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High Energy Double Dance - Volume.7 1987 80 Minutes Non-Stop mix (2LP Set)

High Energy Double Dance
80 Minutes Non-Stop mix (2LP Set) 1987

If there is one album to be classified as the best High-Energy ever this has to be it.
I remember this came out 1987 when I started standard 7 (Grade 9). This was really when I first got exposed to dance music. The DJ's sneaked in "Male Stripper" when they could (they were from a local club called "Champagne Bowl") - surf shops, cars and portable radios pumped this during the day , the drummies marched to it at functions and it was alive in clubs through the night.

The tracklisting speaks for itself, floor killers by Latin Lover, The Nasty Boys, Fred Ventura (debut??) Modern Talking, Michael Bedford, Patty Ryan, Rudy & Co, Koto , Chikeria, Ken Laszlo, Aleph (Fire On The Moon - Brilliant!!!) and Paul Lekakis.
A triple dose from Man 2 Man: Energy Is Eurobeat (so hot they had to include another remix!), Sex Symbol, Mexico with a little bit of Male Stripper mixed in (probably just to piss our teachers off - snigger).

Another good mix by Andrew Wood. Stunning cover by Lee Selsick - this "High - Energy Dude" was plastered all over the place and became a symbol for the newly evolved genre. As dance compilations go no other one sticks with me like this one does, for many reasons. High-Energy Volume 7 was being played everywhere in 1987!

Side One
Energy Is Eurobeat
- Man 2 Man
Radioactivity - Laser Cowboys
Laser Light - Latin Lover
I Was Made For Loving You - The Nasty Boys
Winds Of Change - Fred Ventura

Side Two
Atlantis Is Calling (SOS For Love)
- Modern Talking
More Than A Kiss - Michael Bedford
What My Heart Wanna Say - Roger Meno
Stay With Me Tonight - Patty Ryan
Doctor For My Heart - Grant Miller

Side Three
Play The Game
- Rudy & Co
Jabdah - Koto
La Freak - Chikeria
Don't Cry - Ken Laszlo
Fire On The Moon - Aleph

Side Four
Boom Boom Boom (Let's Go Back To My Room) - Paul Lekakis
Male Stripper - Man 2 Man
Sex Symbol - Man 2 Man
Male Stripper - Man 2 Man
Energy Is Eurobeat - Man 2 Man
Mexico - Man 2 Man
Mixed By: Andrew Wood
Engineered: Someone at EMI studios
Cover: Lee Selsick
Release: 1987

Label: Principal Records
Catalog#:HEDD 7
Format: 2 x Vinyl, LP, Mixed
Country: South Africa
Released: 1987
Genre: Electronic
Style: Italo-Disco, Hi NRG
Artwork By - Lee Selsick
DJ Mix - Andrew Wood



  1. This is my absolute favourite LP from my high school days! Brought back some fantastic and great memories for me, thanks so much for sharing the special collection and hard to find music! BaldBearCub

  2. Check out my 15 minute megamixes of all the High Energy Double Dance compilations for a quick update of all the tracks! I will be adding them all on my Soundcloud page soon, Check it out Volume 7 here
    DJ Radcliff

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