Sunday, 26 May 2013

80's Hi-NRG & EUROBEAT 2013 SPECIAL MIX-2 (107+ Hi-NRG Track Non-Stop Mix) 3 Hours+ Eurobeat Hi-NRG Italo Disco Dance 80's

3 Hours+ Eurobeat Hi-NRG Italo Disco Dance 80's
"Amazing Non-Stop Megamix"
Scores 10/10!
Mixed by M45PLEAKIRA 2013

1.Mandy - Boys And Girls
2.Radiorama - Bad Girls
3.Bananarama - I Heard A Rumor
4.Kylie Minogue - I Should Be So Lucky
5.Atrium - Over And Over
6.Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up
7.Pamela - Saturday Night
8.Kylie Minogue - Got To Be Certain
9.Eighth Wonder - Cross My Heart
10.Samantha Fox - I Surrender
11.Keren & Chelle - Sugar Daddy
12.Sinitta - I Don't Believe In Miracles
13.Tina Gabriel - If You Say You Love Me
14.Rick Astley - Together Forever
15.Sonia - Listen To Your Heart
16.Mandy Smith - Don't You Want Me Baby
17.Bananarama - Love, Truth & Honesty
18.Bananarama - I Want You Back
19.Kylie Minogue - Turn It Into Love
20.Taco - Got To Be Your Lover
21.Lisa Carter - Doctor's Orders
22.Kylie Minogue - The Loco-Motion
23.Radiorama - ABCD
24.Kathleen Juine - Destiny
25.Melanie Bell - I Don't Wanna Be Like You
26.Pamela - Is For You
27.Radiorama - Bad Boy You
29.Max Coveri - Bye Bye Baby
30.Malcolm J. Hill - Take A Chance
31.Dollar - It's Nature Way
32.Moulin Rouge - High Energy Boy
33.Moulin Rouge - DJ I Wanna Be Your Record
34.Giorgia Morandi - Jump For Joy
35.Frank Torpedo - Bang Bang
36.Superlove - How Deep Is Your Love
37.Gipsy & Queen - Love & Passion
38.Jenny Kee - Hot Love
39.Mike Hammer - Divine
40.Alphatown - Power Of Magic
41.Joe Yellow - Easy Lovers
42.Aleph - Big Brother
43.K B Caps - Do You Really Need Me
44.King Kong & D Jungle Girls - It's So Funny
45.Vanessa - Crazy For You
46.Tina - Crazy For You
47.Mark Farina - Rock Of Love
48.Stef - Ready For Love
49.Femminucce - Bambolina
50.Ross - Go Go Boy
51.Alan Barcklay - Girl
52.Jacqueline- All My Heart
53.King Kong & D'Jungle Girls - Walkie Talkie
55.Mela - Help Me
56.Pamela - Is For You
57.Moulin Rouge - Baby I Miss You
58.Moltocarina - Hold On Me
59.Virgin - Only You
60.Finzy Kontini - In The Name Of Love
61.Trisha - Everytime You Want
62.Mara - Wonderful Time
63.Baby Baby - The Day Of Doom Doom
64.Alan Barry - Come On
65.Chip Chip - Everything You Love
66.Macho Gang ‎- When Somebody Loves Me
67.Jayne & Jill - Lay Lay Baby Lay
68.Chip Chip - No More Tears
69.Coo Coo - Happy Days
70.Max Coveri - Guy Guy
71.Max Coveri & Rdiorama - One Two Three
72.Lilac - Losing My Mind
73.Sasha - Don't You Break My Heart
74.Derek Simon - Don't Stop Me
75.Sabrina - My Chico
76.Dandy - Casanova
77.Nilla Backman - Even If You Say
78.Les Blue Belles - Sugar Baby Love
79.Mela - Everytime You Make Me Right
80.Rose - Perfect Time
81.Moltocarina - Love For Sale
83.Pretty Baby - Voodoo Dollar
84.Alphatown - Japan Japan
85.Dex - Bang Bang Bang
86.Dr Money - Give Up
87.Reflectors - You Drive Me Crazy
88.Sissy Brown - Do It
89.Linda Ross - Touch Me
90.Paula Evans - Ciao
91.Stop & Go - Your Love
92.Vanessa - Eternity
93.Fun Fun - Capital Girl
94.Gipsy & Queen - Call Me
95.Tracey - The Girl You Need
96.Thomas & Schubert - In The Deep Of My Heart
97.Alan Barcklay - Don't Let Me Go
98.Chris - My My My

