Tuesday, 31 August 2010

PEOPLE LIKE US feat Cindy Dickinson - Fighting For Our Lives (12'' Maxi) 1987 hi-nrg gay disco 80's classic

"This is an amazing song!
The lyrics tell the true story of PEOPLE LIKE US,
and that of many, many others around the world.
Intelligent, emotional, thoughtful - well written lyrics, a strong production, plus amazing, powerful vocals by the one and only
(we are RETRO DISCO HI-NRG love CINDY DICKINSON's vocals!) "
scores 10/10!

feat Cindy Dickinson
(12'' Maxi) 1987

01 Fighting For Our Lives (12'' Extended Maxi) (6.24)
02 Fighting For Our Lives (Instrumental Mix) (5.50)
03 Fighting for our lives (Extended Ultrasound Remix) (8.39)

Too frightened to touch, but I want you so much
Want to cry out in anger, live without danger
We have fort for so long, we were getting so strong
Now were fighting, were fighting for our lives.
Fighting for our lives is the order of the day
Fighting for our lives every step of the way
Fighting for our lives we've got to be strong
Fighting for our lives we've got to go on
We've been through the gates of Hell and back
so watch out world we're on the attack
We moving on out, we have paid our deposit
No more days locked up in this closet
Fighting for our lives is the order of the day
Fighting for our lives every step of the way
Fighting for our lives we've got to be strong
Fighting for our lives we've got to go on
Fighting for our lives is the order of the day
Fighting for our lives every step of the way
Fighting for our lives we've got to be strong
Fighting for our lives we've got to go on
Stay with me babe, please stay, Please don't turn away
We go on together brave stormy weather
We have have fort for so long, we were getting so strong
Now we're fighting, we're fighting for our lives
Fighting for our lives is the order of the day
Fighting for our lives every step of the way
Fighting for our lives is the order of the day
Fighting for our lives every step of the way
Fighting for our lives we've got to be strong

Monday, 30 August 2010

PEOPLE LIKE US feat Cindy Dickinson - Reincarnation (I'm Coming Back For Love) (12'' Maxi) 1987 hi-nrg disco 80's

[i'm coming back for love]"
was the follow up single to People Like Us's 1987 worldwide dance hit 'Deliverance'.
"Deliverance" had made them well known in the clubs of Europe and all over the world where Hi-NRG and Eurodisco songs were still the favourite music styles pumping out of the speakers. People didn't at first know that 'People Like Us' was a South African outfit and expected them to be from the UK due to the record company Passion who distributed their music was based there (The UK) and possibly due to the fear that in the 80's, the record buying public would not purchase anything that came from South Africa because of the country's Apartheid regime. In South Africa the songs were favourites in clubs and at house parties but records were only available through import and people only found out that they were South African at he height of ‘Deliverance’s’ popularity. The debut album was released titled 'Deliverance' and featured further tracks including 'Hiroshima', 'Restless Hearts' and 'Reincarnation (Coming back for love)'. Enquiries about ‘People Like Us’ came from all over the world and a tour of the UK was launched. Then disaster struck when Paul Crossley fell gravely ill with Aids at the height of their popularity. Paul Crossley died on 6 August 1989. His death had serious repercussions for ‘People Like Us’ as Paul Crossley was seen as the main driving force of the band and this dampened the future progression of the band. Subsequently ‘People Like Us’, rerecorded the Shiraz song ‘Fighting For Our Lives’ (originally writen by partners Corssley & Owen) bringing homage to Crossley. During that period leading up to Crossley’s death the situation between Cindy, Terry and Paul soured and Cindy decided not to be involved with future albums. Cindy also fell pregnant with her son Danny and performing and recording would take a back burner for the next couple of years.
feat Cindy Dickinson
01 Reincarnation (coming back for love) (Extended Mix) (7.02)
02 Reincarnation (Instrumental Dance Mix) (6.43)
03 Reincarnation (US Remix) (5.43)
04 Reincarnation (Dmx Remix) (7.53)

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Indecent Obsession - Indio (Album) 1992 CLASSIC POP DANCE ROCK ALBUM RARE!! Deleted! "Hard-To-Find" Classic!

