Saturday, 6 February 2016

Three Thirty (330) [Independance] version Two [non-stop club mix] 1998 hard house Point Road, Durban, South Africa [Sam Boylan Mix] 90s



1 –Grant Phabao - Tub 3:53
2 –Alan Thompson - Howdy Doody 6:13
3 –Revcon FX - Funky Beats (Untidy Disco Dub) 5:27
4 –Wishbone -50 Grooves 05:07
5 –2 Boys - I Wont Let You Down (Mac Zimms Mix) 04:50
6 –Cevin Fisher VS Loleatta Holloway - (You Got Me) Burning Up 05:20
7 –Rhythm Inc.- Dont Mess With Me 05:13
8 –Brain Bashers - Hey Hey Yeah 05:30
9 –Pete Wardman - Tragically Glamorous 06:35
10 –RR Fierce VS Max & Amino - Keep On 07:04
11 –OD404 - Block Party 06:29
12 –The Project - Shout it Out (F1 Mix) 04:52
13 –Pants & Corset - Who Killed Kenny 06:33

330 aka "Three Thirty" was an infamous South African nightclub, based in Point Road (in the heart of the red light dock district) in Durban, South Africa. The club opened in 1988 and quickly became popular with the 'alternative', gay, artistic community and creative / open minded clubbing crowd.

330 was the premier club in Africa to host International Superstar DJ's like (Carl Cox, Tony de Vit, Dino, Faadil, G-Force, Ian M, Madam Fiction, Malcolm Duffy, Mrs Wood, Nicky-Life, Pete Bones, Pete Wardman, Queen Maxine, Sharp Boys, Sonique, Stuart H, Tasty Tim, Tony Smith, Vicki Edwards etc)

"A million RETRO NRG thanks for WERNER for making this post possible" 

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