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VIA AFRIKA "Hey Boy" (Remixes) 1983 Afro Disco 80's "Hard-To-Find" RARE!

Afro Disco USA Mixes 80's
01. Via Afrika - Hey Boy (Original Maxi Version) (6.48) 1983
02. Via Afrika - Hey Boy (US Remix) (6.15) 1983
03. Via Afrika - Hey Boy (US Dub Mix) (5.22) 1983
04. Via Afrika - Via Afrika (Original Mix) (4.02) 1983
05. Via Afrika - Via Afrika (US Remix) (6.03) 1983
06. Via Afrika - Via Afrika (US Dub Mix) (5.19) 1983
"Via Afrika erupted on to the South African music scene in the early 1980s.

During 1982 and 1983, Kensington Mansions, an apartment block on Noord Street in central Johannesburg, became the musical and spiritual home of Via Afrika – René Veldsman, Lukas Crouse and Michele Rowe. It was here that René, Lukas and Michele rehearsed, ideated and generally experimented with style and art in their quest to create a sound that would remain distinctly fresh, original and indisputably Via Afrikan. It was here, too, that this, the first album, was written and planned for studio production.

Looking back, there is little doubting that Via Afrika was uniquely outstanding in many aspects. Viewing René, Lukas and Michele beyond their hypnotic music, their tantalising costumes and bodily adornments and their hedonistic and, sometimes, erotic dance routines, there was that special otherworldliness about them. Asked about the inspiration behind the band's songwriting, René says
" … A glamorous protest against government policy, homophobia, the constraints on freedom of expression and, generally, the rules in place during the apartheid years. We wanted our music to be a visual experience of textures, cultures and language – a celebration of the wonders of being African and the realisation of this privilege.
"Our work was ahead of its time, but in later years we were recognised for our work with a United Nations award presented by Beyers Naude in New York City. Our style of music was strictly South African – no boundaries, just a unique sound that grew from a free-thinking group of musicians and artists."
Our first album, Via Afrika, was the most pirated music around at that time," says René. "We took this as a compliment. We were not money-mad – we liked the stuff and needed it for the equipment, sound, clothes and the fun it bought us. We didn't make much money out of record sales – maybe five, six or seven grand."


  1. I consider myself pretty knowledgeable about "dance music" but every time I come visit this blog there will be at least one totally jawdropping release I have never heard of and today its the turn of Via Afrika and I have to concur with your score 10/10 for such a killer afro-disco track.

    I must admit I do prefer the original mixes to the American take on the tracks (though the US "dub" of the self-titled 'Via Afrika' is pretty wonderful, I could swear it was Adrian Sherwood at the dub controls and the way the Eastern style melody waves in and you got to love those whistles!

    I was just about to ask about the Via Afrika and I see you have already posted it last year!

    As always, you sir, are a freakin' star!

    ps, I love this quote by Via Afrika vocalist/bassist René Veldsman I found on Discogs:

    "Via Afrika was a living force that encapsulated sex, politics, magic and imagination - a freedom of expression that was us. We didn't make Via Afrika happen. It happened to us."

  2. I haven't heard this for absolute ages - thanks for the trip down memory lane.

  3. is it possible to get a re-up of this? I can't find this anywhere else and would love to check out the dub remix especially. Thanks kindly, Remy

  4. Hi, any chance of a re-up on these links? They are all dead - would love to hear this!

    Thanks, Eam

  5. Any chance of a re-up– you can't even buy this version anywhere physically– it's the only place I've found all these versions!!! Please. I beg...

  6. Hello! Please again upload VIA AFRIKA
    "Hey Boy" (Remixes) 1983 album. Thank you.


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