Friday, 24 June 2011

LABAN "Love In Siberia" (12'' Maxi) 1986 Eurobeat Euro Disco Electro Pop 80's

01. Laban - Love In Siberia (Extended Version) (5.00) 1986
02. Laban - Love In Siberia (Another Version) (3.44) 1986
03. Laban - Love In Siberia (Single Version) (3.42) 1986
04. Laban - Love In Siberia (Instrumental Version) (3.45) 1986
05. Laban - It's A Fantasy [B-Side] Love In Siberia (2.58) 1986
"Laban was a 1980s Synthpop duo consisting of Lecia Jønsson and Ivan Pedersen. Both members were born in Denmark and originally sang in Danish, before moving onto English language releases. They went on to limited international success with the releases of two albums, as well as singles such as "Love In Siberia" and "Caught By Surprise".
The duo formed in 1982, and recorded the song "Hvor Ska' Vi Sove I Nat?" ("Where Should We Sleep Tonight?") in 1982, a track original written by the Italian pop music group Ricchi e Poveri, known as "Sarà perche ti amo". A manager called Cai Leitner heard the song, and two days later it was released as a single. In 1986 they released "Love In Siberia" which spent several weeks in both the US and UK Top 100, and which launched the pair to international success. It resulted in an LP called "Caught By Surprise", in addition to a single of the same name."


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