Wednesday, 29 June 2011

ROFO "The Album" (1988) Italo Disco Hi-Nrg 80's Eurobeat "Hard-To-Find" RARE!

"Rofo is an italo-disco project formed by Fonny de Wulf in the early eighties. Along with Ronny Verrept, they produced two songs, "Watch Out (Here They Come" and "Flashlight on a Disconight", the latter a big hit in 1983 when released all around Europe. But soon after, Ronny and the lead vocalist (only known as 'Peter') left the band. After their departure, de Wulf began searching for a new vocalist, and found John Sauli. In 1984, Rofo released another single, "You Got to Move it On", and "I Want You" the following year, to great success. In 1987, Rofo offered another single "Beach Love", but did not match the success of previous singles. Although this has not been proven, it has been speculated[by whom?] that Sauli left the band mid-way 1987. After he supposedly left the band, de Wulf composed an instrumental track "Rofo's Theme", which proved to be his most successful single. Not only a big hit around Europe, but its success allowed it to be released in other countries, including the U.K., the United States and Australia. An album was released in 1988, featuring four new songs and remixes of previous tracks. In 1990, a sequel single to "Rofo's Theme" was released, but proved to be Rofo's penultimate single."


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  1. Hi, I visit this blog every night to watch out for rare hits, so I'm hard of hearing, because of this, I can't never tell the names of hits I loved when I was young and listened to old tapes (these days r0x!) Till my surprise now I listened to Rofo video (to make sure if I knew the songs before downloading hits), and my g0d this one was my favourite and it was hard to find because no names known! So many many thanks!!!! Please keep up good work! I have many tapes (gave too many tapes away) but kept favourites, so I have no clue how to get them on mp3's. I'll make a list and send you in case. Mike


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