99.Aleph - Hero
100.Jill Sander - Illusion
101.Mela - I' ll Be With You
102.Sweet 'N' Sour - Chinatown
103.Ursula - Young People
104.Malcolm J Hill - Come Back And Do It
105.Lilac - Come Come Come
106.Venice - Ever And Ever


Saturday, 18 May 2013

80's Hi-NRG & EUROBEAT 2013 SPECIAL MIX-1 (100+ Hi-NRG Track Non-Stop Mix) 2 Hours+ Eurobeat Hi-NRG Italo Disco Dance 80's

2 Hours+ Eurobeat Hi-NRG Italo Disco Dance 80's
"Amazing Non-Stop Megamix"
Scores 10/10!
Mixed by M45PLEAKIRA 2013

1.Stacey Q - Two Of Hearts
2.Sabrina - Boys
3.Vivien Vee - Heartbeat
4.Aleph - Fly To Me
5.Lana Pellay - Pistol In My Pocket
6.Amante - Be My Delight
7.Linda Jo Rizzo - Passion
8.Fancy - Chinese Eyes
9.Grant Miller - Colder Than Ice
10.Ken Laszlo - Tonight
11.Michael Fortunati - Give Me Up
12.Den Harrow - Future Brain
13.Suzy Q - Can't Live Without Your Love
14.Angie Gold - Eat You Up
15.U-BahnX - Young Hearts Of Europe
16.Miquel Brown - So Many Men, So Little Time
17.Bondettes - 007
18.Michael Prince - Dance Your Love Away
19.Latin Lover - Laser Light
20.Latin Lover - Casanova Action
21.Mike Mareen - Love Spy
22.Fun Fun - Baila Bolero
23.Intro Mega Mix-1
24.Lime - Unexpected Lovers
25.Mozzart - Money
26.Aleph - Fire On The Moon
27.Splash - Qu'Est-Ce Que C'Est
28.Diebold & Co - Still Right Here In My Heart
29.Phyllis Nelson - I Like You
30.The Cover Girls - Show Me
31.Mel & Kim - Respectable
32.Seventh Avenue - Love's Gone Mad
33.Pete Shelly - Telephone Operator
34.Astaire - Turn Me On Again
35.Posion No 9-Lay All Your Love On Me
37.Boney M - Happy Song
38.Bobby O - She Has a Way
39.Divine - Shoot Your Shot
40.Trans X - Living On Video
41.Hazell Dean - Searchin
42.Samantha Gilles - Music Is My Thing
43.Lime - Your Love
44.The Twins - Face To Face, Heart To Heart
45.Julie Coulson - Big Time Operator
46.Boney M - Young Free And Single
47.Lime - Angel Eyes
48.Max Him - Lady Fantasy
49.Hazell Dean - Whatever I Do
50.Divine - I'm So Beautiful
51.Kofi & The Lovetones - Countdown
52.Intro Mega Mix-2
53.Finzy Kontini - Cha-Cha-Cha
54.Ross - Can't Take My Eyes Off You
55.Fancy - Latin Fire
56.Pamela Nightingale - I'll Never Fall In Love Again
57.Lorraine Mckane - Let The Night Take The Blame
58.Debbie Harry - In Love With Love
59.Dead Or Alive - You Spin Me Round
60.Dead Or Alive - My Heart Goes Bang
61.Michael Fortunati - Into The Night
62.The Big Smoke - The American Dream
63.Lisa - Sex Dance
64.Art Attack - Mandolay
65.Bobby O - Whispe To A Scream
66.Ken Laszlo - Don't Cry
67.Amanda Lucci - Cry Out In The Night
68.Body Heat - No, No Mister Boom Boom
69.Carol Hitchcock - Get Ready
70.Sinitta - Toy Boy
71.Digital Emotion - Get Up Action
72.Dee D Jackson - SOS
73.Hot Gossip - Break Me into Little Pieces
74.Waterfront Home - Take A Chance On Me
75.Evelyn Thomas - High Energy
76.Intro Mega Mix-3
77.Alphaville - Dance With Me
78.Paul Lekakis - Boom Boom
79.Eddy Huntington - Meet My Friend
80.Cruisin' Gang - America
81.Angie Gold - Time Bomb
82.Dead or Alive - Lover Come Back To Me
83.Left Lane - Bam Bam Bam
84.Sabrina - All Of Me
85.Bananarama - Love In The First Degree
86.Samantha Fox - Nothing's Gonna Stop Me Now
87.E G Daily - Mind Over Matter
88.Rose - I Wanna Be Your Love
89.Patty Ryan - (You're) My Love, (You're) My Life
90.Lady Lily - Get Out Of My Life
91.Bananarama - Venus
92.Jackie Rawe - I Believe In Dreams
93.Argentina - Baby Don't You Break My Heart
94.Modern Talking - Brother Louie
95.Bad Boys Blue - You're  A Woman I'm A Man
96.Linda Jo Rizzo - You're My First, You're My Last
97.Sarah - Tokyo Town
98.People Like Us - Deliverance
99.Shy Rose I Cry For You
100.Samantha Gilles - Let Me Feel It
101.Intro Mega Mix-4


