Friday, 30 September 2011

MARIA VIDAL "Body Rock" (12'' Maxi) 1984 Hi-NRG Disco Synth-Pop 80's

Hi-NRG Disco Synth-Pop 80's
01 - Maria Vidal - Body Rock (Dance Mix) (6.28)  1984
02 - Maria Vidal - Body Rock (Disconet Remix) (5.48)  1984
03 - Maria Vidal - Body Rock (Dub Mix) (4.23)  1984

Maria Vidal (born Maria Elena Fernandez-Vidal on August 1, 1960) is an American singer who had one hit single with the song, "Body Rock" (#48 on the Hot 100) (the theme song to the film Body Rock) in 1984; it also reached #8 on the US dance charts, and #11 in the UK.

"Ultimate 80's 'Feel Good' Dance Classic!"
SCORES 10/10!

Thursday, 29 September 2011

JANE WIEDLIN "Rush Hour" (12'' Maxi) 1988 Hi-Nrg Disco Synth-Pop Classic 80's

Hi-Nrg Disco Synth-Pop Classic 80's
01. Rush Hour (Extended Remix) (7.10)  1988
02. Rush Hour (7'' Version) (3.55)  1988
03. Rush Hour (The Red Mix) (7.12)  1988
04. Rush Hour (Instrumental) (4.59)  1988
05. End Of Love (B-Side) (3.05)  1988
Jane Marie Genevieve Wiedlin (born May 20, 1958) is an American musician, singer-songwriter, and actress. She is best known as the rhythm guitarist of the all-female New Wave band The Go-Go's.

"Rush Hour" was Wiedlin's most successful single, reaching #9 in the USA and #12 in Britain. The song is upbeat and features a mainly programmed backing, with an electric guitar solo. Its central hook is "Oooh you send me".

"Classic Hi-NRG Synth-Pop 80's!"
SCORES 10/10!

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

DENIECE WILLIAMS "Let's Hear It For The Boy" (12'' Maxi) 1984 disco synth-pop electro nrg 80's classic

In 1984, Williams released the album Let's Hear It for the Boy, in which the title track reached #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and was featured on the soundtrack to Footloose. The song would prove to be the biggest pop hit of her career
disco synth-pop electro nrg 80's classic
01 - Let's Hear It For The Boy (Extended Version) (6.00)  1984
02 - Let's Hear It For The Boy (Instrumental) (4.11)  1984

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

NIKKI LAUREN & SUNSHINE CREW "Those Were The Days" (Disconet Remix) 1987 Hi-Nrg Italo Disco 80's "Out-Of-Print" RARE!

Hi-Nrg Italo Disco 80's
"Those Were The Days" by The Sunshine Crew is a "hard-to-find" 80's Hi-NRG dance track, mixed by Steven Von Blau and Mark Styles.

"Those Were The Days" by The Sunshine Crew (featuring Nikki Lauren) special high energy mix. This cut is the debut 12'' single for Von Adventure Records. Nikki Lauren appears courtesy of Emergency/Quark records, thanks to label president, Curtis Urbina. This cover, version of the 1968 Mary Hopkin hit, was recorded while the group was or tour in Germany. "Those Were The Days" was produced, arranged, and mixed by Steven Von Blau and Mark Styles, with Pat Rosiello as associate producer. Nikki Lauren provided the extraordinary vocal arrangements.

Von Adventure Records would like to thank all our friends who have helped to make this record happen.

"Nice rare 80's Hi-NRG version of the Mary Hopkin 60's classic!"

Monday, 26 September 2011

OLIVIA NEWT0N-J0HN "Best Of My Love" (Parralox's Dance Remixes) 2010 Hi-NRG Electo Disco [unreleased promo mixes] RARE! HOT Hi-NRG REMIXES!

Hi-NRG Electo Disco
[unreleased promo mixes]
Unreleased Olivia Newton John song.
Remixed by John von Ahlen (Parralox / The Tenth Stage)

Written by Olivia Newton-John and Brett Goldsmith (The Chantoozies, also ONJ's nephew)
Recorded at Subterrane Recording Studio

"Loving These Rare Unreleased Remixes!"

Sunday, 25 September 2011

KELLY MARIE "Make Love To Me" (12'' Maxi) 1978 Disco Rock Dance 70's "Out-Of-Print" RARE!

disco dance classics 70's
01. Kelly Marie - Make Love To Me (12'' Extended Mix) (6.19)  1978
02. Kelly Marie - Make Love To Me (7'' Mix) (4.20)  1978
03. Kelly Marie - Sentimental Kisses (7'' Mix) [B-Side] (3.07)  1978
Kelly Marie (born Jacqueline McKinnon, 16 October 1957, Paisley, Renfrewshire is a Scottish disco singer.

