Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Eddy Grant - Electric Avenue (12'' Maxi Single) 1982 electro disco 80's dance

FANTASTIC! 80's Classic! Did you know...."ELECTRIC AVENUE" is a market street in BRIXTON (South London), with a large Afro Carribean community... You wouldn't so much as "rock down to Electric Avenue" - more like "run like hell out of Electric Avenue" - it's a popular place for dealers to sell drugs 'out on the street'!


  1. GREAT MAXI¡¡-im search for ,till i cant take love no more,12"-6,43 min-,its the really hard to find 12" of eddy¡¡-GREETINGS FROM SOUTHAMERICA-URUGUAY¡¡-mrdisco-http://80s-maxis-mrnoche.blogspot.com/


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