Sunday, 28 August 2011

DONNA SUMMER "Sunset People" (12'' Maxi) 1979 Hi-NRG Disco 80's classic

Hi-NRG Disco 80's classic
1. Donna Summer - Sunset People (12'' Maxi) (6.29)  1979
2. Donna Summer - Our Love (12'' Maxi) (4.53)  1979
3. Donna Summer - Sunset People (Neon Sign Remix) (8.40)  1979

Friday, 26 August 2011

LATIN ELECTRICA "Latin Electrica" (Non-Stop Latin Hi-NRG Disco Mix) 1984 Summer Party 80's Kitsch! "Hard-To-Find" RARE!

 Summer Party 80's
The Special Latin Non Stop Disco Mix.
Tracklist ▼.
A1.1 Latin Electrica Theme
A1.2 La Bamba
A1.3 Besame Mucho
A1.4 Perfidia
A1.5 Guantanamera
A1.6 America
A1.7 Tequila
A1.8 Sucu Sucu
A.1.9 Quando Quando Quando
A1.10 Latin Electrica Theme
"This is a totally ridiculous (yet totally fabulous)
'feel good' party mix!"
"It's Kitsch! It's Camp! It's Crap!
It's an 80's English Summer Holiday Classic!"
SCORES 10/10!
(purely as the megamix contains x10 tracks)


Monday, 22 August 2011

BART Bay Area Retrograde (volume 1) 80's Underground SF Hi-NRG Electro New Wave Synth-Pop VERY RARE TRACKS!

mixed rare tracks compilation
80's underground SF Hi-NRG Electro
1. Nominal State – Middle Class
2. Batang Frisco – Power
3. Necropolis of Love – Talk
4. Wasp Women – Kill Me
5. Distant Thunder – Tin Soldiers
6. Voice Farm – Voyeur
7. Danny Boy and the Serious Party Gods – Castro Boy
8. Quiet Room – Yangtzee River
9. Los Microwaves – Silent Screamers
10. Standard Of Living – N.F.A.
11. Units – Mission

Sunday, 21 August 2011

THE BEST OF ITALO DISCO "Unreleased Tracks" (2CD) (Various Artists) 80's Eurobeat Dance Hi-Nrg Electro RARE TRACKS!

Eurobeat Dance Hi-Nrg Electro RARE TRACKS!

Disc: 1

1. Forever Mine [Versione Mix] - Claudio Mingardi
2. Valentino Mon Amour [Vox Mix] - Alan Ross
3. Dr. Faustus [Razzmatazz Version] - Cyber People
4. My Little Japanese Boy - Baby's Gang
5. Summer Time [Extended Version] - Argentina
6. Tonight My Love Is Alive [Dance Mix] - Shade,
7. Let Me Fall in Love [Extended Version] - Robert Camero
8. Cherry Cherry [Vocal Mix] - Tony Turn
9. Wheel of Love [Extended Version] - Laurie
10. Keep Me Satisfied [Extended Version] - Swan

Disc: 2
1. Lot to Learn - Lee Marrow
2. Heartbeat [Extended Version] - Robert Camero
3. Automatic Piano [Extended Version] - Hypnosis
4. Infatuation [Vocal Mix] - Miss Sage
5. A-Tomico - DJ Herbie, DJ Kerbie
6. La Folie - Seydina
7. I Love You [Extended Version] - Helen
8. Ciao [Vocal Version] - Alan Ross
9. Oe-Ohh [Vocal Mix] - Superbowl
10. Sun Goes Down on Milky Way [Mix Motato] - Gazebo

Saturday, 20 August 2011

PARRALOX "Freakopolis" (2011) electro italo disco hi-nrg dance NEW PROMO MIX

Parralox is a NEW electro duo with John Von Ahlen (music and production) and Amii on vocals

Based in Melbourne Australia Parralox was formed in February 2008 from a mutual love of all man-made sci-fi and surreal

"Loving this!"
scores 10/10!


Friday, 19 August 2011

MAXI HIT SENSATION (Various Artists) (New Maxi Hits In Supersound) PWL 1988 Hi-NRG Eurobeat 80's

 1988 Hi-NRG Eurobeat 80's
01. Taylor Dayne - Tell It To My Heart (House Of Hearts Mix) (8.57)
02. Bomb The Bass - Beat Dis (The Gangster Boogie Inc. Remix) (5.49)
03. Kylie Minogue - I Should Be So Lucky (12'' Mix) (6.05)
04. Billy Ocean - Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car (Extended Version) (8.58)
05. O.k. - Okay! (Mixed Media Edit) (5.42)
06. Blue System - My Bed Is Too Big (No Longer Too Big Bed Mix) (5.25)
07. The Sweet  - It's It's The Sweet Mix (7.38)
08. Den Harrow - Born To Love (Disco Version) (5.32)
09. Erasure - Ship Of Fools (Shiver Me Timbers Mix) (7.50)
10. Rick Astley - Together Forever (Lover's Leap Extended Remix) (7.02)
11. Mel & Kim - That's The Way It Is (Maxi Single Mix) (6.46)

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

MAXI DISCO NIGHT (Various Artists) Original Maxi Versions PWL 80's Eurobeat Hi-NRG Dance 1987 "Out-Of-Print" RARE CD!

