Wednesday, 8 June 2011

ZLAD! "Elektronik Supersonik" Euro Italo Disco Retro Mega Hit 80's Eurobeat Eurotrash Synthpop! RARE! "Out-Of-Print" classic! :)

"Elektronik Supersonik" is a kitschy, over-the-top combination of Italo disco and Synthpop, described as “a melodic fusion combining hot disco rhythms with cold war rhetoric”. Zlad! is featured in a mullet, bushy mustache, and silver spacesuit and is supported by a female keytarist and background vocalist with pink hair. His lyrics are often in spoken word or badly sung, not to mention full of grammatical errors, reversed semantic units, and meta-references to thick Slavic accents. For example the song opens with: "Hey baby, wake up from your asleep. We have arrived onto the future and the whole world is become elektronik, supersonik." It also carries a heavy sexual undertone.
"Elektronik Supersonik" was claimed to have been Molvania's entry into the 2004 Eurovision Song Contest. However, Vladcik was arrested at Istanbul’s Ataturk International Airport and immediately deported for "recreational drug" usage. Upon his return, Vladcik apologised to everyone in Molvania for letting them down, especially his family, his friends and his dealer.

"Scores an 11 out of 10!"
(why give only 10 when you can give it an 11 !)  ;)
European Dance Megahit!  Fantastico! Top Of The Flops! Chart topper! Eurovision! 

1. Zladko "ZLAD!" Vladciks - Elektronik Supersonik (2006)
2. Zladko "ZLAD!" Vladciks - I Am the Anti-Pope (2007)


  1. This is so great. Will put smile on your face, for sure!
    Can't find Molvania on the map :D

  2. Moldavia not Molvania (It's A Neibour to Romania)


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