Wednesday, 27 October 2010

DEAD OR ALIVE - Fan The Flame (Part 2) ('Love Pete' the acoustic session) 1992 bootleg album PETE BURNS "Hard-To-Find" Unreleased CD

An unofficial limited pressing DEAD OR ALIVE CD (only 500 made) from a cassette tape that was handed out during a personal appearance tour in 1992. The Album is a collection of standard classics that contain Pete Burns' vocals accompanied by a piano.
This CD (when available) sells for around $US 400.00.

So say thank you to RETRO DISCO Hi-NRG for saving you a small fortune, you tight bitches!
Seriously though, if you like this, then support PETE BURNS and buy his new 2010 SOLO single "NEVER MARRY AN ICON"
(available as a download from iTunes and Amazon).



  1. Thank you. I have the cassette tape but always wanted the cd.

  2. You're a legend! Album Artwork and everything!!

  3. Incredible. Cannot believe I found this. Thank you.
    And the "Never Merry an ICON" is outstanding. Wish there were mixes

  4. I can't believe I missed this. Is there any possiblity you could re-post it?
    Thanks, Steve

  5. Missed that one! Is it too late to ask for a repost please?

  6. Do you still have a link for this, Retro?


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