Monday, 8 February 2016

CRASH - The Annual - Non-Stop Mix by Mimi Kesaris (Various Artists) 1998 [durban south africa] 90s "RARE" Out Of Print


Popular late 90s Dance Club based at the Durban Station
Mixed by DJ MIMI
Mimi Kesaris, is a South African DJ, with an extensive DJ career spanning 30 years, especially well known during the 90s as club owner & resident DJ at CRASH Durban.
Mini mixed and released the official 'CRASH - THE ANNUAL CD' via Sony / Get Up Records in 1998.
1 –Streetlife - Just Call (Mark's Slam 'N Jam Dub)
2 –Atlantrax - Another Dimension (Da Techno Bohemian North Sea Speed Dub)
3 –Suburban State - Burning Up (DJ Pooch Remix)
4 –Spacebase - What Am I Gonna Do (D'nD Venus Vocal)
5 –DJ Disco - Dirty Disco Dubs
6 –NBG - Forerunner (Future Breeze Remix)
7 –Hyperlogic - Only Me
8 –R.O.O.S. - Instant Moments (Marino's.Happy Remix)
9 –La Plasair - Nitro (Original UFO Version)
10 –Groovezone - Eisbaer (Trance Mix)
11 –Airwalk - Energy (Airwalkin Remix)
12 –Silvio Ecomo - Uprising (2 Play Club Mix)
13 –BBE - Deeper Love (Symphonic Paradise Mix)
14 –DP99 - Freestyle Clubbing (Chamber 99 Mix)
15 –Whachamahcalit - The Chocolate Track (Original Mix)



  1. Hello there Mimi,
    I would like to know if there is anyway of buying this album? I had the album years ago and lost it but would love to have the music again to play in my car.

  2. I still have this on CD if anyone would like it. Let me know where to upload.


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