In 1978 "Make Love to Me" gave Marie her most significant success (to that point) in the English-speaking world, reaching #2 in South Africa and #5 in Australia: the track spent forty-one weeks in the Australian Top 40 and was ranked as the #12 hit of the year.

"Make Love to Me" might also have returned Kelly Marie to the U.S. club charts where "Run to Me" had reached #27, had Helen Reddy not covered the track for the U.S. market.
"Always loved this track!" 
"Thoughtful lyrics, Powerful vocals with a
"Groovy 70's Disco Rock" music production!"
Scores:  10/10!

Saturday, 24 September 2011

NATALIE COLE "Pink Cadillac" (12'' Maxi Dance Mixes) 1988 hi-nrg disco house dance classic 80's "Out-Of-Print" RARE!

hi-nrg disco house dance classic 80's
01 - Pink Cadillac (Club Vocal) (7.35)  1988
02 - Pink Cadillac (Bass It Dub) (6.42)  1988
03 - Pink Cadillac (Radio Edit) (4.09)  1988
04 - I Wanna Be That Woman (12'' Version) (5.14)  1988
05 - Pink Cadillac (Hot Tracks Remix) [Bonus] (7.48)  1988

In the mid-1980s Natalie Cole recorded "Pink Cadillac" at the suggestion of producer Dennis Lambert; Cole recalls: "I thought to myself, 'I'm too old to be doing this kind of stuff'" "but then I'd never worked with anyone quite like Dennis before. He was very passionate about his work [and] his enthusiasm gave me the confidence that I could pull [the song] off." The track was intended for an album release on the Modern label; that project was canceled and Cole's "Pink Cadillac" and another Lambert production: "I Live For Your Love", were picked up by EMI-Manhattan Records to appear on Cole's 1987 album Everlasting.

 "Pink Cadillac" was released as that album's third single in March 1988, returning Cole to the Top Ten for the first time since 1978 in April 1988 to ascend to a #5 peak - matching Cole's previous Pop chart best with "I've Got Love on My Mind" - that May.

Cole's "Pink Cadillac" also reached #9 R&B, #16 A/C and - via a remix by David Cole and Robert Clivilles - #1 on Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart.

According to Cole, "word got back" to her that Bruce Springsteen "thought it was very cool that a woman could [sing "Pink Cadillac"] and it would come out so great".

Saturday, 17 September 2011

BRONSKI BEAT "Rainbow Nation (Album) 1995 Euro Disco Eurobeat Hi-NRG Mixes CD "OUT-OF-PRINT" RARE! "Hard-To-Find" Album

zyx records / RPM dance (south africa)
Bronski Beat - "Rainbow Nation" 1995.
After a groundbreaking, truly revolutionary debut album, 1984's THE AGE OF CONSENT, Scotland's Bronski Beat went through a period of turmoil occasioned by the abrupt departure of singer Jimmy Somerville, who formed the even more explicitly political Communards. Replacing Somerville with the much less distinctive singer John Jon, Bronski Beat released a few more albums in a less confrontational Hi-NRG dance style.

After several years of inactivity, Bronski Beat returned rather unexpectedly with 1995's RAINBOW NATION, a thumping dance album with skittering sequencers, booming bass, and all the classic characteristics of Giorgio Moroder-influenced Eurodisco. They even cover the disco-diva classic "I Love the Nightlife" in an unabashed celebration of their dance floor roots. Somewhat more surprisingly, the trio also cover themselves, recasting THE AGE OF CONSENT's "Why" into a dance floor prayer, as well as a new euro dance version of
"Hit That Perfect Beat"
Personnel: Jonathan Hellyer (vocals); F. Serra (acoustic guitar, electric guitar, programming, background vocals); Steve Bronski (acoustic guitar, keyboards, programming, background vocals); Stefano Menato (saxophone); Ian Donaldson (keyboards, programming).

Friday, 16 September 2011

DEN HARROW "Best Of (Greatest Hits)" CD 1990 Italo Disco Eurobeat 80's

Italo Disco Eurobeat 80's
Den Harrow is an Italian new wave project which was especially popular in the '80s. Stefano Zandri (born on June 4, 1962 in Nova Milanese, Italy) a fashion model from Milan, Italy was chosen to be the frontman of Den Harrow.

