Sunday, 21 September 2008

People Like Us - People Like Us (Album) 1988 Hi-NRG Disco 80's

PEOPLE LIKE US were a High-Energy Dance Group from Johannesburg,
South Africa.
They had many hit dance records around the world in the mid 80's, mostly released internationally via PASSION RECORDS in London.
Their music was well produced, of a high quality with intelligently written lyrics (especially for Dance Music at the time).

CINDY DICKINSON was the key vocalist. She has an outstanding voice and really made the People Like Us sound work - but was not always given proper credit by original group founders.
Unfortunately original group founder Paul Crossley dies of an AIDS related illness around the time of their main success. Cindy Dickinson (now Cindy Guselli) lives in Durban, South Africa with well known East Coast Radio DJ husband, Dave Guselli.

People Like Us also had hits with the songs DELIVERENCE, MIDNIGHT LOVER (US Dance Chart #1),and FIGHTING FOR OUR LIVES.

Roni Griffith - Roni Griffith (Album) 1983 Bobby 'O' Hi-NRG Classic

This is not just another disco album. Originally released in 1983, it contains very tuneful songs embellished by the famous Bobby O's excellent Hi-NRG production, as he conjures exciting new sounds out of the synth that still sounds fresh after all these years. Little baroque flourishes in all the right places, while the beautiful Roni's melodious voice fits the songs like a glove. Also, the lyrics are fairly intelligent for a disco release and makes sense in their context. Includes the mega hits, "Love is the Drug" and "Desire", + my personal favourites, "Take Me Out" and "Heart on the Line".