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High-Energy Double Dance Volume 13 (1989) 80 mins non-stop mix

High-Energy Double Dance
Volume 13
The fall of Rome and what is to become of High-Energy?
Released late 1989. Someone picked up the High-Energy series and decided to run with it, because this was markedly better than the last one!

Some really stand-out commercial house and acid tracks on here. Black Box, Starlight, Kelly Charles, Maureen, Belga Zone, Noise Boys, Fax Yourself (Nice House version of Eddy Grant's "Walking On Sunshine"), Italian Boys, 49'ers, Kinky Go and the Techno remix of Male Stripper by Man 2 Man. Please don't ask me what Jive Bunny was doing on there - I really don't know!
Black Box's "Ride On Time" was included on the original album pressing (as uploaded here) however Discomagic later revoked the rights to use the song and repressing of the album contained a cover version by a group called "Box"! They just inked out the "Black" in "Black Box"

Altogether a good mix and selection with cover a-la Pink Floyd.
Not much more I have to say about this one other than it was refreshing after vol 12, and the fact that David Gresham and Patric Van Blerk had there fingers in this release.

A million thanks to the "Fantastic Ferdie" for providing
High-Energy Volume 13!
For the first time ever, all x15 Volumes of the famous "High-Energy Double Dance" are available digitally for us fans world-wide to enjoy!
(it's 26 years after the first volume was released!)

Side One
Black Box
- Ride On Time
Starlight - Numero uno
Kelly Charles - You're The One
Maureen - Don't Fight The Music
Karen Baker (of Wooden Idols) - Hey Baby

Side Two
Belga Zone
- Bulgarian House
Brainstorm - Suicide Acid
Noise Boys - Megabeat
Bassline Boys - Warbeat (Germany Calling)
Secret Code - Wall Street

Side Three
Gipsy Kings
- Bamboleeo
Koxo Club Band - Paradhouse
Fax Yourself - Sunshine 89
Big Louis - French Kiss

Side Four
Italian Boys - Midnight Girls
49'ers - Shadows
Kinky Go - You You You
Man 2 Man - Male Stripper (techno mix)
Jive Bunny & The Mastermixers - Swing The Mood

High-Energy Double Dance Volume 13
80 mins non-stop mix

Mixed By: An Undercover Mix
Engineered: Neville "Jack Danniels" Holmes
Release Year: 1989



  1. thank you...Ride on Time is one of my absolute fav dance tracks

  2. I am looking for the song Needles and Pins performed by a female artist on one of the Hi NRG Albums. Please help

    1. Hello Anonymous, what u are looking for is on Eurobeat vol. 5, the artist name is Charlene. Alternatively, if u only want that song, it's on Youtube, u can always convert it to mp3.


      or listen on MIXCLOUD

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