Sunday, 12 May 2013

Amanda Lear - 'Follow Me' (Matt Club Mix) 2013 disco diva dance 70's 80's eurodisco hi-nrg italo electro house

disco diva dance 70's 80's
"Follow Me" - a song by French singer Amanda Lear
originally released in 1978 by Ariola Records.
The song turned out to be Amanda's biggest hit to date and her trademark tune.
The single reached Top 10 in no less than six European countries, including Germany and the Netherlands, and sold in an estimated number of 2 million copies worldwide.
The singer performed it in a number of television shows, including Disco or Musikladen.
"Exclusive NEW Unreleased Club Mix"

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Amanda Lear - Never Trust A Pretty Face (1978) Diamonds For Breakfast (1979) disco classic albums [2 albums on 1 CD special limited edition] 320 kbps

Never Trust a Pretty Face
is the third studio album by French singer Amanda Lear, released in January, 1979 by West German label Ariola-Eurodisc.
The album includes European hit singles "Lili Marleen", "The Sphinx" and "Fashion Pack (Studio 54)" + underground cult sleazy electro disco tracks "Black Holes" and "Intellectually" (which both get 10/10 from Retro-Disco-Hi-NRG for being ultra fabulous!)

Interesting fact..... "Fans and critics alike usually rate Never Trust a Pretty Face as a landmark in the history of "The sound of Munich", groundbreaking Giorgio Moroder/Donna Summer collaborations included, and it was in fact recorded in Moroder's renowned Musicland Studios with the assistance of keyboardist and composer Harold Faltermeyer and British drummer and arranger Keith Forsey, both later going on to become very successful record producers and hitmakers in their own right in the United States."
Diamonds For Breakfast
is the fourth studio album by French singer Amanda Lear, released in January, 1980 by West German label Ariola-Eurodisc. The "Diamonds for Breakfast" album became her commercial breakthrough on the Scandinavian market (#4 Sweden, April 1980 #10 Norway, December 1980.
The album abandoned the Munich disco sound with its lush strings and brass arrangements in favour of an electronic New Wave rock style, with the guitar riff driven opening track "Rockin' Rollin' (I Hear You Nagging)" setting the tone, most likely in accordance with Lear's own taste in music.
She declared: "I really wanted to be the new Tina Turner, a rough rock singer, she's still my all-time favourite rockstar"and Diamonds for Breakfast was a step in that direction.

The album cover portrait of Lear, with diamond tears designed by Tiffany's running down her cheek, is notable in the history of art and design as it was one of the first major assignments for French photographers, Pierre et Gilles.
The album contains European hit singles "Fabulous Lover Love Me", "Diamonds", "Ho Fatto L'Amore Con Me", "Japan" and "When" + the fabulous Disco Rock track........