(Various Artists) PWL 80's Eurobeat Hi-NRG Dance 1987
1 Erasure - Sometimes (12" Mix) 5:26
2 Mel & Kim - Showing Out (Get Fresh At The Weekend) (12" Mix) 7:15
(Mixed By - Phil Harding) Producer - Stock, Aitken & Waterman
 3 Stacey Q - Two Of Hearts (Dance Mix) 6:05
4 Off - Electrica Salsa (Baba Baba) (12" Mix) 5:48
   5 16 Bit - Where Are You? (Remix) 7:33
   6 Den Harrow - Catch The Fox (Caccia Alla Volpe) 6:05
   7 C.C. Catch - Heaven And Hell (12" Version) 5:11
   8 Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Warriors Of The Wasteland (Turn Of The Knife Mix) 8:13
9 Steve "Silk" Hurley - Jack Your Body (Club Your Body) 6:31
10 M.C. Miker "G" & Deejay Sven* - Celebration Rap (Extended Version) 6:30
11 Kim Wilde - You Keep Me Hangin' On (W.C.H. Mix) 9:02

Sunday, 14 August 2011

GRANT MILLER "Red For Love" (Remix) 1985 [Fancy] italo disco 80's "hard-to-find remix" OUT OF PRINT RARE! Hi-NRG Eurobeat

"hard-to-find remix"
GRANT MILLER, the successful American 80's Italo Disco Artist, based in Germany and championed by EuroDisco legendary artist and music producer, FANCY!
Grant Miller: "I'll never forget the night I was at a dinner party where non-other than "Divine" himself was there! We started talking and spent hours getting to know each other. He immediately invited me to come to the music studio the next day, where he was working on a new catchy dance production with a producer I had never heard of in the U.S....someone called FANCY!?! Divine introduced me to Fancy and arranged for me to audition for him the next day. Fancy (or Tess) gave me a cassette of a song called "Colder Than Ice" and he told me to learn it by the next day! I was terrified and excited at the same time. So, the next day I met him in his long white Mercedes limousine. He popped the tape into the stereo and said, "Okay Sing". I guess he liked what he heard because that song became my first hit single, a cover version of one of Fancy's songs. Tess arranged an elaborate photo session for the cover and within 10 DAYS of that meeting at the restaurant, my first record was stacked in the windows of every record store in Germany. It was the autumn of 1985, and the soring beat of "Colder Than Ice" and "Red For Love" was pounding through the discos of Europe“.
SCORES 10/10!

VA - Presence Of The Past Vol.2 (Various Artists) 80's New Italo Disco

Friday, 12 August 2011

DESIRELESS "Voyage Voyage" (PWL Britmix) (12'' Maxi) 1988 [stock aitken waterman] 80's

01. Desireless - Voyage Voyage (Britmix) PWL [Stock AItken Waterman] (7.06)  1988
02. Desireless - Voyage Voyage (12'' Extended) (6.48)  1987
03-Desireless - Destin Fragile (Instrumental) (4.13)  1986
Desireless (French pronunciation: [deziʁˈlɛs] (born Claudie Fritsch-Mentrop, 25 December 1952, Paris, France) is a French singer. Between 1986 and 1988, her hit single "Voyage Voyage" made it to number one in many European and Asian single charts and sold over five million copies.

"Fabulous Euro Disco 80's Pop Classic!" 
Scores 10/10!


Tuesday, 9 August 2011

PAUL LEKAKIS "Fruit Machine" (Original PWL Mixes) 1988 [stock aitken & waterman] 80's Hi-Nrg Eurobeat Disco

80's Hi-Nrg Disco
01-Fruit Machine (Single version) (3.24)  1988
02-Fruit Machine (12'' Master version) (6.31)  1988
Paul Lekakis (born 1966) is a Greek-American actor, model, filmmaker and club music / Hi-NRG singer, who was discovered for his musical and dancing skills at a nightclub while on assignment as a model in Italy.

His debut single, "Boom Boom (Let's Go Back to My Room)" was released in 1987.
The hit version was produced by the Italo-disco producers Miki Chieregato, Tom Hooker and Roberto Turatti, with additional production by Ric Wake. The song was originally released on ZYX Records and peaked at #43 on the Billboard Hot 100, #60 on the UK Singles Chart, #2 in Canada and #1 on the Pop charts in Australia and Japan.
This single received attention for its explicit lyrics (Boom boom boom / Let's go back to my room / Where we can do it all night / And you can make me feel right) and is Lekakis' best-known song. This led to a recording contract with Sire Records, who released his debut album Tattoo It in 1990. The album included the Top 20 Hot Dance Club Play hit, "My House."

Lekakis sang the title track to the British film The Fruit Machine, which was released in 1988. In the US, the film was re-named Wonderland. This song was produced by Stock Aitken Waterman.

Lekakis has since had significant success in the dance music genre with the club hits "Let It Out," "Assume the Position," and "(I Need A) Vacation."