After years of fame and popularity, it was revealed both by the frontman of Den Harrow Stefano Zandri and the producers that Stefano Zandri did not actually sing his own songs; he was essentially a character who lip-synched to vocals produced by a number of other Italo singers. And since they did not consider Zandri's name and origin to be trendy enough, the producers R. Turatti and M. Chieregato concealed Zandri's true Italian origins by inventing a fictitious English based last name Manuel Stefano Carry as well as U.S. based birth place Boston, Massachusetts, U.S. to be able for Polydor Records to market him more easily in English speaking world where Italian produced music was, at the time, viewed with skepticism.[1]
Most of the songs for Den Harrow project were sung by an American vocalist Tom Hooker (aka Thomas Barbey, who was residing in Italy during the Italo-Disco era), including Europe-wide hit singles "Don't Break My Heart", "Bad Boy", "Catch the Fox", and "Future Brain". Another vocalist, Anthony James from England, was contracted to sing the lead vocals on the Lies album released in 1988, who also provided the lead vocals on songs like "Holiday Night", "My Time", "You have a way". During an interview, Tom Hooker explains why it was decided to be done this way:
There was a small problem, however. He couldn't sing. So the solution was to never let him sing, or to put his voice so low in the mix that it was non existent. He started as an image. He would work on his costumes and clothes and someone else would sing on the records. The truth is, vision is a more developed sense in humans than hearing. People tend to buy and listen what they like to see.
Also according to Tom Hooker, in the very beginning Chuck Rolando's voice was used in the singles "To Meet Me" and "A Taste of Love". Later on, Silver Pozzoli was chosen to do the single "Mad Desire"; however, Hooker also provided the vocals for the album releases of "Mad Desire". Even though, Tom Hooker continued co-writing tracks for Den Harrow project, producers felt to bring in another vocalist into the studio with a much higher voice than that of Hooker's for the 1988 album called Lies. According to Tom Hooker; however, Stefano Zandri has sung on his 1991 single Ocean.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

MAN To MAN feat Paul Zone "Man To Man" (Hits Album) Hi-Nrg Eurobeat 1988 zyx records 80's "OUT-OF-PRINT" CD RARE!

Hi-Nrg Eurobeat zyx records 80's
Man 2 Man (also known as Man to Man) were an American Hi-NRG band from New York City, that formed in the early 1980s. They were best known for their hit singles "Male Stripper", "Energy is Eurobeat" and "I Need A Man".

Under this name the band scored their biggest hit, "Male Stripper", teaming up with cult electro producer Man Parrish. Originally released in the United Kingdom in 1986 on the Bolts Records label, "Male Stripper" was a big club hit throughout the autumn and peaked at #64 on the UK Singles Chart.[1] In early 1987, "Male Stripper" charted again in the UK, and this time the song became an even bigger hit, spending five weeks in the Top 10 and two weeks at #4.[2] This success was barely seen by group member Miki Zone, who had died of spinal meningitis caused by AIDS on December 31, 1986.
Due to the death of Miki, Paul Zone decided to rename the act Man to Man and recorded a follow-up single. The record was a cover version of the Grace Jones hit "I Need A Man", which charted at #43 on the UK chart.[3] Paul Zone continued recording under this name into the 1990s, working with producers such as Jacques Morali.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Madonna's GAGA Nightmare PART's 1 / 2 / 3 (Featuring: Cher, Sue Sylvester, Barbra Streisand & Liza Minnelli) DISCO DIVAS!!!

LADY GAGA's rise to fame is tormenting MADONNA
....she wants her "Gays" back! 
Part 2
Gaga's dominance of pop culture and her hold on "the Gays" continues to upset Madonna. No Diva's were injured in the making of this video.

Part 3
Madonna is looking for some one to duet with while Gaga continues to be a thorn in her side..

Thursday, 8 September 2011

BAD BOYS BLUE "You're A Woman" (12'' Maxi Single) 1985 eurobeat 80's disco synth pop

eurobeat 80's disco
01. Bad Boys Blue - You're A Woman (12'' Long Version) (5.21)  1985
02. Bad Boys Blue - You're A Woman (Instrumental Mix) (4.41)  1985
Bad Boys Blue are a multinational pop group that was formed in Cologne, Germany. The group performed many international hits including You're a Woman, Pretty Young Girl, I Wanna Hear Your Heartbeat and Come Back and Stay.

Bad Boys Blue was formed in the summer of 1984 by German producer Tony Hendrik and his lyricist wife Karin van Haaren. The original trio was composed of British Trevor "Supa T" Taylor born in Birmingham, England; the original lead vocalist, British John McInerney; the lead singer since 1987, and American Andrew Thomas. The debut single L.O.V.E. In My Car failed to make an impression in the pop charts but the follow-up You're A Woman was a major success, reaching the top 10 in many European countries.

The group became massively popular in Eastern Europe and South Africa, with the band performing to sell-out crowds in Russia and the Ukraine