Friday, 24 June 2011

WENDY OLDFIELD "Acid Rain" (No More) (Eric M Remix) 2011 hi-nrg eurobeat 80's 90's NEW Unreleased Mix RARE!

hi-nrg eurobeat
"Wendy Oldfield (born 24 February 1964, Cape Town, South Africa is a South African singer. At the age of nineteen she formed the rock group The Sweatband, and in 1999-2001 she was involved with the band Mondetta. She is the winner of several music awards, and currently lives in Wilderness, Western Cape, South Africa.
In 1983, Oldfield was involved in the forming of Sweatband, a South African music group. She was the lead vocalist of the band, and released two albums. In 1988, five years after the formation of the band, she left the group and started her own solo career in the music industry.
Her first solo album Beautiful World set the wheels in motion for a succession of hits, including Real World, Acid Rain, Miracle and Don't Stop Believing. Wendy's vocal performance on the album won her the Octave Award (1992) for Best Female Vocalist and a nomination for Song of the Year (Miracle).
Her song Acid Rain was chosen as the theme song for a 180 part series Nature on Track which has been played all over the world."


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  1. Does anyone have the original swingbeat mix from 1990? Now THAT was a good retro track. Here's a link, by the way.


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