Thursday, 19 August 2010

Shiraz - Fighting For Our Lives (12'' Maxi) 1984 hi-nrg gay disco 80's (CULT CLASSIC)

Shiraz was an 80's Hi-NRG Disco studio group that was the brainchild of producers Paul Crossley and Terry Owen (People Like Us). The singer of the band was Marshall Harmse.

The song "Fighting For Our Lives" addressed the HIV/Aids pandemic that was starting to become a widespread disease during 1984 when the song was released. It was said that Passion Records UK did not want to push the band because of Marshall’s heavy South African accent, and thanks to this, Crossley and Owen would later start another South African group People Like Us (featuring vocalist Cindy Dickinson) specifically to deal with this issue. In 1987, People Like Us covered the Shiraz song "Fighting For Our Lives" when the song was finally released, 3 years later in the UK. Shiraz's "Fighting For Our Lives" was remixed by Canada's Vincent Degiorgio and was intended to be released on the Power Record label. Contractually, it had been committed to Unidisc offshoot, Edzna Records. Produced by "Man Alive Productions", printed on the record sleeve is the message..

"A donation from the proceeds of this record will be made to the AIDS Council to be used in the provision of counselling and emergency accommodation for AIDS suffers who are rejected by family and friends."
Shiraz co-founder and "Fighting For Our Lives" composer Paul Crossley, died of an AIDS related illness on 6 August 1989.
Interesting note: "Fighting For Our Lives" aka"Luchando Por Sobrevivir" was a popular Hi-NRG club hit when released on the Trebol label in Mexico in 1985.
The songs 1st release was on the Jive Wire label in South Africa in 1984

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