Friday, 10 May 2013

Amanda Lear - I Am A Photograph (1977) & Sweet Revenge (1978) disco classic albums [2 albums on 1 CD special limited edition] High Quality 320kbps

[2 albums on 1 CD special limited edition]
Amanda Lear (née Tapp; November 18, 1939) is a French singer, lyricist, composer, painter, TV presenter, actress and novelist.
Lear began her career as a fashion model in the mid 1960s and was also the muse of Spanish surrealist painter Salvador Dalí. She first came to the public's attention as the fetish clad model on the cover of Roxy Music's album For Your Pleasure in 1973.
She was a multimillion selling Disco Queen in the mid 1970s to the early 1980s in Continental Europe, Scandinavia, and other parts of the world with hits such as "Queen of Chinatown", "Follow Me", "Enigma (Give a Bit of Mmh to Me)" and "Fashion Pack". Lear has recorded 15 studio albums, released 60 singles and sold 15 million albums and 25-30 million singles worldwide.

The first single to be lifted off Sweet Revenge, the dark and seductive opening track "Follow Me", powered by Lear's characteristic deep and recitative voice and in fact the theme of the devil, was an instant smash hit, reaching Top 3 in the West German singles chart and also went to #3 in The Netherlands, #4 in Belgium, #6 in Austria, #7 in Switzerland and was a Top 20 hit in most parts of Europe. The single is estimated to have sold some two million copies worldwide, and has served as Lear's signature tune ever since.
The 12" mix of the track, mixed by Canadian DJ Wally MacDonald and originally only released in North America, also incorporates the finale of the concept medley, "Follow Me (Reprise)".

The Sweet Revenge album itself was certified gold in West Germany, Italy, France and Belgium and went on to sell in excess of four million copies and charted in forty-one countries, including Chile, South Africa, India and Thailand where it stayed on the charts for sixteen weeks, spawning further European hit singles like "Gold", "Mother Look What They've Done to Me", "Run Baby Run", all three from the concept medley, and "Enigma (Give a Bit of Mmh to Me)". Again, all of these tracks were co-written by Lear and this in combination with a larger-than-life image very much the creation of herself made her one of the few artists of the Eurodisco era whose star power and charisma even outshone the music itself - all according to plan - and the Amanda Lear persona left an impact on European pop culture that has lasted for three decades.
The front of the Sweet Revenge album cover shows Lear as a leather-clad S&M dominatrix cracking her whip, the sepia-toned back cover pic has her reclining on an old beer barrel with sequined curtains behind her, à la Dietrich in The Blue Angel, and the inner sleeve again pictured her posing topless. "Sweet Revenge is of course the album I'm most proud of. I put so much of myself into it. I wrote the lyrics, created the double cover, chose the pictures. I tried to tell a story. So, at least for me, it is the best one."

Her debut album I Am a Photograph, released in December 1976, was recorded in Munich, with most songs composed by Monn and arrangers Rainer Pietsch and Charly Ricanek and Lear writing all the English lyrics. The musical backing was provided by the same international session musicians as on contemporaneous recordings by best-selling Germany-based disco acts like Boney M. and Silver Convention, among them drummers Martin Harrison and Curt Cress, bassists Gary Unwin, Dave King and Les Hurdle and guitarists Geoff Bastow and Mats Björklund.
The title track "I Am a Photograph" was a reference to her days with the Zoli Modelling Agency, but Lear's selfpenned, witty, provocative and sometimes even slightly disturbing lyrics signalled that there was more to this former glam model than meets the eye. In Allmusic's biography on Lear reviewer Michael Freedberg writes: "I Am a Photograph is the first of six sleazy, hard-to-find albums in which she flaunts a voice so heavy with low notes it makes one wonder if she really isn't a man after all. But Lear's slow notes are simply an exaggeration of the whiskey-voiced sultriness created by Marlene Dietrich. That isn't to say, however, that Lear's lyrics — or the music's inverted proportions — don't exploit her mythology as a kinky concoction to the bursting point".
The album included Lear's first European hit "Blood and Honey", lyrically paraphrasing Dalí's 1941 painting La Miel Es Más Dulce Que La Sangre (Honey Is Sweeter Than Blood), follow-up single "Tomorrow" and a cover of Nancy Sinatra's "These Boots Are Made For Walkin'" and Leroy Anderson's "Blue Tango", all of which became repertoire standards. I Am a Photograph's mixture of lush disco, schlager, kitsch and camp, topped with Lear's deep half-spoken, half-sung vocals and her characteristic Franglais accent was a winning combination; the album spun off four Top 10 singles in Italy and stayed on the West German albums chart for thirty-three weeks alone.
The second edition of "I Am a Photograph", which also contained German #2 hit "Queen of Chinatown", sported a free pin-up poster picturing a topless Lear smiling towards the camera, a photo originally featured in her Playboy spread.


