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High Energy Double Dance - Volume.4 (2LP Set) 1985 80 Minutes Non-Stop mix

High Energy Double Dance
80 Minutes Non-Stop mix
In case you wanted to know where it started, this is it.

Modern Talking make a double appearance "You're My Heart You're My Soul" AND "You Can Win If You Want" .
HE4 was oddly titled "Let Your Feet Do The Talking" , but everyone knew what it was.

DJ Gary"Zipps" (the mixer) nowhere to be found on this one - probably about to defect to Eurobeat here! Same combination of good stuff and odd funk (Barbera Pennington, DC Allstars). Still some good numbers - Fancy make a double appearance again. Divine's Walk Like A Man is also on!

The South African (Cafe Society) version of Woodpecker From Space is on too (the original Video Kids one was never released in SA). Still I grew up on it and it was a big hit - does sound quite different from the original so its not like its a rip-off. Paul Harcastle's 19 is in there which was a big track at the time.

Volume 4 was credited as being "An LA City Jay Mix" - mixed by a black American DJ from Los Angeles called "Jayjay" actually - he was the resident DJ at a Jo'burg club called Q's at the time. Jayjay had just won SA's first ever "Battle of The DJ's" competition that year, but he went back to the States after that. Don't know who did the cover but it looks like Lee Selsicks work (see next volume). Not a bad one, but the best is still to come ...

A big thank you to High-Energy Double Dance DJ legend Andrew Wood for confirming that is was American DJ "Jayjay" (not SA Radio DJ "Alex J") who mixed Volume 4 :)

Side One
You're My Heart You're My Soul - Modern Talking

Tekno Talk - Tekno Talk
Lady O - Fancy
The Easy Way Out - Miquel Brown
Surrender - Axodry

Side Two
Kalimba De Luna - Tony Esposito

Take Me - Penny Lane
You Can Win If You Want - Modern Talking
Woodpecker From Space - Cafe Society
Send Her A Dream - Kirk Novac

Side Three
On A Crowded Street - Barbera Pennington
Bustin' Loose - D.C. Allstars
Shining Star - Precinct
Lucky Guy - Ryan Simmons
19 - Paul Hardcastle

Side Four
I'm On The Loose - Cafe Society
I'm In Shock - Fancy
Shout It Out - Astaire
Monovision - Howard Grace
Walk Like A Man - Divine

Label: Principal Records
Catalog#: HEDD 4
Format: x2 LP Set, Compilation, Mixed
Country: South Africa
Released: 1985
Genre: Electronic
Style: Italo-Disco, Hi NRG, Euro House, Disco
Credits: DJ Mix - LA City Jay* Engineer - Ian Osrin Executive Producer - Peter Cooke , Robin Mann
An LA City Jay Mix; recorded at RPM Studios. Licensed to and marketed by Record Distributors. LP & Cassette manufactured by Trutone Industries. Total running time approximately 82 minutes



  1. What completely horrendous cover artwork!
    Thanks for the link though. Been after some of these tracks for years. :)
    Great posts!

  2. I live this cover art. very mid 80's! reminds me of FANCY's album album artwork

  3. Are you absolutely sure this was NOT mixed by Alex Jay? Any idea who this other "Jayjay" character is?

  4. Just to clarify - The first Battle of the DJ's final was held at Q's Supper club in 1984 and the winner of this was Rory O'Donovan. Both Rory and Jay Jay (otherwise known as LA City Jay. Proper name Jay St James)were full time DJ's employed by Ricky and Nigel,owners of Q's

  5. I'd also Like to add that Jay Jay Won The Battle of The Dj's at Limelight in Pretoria in 1987 & was Resident Dj at Jacqueline's in Pretoria 86/87 before he went back to the States, He originally came to SA in 82' as a Dancer at Sun City Extravaganza & ended up in JoBurg, Dj'd at Raffles & then became a resident jock at Q's Supper Club around 83 to 85 with Rory O'Donovan & Mauritzio Bazaan.
    He'll be back in SA on the 4th of March 2011 at The Jacqueline's Reuion in Centurion at Recess (012)663-7862 or

  6. jayjay wasn't really a proper 80's dj..if you listen to this,how its mixed...not particularly good!!!

  7. there were manny better dj's in the 80's that could of mixed all these 100 times better...San..Paul almeida..Chris Dalamakis..Mario viegas...Dean Anthony...and the list goes on and on...they were brilliant high energy series...but could of been mixed better...100 times better..i have tapes from Q's supper club and the Thunderdome...and those tapes all live on the night..and are mixed 100 times better than all the eurobeats and high energy...but still all great series....just my opinion!!!

  8. St James also mixed the 2 original Monster Hits records mid 80's which was done in a very professional manner as opposed to this disasterous album. Thank God for Andrew Woods who picked up the pieces on Vol 5. Renier

  9. The Engineer Ian Osrin was part of the group Pocket Lipps remember that song It's Amazing (Thats Incredible)

  10. How could i get copies of tapes from Q's and Top Club? would be so awesome to hear that again?

  11. Hi Renier, the first Monster Hits was Mixed by Rory O'Donovan who Won the First Technics Battle of the Dj's in 1984 at Q's Supper Club in Jhb! Second very likely could've been Jay St James!

  12. Can anyone tell me if you can buy any of these on Vinyl - I live in the UK now but am keen to try and get hold of them-Thanks Mark


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