Saturday, 13 February 2016

Future Dance Classix Program 5 (1992) non-stop dance trax CD Set Electro Hi-NRG Eurobeat Italo New Beat House Rap 90s "Out-Of-Print" VERY RARE!

"This is the 5th volume of FUTURE DANCE CLASSIX - the mega-rare dance compilation series of x6 albums, released by independant Johannesburg label
"THE WORKS RECORDS" (South Africa) in the early 90s"

1 Jamtronik - Stand By Me (Dance Mix)
2 M.C. Sar - Let's Talk About Love (Definition Mix)
3 Okay Featuring Valerie Vannobel - Une Grande Affaire (Dance Mix)
4 Federal Base - Anybody Out There (Main Mix)
5 Bass Bumpers - The Music's Got Me (Charismatic Mix)
6 Another Class - Please Don't Go (Underground Mix)
7 Rhonda And Physical Motion - It's My Party (Club Beat Mix)
8 Babyroots - Rock Me Baby (X-tended Mix)
9 Cosmo Crew - Show No Shame (L.A. Mix)
10 E.Mello - Situation (Ultimate Club Mix)
11 Deejays United - Dance Computer Seven (Techno Edition)
12 Misteria - Who Killed JFK (Energetic Mix)
13 Harajuku - Phantom Of The Opera (Techno House Mix)
14 Interactive - Dildo (Body Active Mix)
15 ABS - Without A Fight (21st Century Mix)
16 Chariff - I Love Your Smile (Happiness Mix)
Mega Thanks again to Christoff! for sharing this very rare CD with us!


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