Friday, 29 October 2010

FANCY - "Chinese Eyes" & "Come Inside" (12'' Disco Maxis) 1984 italo disco Hi-NRG Eurobeat 80's

(12 Inch Disco Mixes) 1984
[European & US Versions]
1. Chinese Eyes (Original Extended Version) 1984 (5:48)
2. Burn With Impatience (Chinese Eyes Instrumental Mix) 1984 (4:58)
3. Come Inside (7 Inch Mix) (US Maxi A-Side) 1984 (4:59)
4. Come Inside (American Remix #1) (US Maxi B-Side 1984 (9:47)


  1. Hi Retro,

    Just curious as to why you have never featured any Dieter Bohlen and Luis Rodriguez productions?

    I see you are a huge fan of "Fancy" and "Peter Burns", which is great, but surprised you have never featured Mr. Bohlen's many talents...

  2. Hi, Modern Talking are amazing! and absolutely commercial/mainstream. This blog would be taken down if very commercial kind of product is posted.

    I prefer posting more rare & hard to find releases / 12'' from almost forgotten artists and almost forgotten hits! :) If it helps people remember them, and creates interest, that's positive.

    Retro Disco Hi-NRG

  3. Okay, you're right - I do see your point. But there is some obscure stuff under his pseudonyms, like Countdown G.T.O, Ryan Simmons and the rare Luis Rodriguez works.

    Keep up the fantastic blog!

  4. thanks for the maxi - this theme is gold
    of old memories ....


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