Indecent Obsession formed in Brisbane, Australia in 1987. Molly Meldrum signed the band to his record label Melodian. The band tasted success with the single "Say Goodbye" hitting the Australian Top 10 in August 1989. The follow-up single "Tell Me Something" landed at #17 two months later, but would be the band's last Australian Top 20 single. "Tell Me Something" was picked up by US radio in early 1990 and the song landed at #31 without the band ever setting foot in America. The retitled "Indecent Obsession" album (for the American market) peaked at #148 in 1990.
"Indio" - the band's second album was more mature and featured the hit singles "Indio" (AUS#41) and "Kiss Me" (AUS#27). "Kiss Me" even landed at No.1 in South Africa for an amazing 27 weeks, where the album also hit #1.
Further very successful singles in South Africa from the same album were "Rebel With A Cause", "Whispers In The Dark" and "Indio". The band was hugely popular there and had a very successful tour in South Africa in 1992.

Friday, 27 August 2010

PLAYBAX - Various Non-Stop Hi-NRG Retro Dance Hits Mix (1988) High-Energy Project




Hot Stuff - Boys From Brazil (Remix)
Automatic Lover - Max-Gang (Mix version)
I Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie Honeybunch) - The Real Thing (Maxi Mix)
Never Can Say Goodbye - Sonja & Nancy (Fonny's Mix)
Nowhere To Run - One A.M. (An M&A Mix)
Espana Boot Mix One - The Sunshine Family (Hits of Spain Medley)
Mega Star Hits One - Norma Jean (The Madonna Medley)
The KC Mix - The Miami Vice (KC & The Sunshine Band Medley)
Tainted Love/Where Did Our Love Go - Paccore (New Version)
I Can't Get No Satisfaction - Jack White's Project (Munich Mix)
Gimme Some Lovin' - Fritz & George (DJ Mix)
Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood - King Kong (Ape Mix)
Let's All Funky - Cruisin' Gang (Let's All Chant/Funkytown Medley)
Have I The Right - Sova Nova (Hot Mix)
I Just Can't Stop Lovin' You - M' Jack (The Dance Version)
Summer In The City - Fresh (Extended Urban Mix)
Get Down On It - New York Rappers (Funk Mix)
Video Killed The Radio Star - Bon Ton (Italian Mix)
Yummy Yummy - 1on 1on (Special Trash Edit)

"very rare non-stop dance mix compilation from South Africa"


Sunday, 22 August 2010

Matterhorn Project - The Moo Song (1985)

"MUH!" (also known as the "moo song" in South Africa, Japan and other parts of the world and the French call it "meuh" or "meu") by Matterhorn Project is unique in pop history. There are cows singing and bells tingling, yodelling and alpine horns, all supported by an infectious eigthies disco-beat and a slightly spaced-out sense of humour.
The track stormed the Swiss and international charts in 1985 and got known and loved for its sense of comedy and tongue-in-cheek citing of Swiss clichés.

Saturday, 21 August 2010

LORA MUNRO - The Sound Of (Album) hi-nrg musical eurodance 'kitsch camp' disco (CULT)

In 2000/2001, the 'zany' British singer Lora Munro released a Hi-NRG Eurodance album featuring dance versions of camp classic musical tunes. Songs from THE SOUND OF MUSIC (Do-Re_mi; Tomorrow; My Favourite Things; Supercalifragilistic-expealidocious; CHESS (Memory; One Night In Bangkok) + HOT GOSSIPs (STARSHIP TROUPER) and SHIRLEY BASSEYs (BIG SPENDER) were all given the Hi-NRG treatment... She toured gay clubs & bars in the UK (wearing her "Sound Of Music" frock)
This original "THE SOUND OF" album is "impossible-to-find" these days.. and certainly has become a 'kitsch camp classic'
"Definitely worth a listen! :) She has a great voice. Guarenteed to make you SMILE! :) :) :) lol!"