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Beat Box Master Tracks Vol. 4 (1989) (non-stop italo disco mix) various artists 80's

various artists 80's
Radiorama "ABCD" / Hot Cold "Don't Talk About It" / Albert One "Everybody" / Vanessa "Crazy For You" / Joe Yellow "Easy Lovers" / M & H Band "Pop Corn" / Aleph "Black Out" / Boytronic "I Will Survive" / Cyber People "Digital Signal Processor" / Koto "Dragon's Legend" / Eddy Huntington "May Day" / Fred Ventura "Heartbeat" / Real Man "Follow Me" / Amanda Scott "Lies"

Friday, 5 August 2011

Beat Box Master Tracks Vol. 3 (1988) (non-stop italo disco mix) various artists 80's

various artists 80's
M.C. Miker "G" & DJ Sven "Don't Let The Music Stop" / Scotch "Pictures" / Preset "Monkey Chop" / Celeste "Hey Boy" / Ken Laszlo "" / B. Blase "Bandolero" / Off "Electrica Salsa" / Lee Prentiss "You Plus Me" / First Patrol "The Streets Of Miami Vice Rap" / Den Harrow "Don't Break My Heart" / Eddy Huntington "Up & Down" / Linda Jo Rizzo "Heartflash" / Miko Mission "Toc Toc Toc" / Sadie Nine "Let's Work It Out" / Fun Fun "Gimme Some Loving" / P4F "Notorious Medley With Le Freak"

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Beat Box Master Tracks Vol. 2 (1987) (non-stop italo disco mix) various artists 80's

M.C. Miker "G" & DJ Sven "Holiday Rap" / Koto "Jabdah" / J.D. Jaber "Don"t Walk Me Up" / G.G. Near "Living In A Room" / Brian Ice "Tokyo" / Ken Laszlo "Don't Cry" / Jock Hattle "To Be Or Not To Be" / Alisha "Stargazing" / Lucia "La Isla Bonita" / R. Bais "Take Me Love" / Radiorama "Vampires" / My Mine "Can Delight" / Jean Rich "I Don't Know What Comes Over Me" / Beverly Hilz "On A Night Like Tonite"

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Beat Box Master Tracks Vol. 1 (1986) (non-stop italo disco mix) various artists 80's

Scotch "Mirage" / R. Bais "Dial My Number" / Cyber People "Doctor Faustu's" / L.I.F.E. "All Played Out" / Eastbound Expressway "You're A Beat" / Ken Laszlo "Tonight" / Alisha "Baby Talk" / Silver Pozzoli "From You To Me" / Swan "Don't Talk About It" / Skipworth & Turner "Can't Give Her Up" / Mystral "Pushing Back The Hands Of Time" / Endurance "You Are The Number One" / Exception "Slap You Back" / Martinelli "Revolution"

STACEY Q "We Connect" (12'' Maxi) 1986 Hi-NRG Eurobeat Disco Electro 80's

Hi-NRG Eurobeat Disco Electro 80's
01 - We Connect [European Mix] (7.30)  1986
02 - We Connect [Dance Radio Edit] (5.05)  1986
03 - We Connect [Instrumental & Safari Mix] (5.25)  1986
Stacey Q (born Stacey Lynn Swain) is a pop singer, dancer and actress.
She is best known for her 1985 hit single "Two of Hearts" and 1986 follow up "We Connect"

STACEY Q's most successful period as a recording artist began in 1986. "Two of Hearts", the first single off Better Than Heaven, became a best-selling effort, reaching #3 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.
"Two of Hearts" could have hit the #1 spot, but Swain was signed to Atlantic and On the Spot Records at the same time, and both labels released and promoted the single simultaneously, therefore competing with one another. The follow-up single, "We Connect", was released in 1986 and became a Top 40 hit.

"Another fabulous Hi-NRG 80's classic!"
Scores 10/10!


Monday, 1 August 2011

ICEHOUSE "Crazy" (12'' Mixes - Original & Ltd Edition Manic Mixes) (12'' Maxis) 1987 "Out-Of-Print" RARE! "Hard-To-Find" Classic 80's

"Out-Of-Print" RARE!  "Hard-To-Find" Classic

1. Crazy (12 Inch Mix) (7.18)  1987
2. Crazy (Mad Mix) (6.20)  1987
3. Crazy (Album Mix) (3.24)  1987
4. Crazy (Midnight Mix) (4.46)  1987
5. Crazy (Manic Mix) (7.20)  1987

6. Completely Gone (B-Side) (4.41)  1987
"Icehouse is an Australian rock band, formed as Flowers in 1977 in Sydney. Initially known in Australia for their pub rock style, they later achieved mainstream success playing new wave and synthpop style music and attained Top Ten singles chart success in both Europe and the U.S.
The mainstay of both Flowers and Icehouse has been lead vocalist
"'Crazy' is a totally beautiful and amazing 1987 track by Icehouse.
Here for the very first time are all the very rare "hard-to-find" remixes!
This track is dedicated to YOU!
(the 'crazy' readers of the Retro Disco Hi-NRG blog)"

Retro! x