Thursday, 11 February 2016

Future Dance Classix Program 1 (1990) non-stop dance trax 2LP Set Electro Hi-NRG Eurobeat Italo New Beat House Rap 90s "Out-Of-Print" VERY RARE!

Rap Attack One
1 –M.C. Sar & Real McCoy - Pump Up The Jam
2 –The Admirers - Come Into My Life
3 –Rap IV Rap - Keep On Movin'

Techno Groove Two
4 –Out Of The Ordinary - Play It Again
5 –Man 2 Man - Male Stripper
6 –Balzhouse - Balzhouse

Strange Mode Three

7 –Axodry - You 
8 –No Name - Fashion 
9 –Cetu Javu - Situation In Mind

New Age Four
10 –S-50 - Input 
11 –S-50 - Tutti Frutti
12 –3 Men G - Can't Get Off
"This is the first volume of FUTURE DANCE CLASSIX - the mega-rare dance compilation series of x6 albums, released by independant Johannesburg label
"THE WORKS RECORDS" (South Africa) in the early 90's"

Mega Thanks to Christoff! for sharing this very rare LP with us!
You are a star!


  1. I had all the vinyls from vol 1 to (can't remember) and loved it .... thank you so much! brought back good memories!
    Christoff & RETRO thanx!

  2. Anyone know where I can get these?

  3. hola, me gustaria que volvieses a resubir este link. me parece un recopilatorio genial. gracias de antemano.

  4. How can I get my hands on a copy or originals of all the Programs?

  5. I still have some of these records in my collection I need volumes 5 and 6 ...i grew up listening to this music and it was played in most nightclubs and it's so strange to me that alot of people my age doesn't know it at all.

  6. Was involved in choosing all the tracks on Vol 1+2 Geoff of G=G Producions

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  8. Good afternoon, the discs of the 1 to 5 Future Dance Classix are in off ...
    I wonder if it's possible to fix them?
    Thank you very much in advance.

  9. all Future Dance Classix links are dead!!!
    Please upload again


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