Suzy Q - Can't Live Without Your Love (Greatest Hits) 1994 hi-nrg disco 80's

Canadian Disco/Hi-NRG studio group "SUZY-Q" (not to be confused with Stacey Q) had an early soul disco hit "Get Up And Do It Again" which originally appeared on the small Canadian label J. C. Records. Years later, Carol Jiani would reveal that she was the singer on this track, which may explain the 100% change in voice and style of all later releases..
-Follow up hits were "Harmony" and "Computer Music", both outstanding, uptempo Hi-NRG Disco electro tracks!
"Take a listen to this and leave some comments with your own thoughts.....
IMO, some great dance tracks here - but "SUZY-Q" as a "brand artist" or "group" just doesn't work for me. One minute it's proper old soul & funk "black music", then next track it's young "white as white" teenage girl pop... :) lol!
"Harmony" and "Computer Music" are great quality Hi-NRG productions, which work best for me"

Friday, 20 August 2010

VIVA - Don't Turn Your Love Away (12'' Maxi) 1985 canadian hi-nrg italo disco 80's RARE!

Power Records was founded by Canadian Disco DJ and record promoter, Vince DeGiorgio in 1982 while he was only in his twenties. The label's focus was more on Euro-Disco and Hi-NRG, but began with mainly reissues of Disco classics. Boulevard and Chateau Records were also owned by DeGiorgio.
The Canadian sound is quite distinctive from its European relatives - the tracks are usually fast, futuristic and smoothly produced, relying on the Patrick Cowley and Azul Y Negro models of synthesiser disco rather than Moroder, Simonetti and Cerrone's more classically European sound. The main centre for the Canadian scene was overwhelmingly Montreal, although Toronto did play an important role too. As can be seen, the Canadian sound transitioned well into the Hi-NRG and Italo Disco of the 80's as it did not receive the same backlash felt in America.
"I've always loved this rare 1985 Hi-NRG track "DON'T TURN YOUR LOVE AWAY" from VIVA. I remember it from South Africa, where in the mid 80's it was played, thanks to getting a release on the "Jive Wire" disco label in '85 + included on the very mainstream "MONSTER HITS Vol.2 (Too)" Hi-NRG Mix 2LP set release - also available here on this site)"

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Shiraz - Fighting For Our Lives (12'' Maxi) 1984 hi-nrg gay disco 80's (CULT CLASSIC)

Shiraz was an 80's Hi-NRG Disco studio group that was the brainchild of producers Paul Crossley and Terry Owen (People Like Us). The singer of the band was Marshall Harmse.

The song "Fighting For Our Lives" addressed the HIV/Aids pandemic that was starting to become a widespread disease during 1984 when the song was released. It was said that Passion Records UK did not want to push the band because of Marshall’s heavy South African accent, and thanks to this, Crossley and Owen would later start another South African group People Like Us (featuring vocalist Cindy Dickinson) specifically to deal with this issue. In 1987, People Like Us covered the Shiraz song "Fighting For Our Lives" when the song was finally released, 3 years later in the UK. Shiraz's "Fighting For Our Lives" was remixed by Canada's Vincent Degiorgio and was intended to be released on the Power Record label. Contractually, it had been committed to Unidisc offshoot, Edzna Records. Produced by "Man Alive Productions", printed on the record sleeve is the message..

"A donation from the proceeds of this record will be made to the AIDS Council to be used in the provision of counselling and emergency accommodation for AIDS suffers who are rejected by family and friends."
Shiraz co-founder and "Fighting For Our Lives" composer Paul Crossley, died of an AIDS related illness on 6 August 1989.
Interesting note: "Fighting For Our Lives" aka"Luchando Por Sobrevivir" was a popular Hi-NRG club hit when released on the Trebol label in Mexico in 1985.
The songs 1st release was on the Jive Wire label in South Africa in 1984

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Claudja Barry - Disco Mixes (Album) 1980 [reissued 1995 hot productions] Hi-NRG Disco 70's 80's

