Friday, 15 October 2010

Bronski Beat - Hit That Perfect Beat (12'' Maxi) 1985 Hi-NRG Disco "BODY BEAT" theme

"Cum cum close to me, I want this to be, the perfect feeling all over me!"
I've got that feeling, that perfect feeling, all over me!"
If you lived in South Africa in the 80's, you would know this song VERY well!
It was the theme tune to a daily breakfast tv workout show called
BODY BEAT was basically a group of fit, attractive men & women in tight shorts, who would "Thrust! Push! and Stretch!" at the camera... :) :) :)
A very camp man by the name of Phil Joffe (at school they called him "Phil Moffie") [a slang term meaning "gay"] would give instructions to the fit models to "push it up, push it down and squeeze it, keep your body erect and push it up and down, and squeezzzzzzze IT!" The camera would zoom in subtly over the attractive models 'bits', allowing viewers to "perve!" :) To top it off, instructer Phil would discreatly 'lean' into' the models as they repeated "up and down" motions, which was a thrill for South African housewives!
This was South Africa in the 80's.....a VERY suppressed society. Porn was 'illegal' and BODY BEAT was as HOT as it GOT! :o
Just like the "Beat Boy" lyrics, i'm sure many teenage boys "Hit THAT perfect beat" whilst watching "BODY BEAT!" religiously every morning at 6am.... :)" (boys at school would talk about what sexy thing they had seen on BODY BEAT that morning subject!)


  1. Hi Retro
    Yet another gem ! Many thanks.
    It was really fascinating reading your comments about growing up gay in South Africa ... Australia was very different ! I can remember being really "overwhelmed" by a photo of the Dukes Of Hazzard in their incredibly tight jeans! (reminder to self : check that out on Google ! Ha Ha)
    Thanks again for the blog Retro !
    Melb Aust

  2. Hey Darren, thanks for the comment.
    In SOUTH AFRICA we had "BODY BEAT" - but in AUSTRALIA you had "FIRM BODY" :)

    To refresh your memories, check out this clip:

    Check out the clip, and watch and listen closely from 3:00 minutes into the clip :)))

    This is a good laugh! So "innocent" in the 80's.

    Enjoy Retro!

  3. Excellent! Love the Instant Mix- better than the standard 12" extended version...


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