Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Timerider - Сocoon (Album) 1988 [fancy] italo space disco synth "COCOON" pwl 80's 90's

TIMERIDER is an instrumental synth dance studio artist/group, created and produced by the very successful German italo disco artist "FANCY" (also known as "TESS")
The track "COCOON" became a chart hit in the UK, after PWL Producer PETE WATERMAN (from Stock Aitken & Waterman) used it as the theme tune to his TV Show "THE HITMAN & HER" in the early 90's.
Here is the "hard-to-find" full length album by TIMERIDER, originally released in 1988 by ZYX Germany.
(This Album is a collection on instrumental space synth dance tracks, many of which are the instrumental versions of HIT records released by FANCY during the mid 80's)


  1. As a result of too many late nights watching 'The Hit Man & Her' (the UK was a pretty dismal place for TV after midnight in the late eighties!), the Cocoon track is seared into my brain for all time...however I had no idea they did such cool space-synth workouts, I thought it was a one-off single! So glad to be wrong!

    Nearly 100 downloads of this album and I am the first one to comment...and people wonder why bloggers get demoralised when they share all this rare and incredible music and not even a thank-you crosses their screen!


  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Good to hear you enjoyed hearing this. Makes the post worth while, and makes me feel good too. Regards, Retro Disco

  3. looking forward to hearing this. thank you from los angeles.

  4. I agree, too many people just take what they like and don't bother to show their gratitude to the person who painstakingly upload each single song.
    I was born in the late 80s and thus didn't grow up with this music, but I appreciate the songs a lot. I think 80s music has a special raw quality and a lot of soulfulness that the music of today lack.
    Btw, if you didn't upload Al Corley's Square Rooms yet, you really need to! It's a fantastic song with a perfect groove, kinda similar to Tarzan Boy in its "oh-oh-oh" melody.
    Thank You!

  5. I'm not just a "taker," I say Thank You.
    I had no idea they had a full album.

  6. Thanks so much, i was looking for these songs, i just downloaded and it's all i expected.

    Best regards, from Chile. Thanks again for sharing these magical songs. :)


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