Claudja Barry, (born 1952, Jamaica) was raised in Toronto, Ontario and later based in Germany, is a singer and actress who has performed in the European versions of the stage musicals Hair and Catch My Soul.
Before she embarked on a solo career, Claudja Barry was part of the studio group Boney M from 1975 to 1976. She has had two Billboard Hot 100 solo hit entries. The first being "Dancin' Fever" and the second being "Boogie Woogie Dancin' Shoes". Both became major mainstream pop hits in Canada and Europe.
During 1980 with the release of her Feel The Fire album, Claudja's songs were becoming highly synthesized - this was her final album to feature an earthier, more horn & string approach to the production of her music. By 1981, she made a successful foray into New Wave/Hi-NRG music with the Made In Hong Kong album which is touted as her best album.
This non-stop mix album "Disco Mixes" was originally released on LP in 1980, and reissued on CD in 1995 by the fabulous Miami based disco label Hot Productions.
NEWS FLASH! Claudja Barry releases new track "Good Time Girl" in October 2010!

Monday, 16 August 2010

Paul Parker - The Collection (2CD Set) hi-nrg 80's disco

Paul Parker is a Hi-NRG disco singer born in San Francisco California.
His biggest success came in the eighties, when he reached #1 on the Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart twice: "Right On Target" in 1982, (produced by Patrick Cowley) Desire in 1984 (produced by Ian Anthony Stephens), a rendition of Cyndi Lauper's "Time After Time" (1985), and "One Look (One Look Was Enough)" in 1987.
He continued in the 1990s with a string of additional dance covers. In 2007 he began a collaboration with UTMOSIS, a San Francisco-based label, thus far producing the worldwide digital single releases "Just Hold On To Love" (2007), "Don't Stop (What You're Doin' To Me)" (2008) and "Chargin' Me Up" (2009).
In 2008, he recorded a duet with the synthpop band Ganymede, "Perfect Target," which appears on the band's LP "Operation Ganymede."
NEWS FLASH! Paul's first full-length album of original material in over a decade, "Take It From Me", was released January 26, 2010 on the UTMOSIS label. (Available from Itunes & Amazon)
Paul Parker
The Collection (2CD Set)

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Punch - Love Me (12'' Maxi) [5 mixes] 1985 german italo disco classic 80's

scores 10/10! = excellent! :)
Tracklisting: (x5 mixes)
01 Punch - Love Me (Special Version) 6.01
02 Punch - Love Me (Dance Remix edit) 4.07
03 Punch - Love Me (Brasil Import Remix) 4.56
04 Punch - Love Me (Instrumental) 5.27
05 Punch - Love Me (Stupid Remix) 5.57

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Ramming Speed - When You Walk In The Room (12'' Maxi) [8 mixes] 1984 Hi-NRG Disco Classic PWL 80's

"An EXCELLENT 80's Hi-NRG dance track!
Fantastic lyrics! Amazing Production!"
Scores "10/10!"
"When You Walk in the Room" is a song written and recorded by Jackie DeShannon, first released by her in 1963 but covered by many artists.
The lyrics of the song attempt to detail the singer's emotions when in the presence of the person he or she loves. There is also an expression of frustration by the singer that he or she cannot manage to tell that person of his or her love...
When You Walk In The Room (Lyrics)
I feel a new expression on my face,
I can feel a glowing sensation taking place
I can hear the guitars playing lonely tunes
Everytime that you, walk in the room
I close my eyes for a second and pretend it's me you want
Meanwhile I try to act so nonchalant
I see a summers night with a magic moon
Everytime that you, walk in the room
Maybe it's a dream come true, walking right along side of you
Wish I could tell you how much I care, but I only have the nerve to stare
I can feel that something pounding in my brain
Just anytime that someone speaks your name
Trumpets sound and I hear, thunder boom
Everytime that you, walk in the room
Everytime that you, walk in the room

1. When You Walk In The Room (7'' Single Mix) 3.03 (SIDE A) 1984
2. When You Walk In The Room (12'' Extended Version) 7.20
3. When You Walk In The Room (American Remix) 6.52
4. When You Walk In The Room (Extended Dance Edit) 10.10
5. When You Walk In The Room (Ian Levine UK 12'' Mix) 8.21
6. When You Walk In The Room (Instrumental 12'' Version) 7.07
7. When You Walk In The Room (Master Mix) 5.56
8. When You Walk In The Room (Vocal Remix) 5.09 (SIDE B) 1984