Monday, 6 May 2013

Sunday, 5 May 2013

BRENDA FASSIE - Don't Follow Me I'm Married (Afro Disco #1 Pop Chart Hit) 1989 "Hard-To-Find" African Disco Electro 80's pwl sound

Brenda Fassie (3 November 1964 – 9 May 2004), was a South African pop singer. She is known for her "outrageousness" and widely considered a voice for disenfranchised blacks during apartheid. She was affectionately known as the
Queen of African Pop.
Brenda was born in Langa, Cape Town as the youngest of nine children. She was named after Brenda Lee, an American country singer. Her father died when she was 2, and with the help of her mother, a pianist, she started earning money by singing for tourists.
In 1981, at the age of 16, she left Cape Town for Soweto, Johannesburg to seek her fortune as a singer. Brenda first joined the group Joy and later became the lead singer for the township pop group Brenda And The Big Dudes. She had a son, Bongani, in 1985 by a fellow Big Dudes musician. Brenda married ex-convict Nhlanhla Mbambo in 1989 but later in 1991 got divorced. It was around this time that she became addicted to cocaine and her career suffered.
With very outspoken views and frequent visits to the poorer townships of Johannesburg, as well as songs about life in the townships, she enjoyed tremendous popularity. Known best for her songs "Weekend Special" and "Too Late for Mama", she was called by Time Magazine in 2001 "The Madonna of the Townships".
"As a young white boy growing up in 1980's South Africa, i found the BRENDA FASSIE "Don't Follow Me I'm Married" vinyl 7 Inch single inside the popular "TOP 40 Music Magazine". The single was a random free record (most likely overstocks from the record companies) which were sometimes included with the magazine.
In the 80's, white folks DID NOT listen to "Afro-pop".... no way! (a BIG NO! NO!)
I loved this tune! and played it LOUD, OVER & OVER on repeat for weeks (which at the time really annoyed my parents) :)
Listening to it now (24 years later) i love it just as much today as in the 80's

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Laura Branigan - Back In Control (REMIXES ALBUM) [south africa] 1999 Electro Disco Pop Hi-NRG 80's

Mention Laura Branigan and even the most tone-deaf among us will start to hum Gloria, the chart-topping platinum hit which launched her career. It held its position at the top of Billboard's Top Ten for 22 weeks, so it's not surprising that many consider this to be her signature song. However, Laura Branigan, a four-time Grammy Award nominee with album and single sales exceeding ten million in the United States alone, has had three other top ten hits, Self Control, How Am I Suppose To Live Without You, and Solitaire, and many other top forty hits including Power Of Love, The Lucky One, Spanish Eddie and the PWL produced Shattered Glass to name just a few.
New dance mixes of "Gloria '99" and "Self Control '99" were both released as a multiple remix track CD singles in South Africa between 1998 - 1999.
In 1999, new remixes of Laura Branigan hits "Gloria"; "Self Control"; "Spanish Eddie"; "Ti Amo" and "How Am I Supposed To Live Without You" were commissioned for a South African collection album called "Back in Control", on Atlantic/Gallo.

Friday, 3 May 2013

Laura Branigan - 'Self Control '99' The Remixes (South African Remix CD Single) 1999 disco electro 80's 90's classic

disco electro 80's 90's pop classic
South African Remix by CG7,
additional production, instruments, programming & engineering
by Gary Van Riet & Chris Palmer
1999 Gallo Record Company
This remix was officially released on CD Single (ATSD28)
by Gallo Record Company (South Africa)

Laura Branigan - "Gloria '99 - The Remixes" (South African Remix CD Single) 1999 RARE 80's Disco Dance Classic

RARE 80's Classic
01-Gloria '99 (DJ-C Radio Mix) 3.33
02-Gloria '99 (Extended Mix) 4.34
03-Gloria '99 (Tinka's House Mix) 6.31
04-Gloria '99 (Tinka's Dub Mix) 6.33
"South African 1999 remixes by Durban based
 DJ and Remixer DJ Cameron"
His girlfriend actually sang the backing vocals on this remix!
This remix was officially released by Gallo Record Company