Sunday, 3 October 2010

Juluka - Fever (12'' Maxi) 1984 african disco hi-nrg 80's mega hit

JULUKA - "FEVER" (12 Inch Maxi) 1984


  1. An Absolute Classic! Thank you!!

  2. Hi Retro! Firstly, A huge thank you for bringing these S.A. 80's classics back to life. It sure brings back many fond memories of that time and when S.A. music had so much to offer.

    Any chance of you posting any of the following albums... e'Void's 2'nd album (Here comes the rot / Dance the Instinct / Fashion War); The Helicopters (In the flesh / Love Attacks); The Soft Shoes (Soled Out / Love By Numbers / Itchy Feet) and the 2'nd deleted? Ella Mental album (30 Million Lonely People)

    I think they deserve a chance to be heard once again and I think you are perhaps the only person who might still have them??

    Kind Thanks!

  3. What about some Petit Cheval or Pyscho Reptiles :)


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