Baldoni
Bass - Maurizio Suraci Drums - Roberto Marcucci Engineer [Sound] - Enzo Mafione Guitar [Lead] - Marco Scopazzi Keyboards - Claudio Giorgi , Roberto Marcucci Mixed By - Massimo Noé* Producer - David Zambelli , Walter Verdi Vocals - Niki Pitti Written-By - Giorgi* , Scopazzi* , Suraci* , Pittalunga* , Marcucci*

Sex Shop Boys - Big Tits (St. Pauli's 12'' Mix) italo disco 1987

"This song was a BIG 'underground dance hit' when i was still at school. It has a pumpin' 80's club baseline with a great synth rift, "ooh! ohh!" sound effects and boys screaming "WE WANT BIG TITS!"
"What more could you ask for? (well..maybe a song called "WE WANT BIG COCKs!" by the Pet Shop Boys? - but at the time BIG TITS were still all the rage... ;)"

Fun hard to find italo disco tune!

Sex Shop Boys - Big Tits
Original Label: Idee Records
Catalog#: 1CK052-156925-6
Format: Vinyl, 12", 45 RPM
Country: Germany
(and released in Sweden - as "Sexy Swedes" love "BIG TITS" also!)
Genre: Electronic
Style: Italo-Disco

You love "BIG TITS"?
"Well...get some "BIG TITS" here babies:)

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Fun Fun - Have Fun & More (Greatest Hits) italo disco 80's

Fun Fun were a popular synth pop duo of the 1980s. Their worldwide hits included "Colour My Love" and "Happy Station".
Fun Fun
were Francesca Merola and Roberta Servelli (later replaced by Elena). They're remembered mainly for their style in high-energy dance music: the producers Alvaro Ugolini and Dario Raimondi succeeded to create a perfect cocktail of rhythm and elegance that in 1983 allowed the duo to gain huge success with the first song "Happy Station" with several weeks in the official UK Music Week and US Billboard charts. The hits "Colour my love" and "Baila Bolero" obtained great international chart success.
Behind the Fun Fun act were Italian musicians Larry Pignagnoli and Spagna.

Friday, 1 January 2010

Paul Sharada - Keep Your Love Alive (keep it satisfied) (12'' Maxi) 1985 italo disco rare classic

PAUL SHARADA is an Italo Disco artist. His real name is Lamott Atkins. Paul Sharada released the singles “Boxers”, “Dancing All Night”, “Keep Your Love Alive”, “Vola”, and “Florida (Move Your Feet)”.
All singles produced and arranged by Mauro Farina, Alberto Carpani, Gianfranco Bortolotti, Matteo Miscia, S. Carlini, and Stefano Bertossi.

"The production on this track is amazing! 10/10! "

Available Here :)

Koo De Tah - Too Young For Promises (12'' Maxi & 7'' Single Mixes) 1985

Koo De Tah was a New Zealand/Australian pop music band of the 1980s. The core band members were Tina Cross (a native of New Zealand) and Leon Berger (Australian), who met in Sydney.
They scored a hit in 1985 with their first single Too Young For Promises, which reached number 6 in the Australian charts and number 48 in New Zealand.
"Too Young For Promises" was an official Top 10 hit on Springbok Radio/Radio 5 in South Africa + a favourite worldwide 80's club hit.

Great vocals /production on this track.

Available here :)

ZYX Italo Disco Collection - The Early 80s [CD3 Set]

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