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PEOPLE LIKE US feat Cindy Dickinson - Reincarnation (I'm Coming Back For Love) (12'' Maxi) 1987 hi-nrg disco 80's

[i'm coming back for love]"
was the follow up single to People Like Us's 1987 worldwide dance hit 'Deliverance'.
"Deliverance" had made them well known in the clubs of Europe and all over the world where Hi-NRG and Eurodisco songs were still the favourite music styles pumping out of the speakers. People didn't at first know that 'People Like Us' was a South African outfit and expected them to be from the UK due to the record company Passion who distributed their music was based there (The UK) and possibly due to the fear that in the 80's, the record buying public would not purchase anything that came from South Africa because of the country's Apartheid regime. In South Africa the songs were favourites in clubs and at house parties but records were only available through import and people only found out that they were South African at he height of ‘Deliverance’s’ popularity. The debut album was released titled 'Deliverance' and featured further tracks including 'Hiroshima', 'Restless Hearts' and 'Reincarnation (Coming back for love)'. Enquiries about ‘People Like Us’ came from all over the world and a tour of the UK was launched. Then disaster struck when Paul Crossley fell gravely ill with Aids at the height of their popularity. Paul Crossley died on 6 August 1989. His death had serious repercussions for ‘People Like Us’ as Paul Crossley was seen as the main driving force of the band and this dampened the future progression of the band. Subsequently ‘People Like Us’, rerecorded the Shiraz song ‘Fighting For Our Lives’ (originally writen by partners Corssley & Owen) bringing homage to Crossley. During that period leading up to Crossley’s death the situation between Cindy, Terry and Paul soured and Cindy decided not to be involved with future albums. Cindy also fell pregnant with her son Danny and performing and recording would take a back burner for the next couple of years.
feat Cindy Dickinson
01 Reincarnation (coming back for love) (Extended Mix) (7.02)
02 Reincarnation (Instrumental Dance Mix) (6.43)
03 Reincarnation (US Remix) (5.43)
04 Reincarnation (Dmx Remix) (7.53)

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