Thursday, 5 August 2010

Boom Boom Room - Stretch (Album) 1987 electro pop 80's "Here Comes The Man" RARE ALBUM

In late 1985, the trio called Boom Boom Room (named after an obscure American comic strip) arranged a showcase which so impressed Martin Hooker (of heavy metal label Music For Nations) that he set a new pop label (Fun after All) in their honour to release their first single Here Comes the Man.
With their original sound, and Andy’s striking image, the pop magazines went bananas over the band, and the single soon became A listed on Radio 1. TV appearances followed, (their video currently showing on YouTube), and soon the major labels became interested. CBS signed the band, re-released the single, and airplay continued at such a rate, it seemed that chart success was assured. Major labels however are a fickle bunch, and after an A & R shake up they soon lost interest in the band. Follow up singles Take Your Time (featuring the legendary PP Arnold) and Love Your Face were released, but sunk without trace, as did their album Stretch. Andy and Lushi continued as Something Blue for a while after Skid left to pursue his film and TV work. -
Here Comes the Man however proved to be a huge hit in South Africa, the song was used in an 80's TV Commercial for Storm deodorant and was covered by The Parlotones in 2005 getting to no2 in the charts.


  1. Thanks for posting this. Great to hear the full album after so long. I've had the 'Here Comes the Man' 12" in my collection since 1986- brilliant single!... Keep up the good work!

  2. love here comes the man, viva the 80s!!!!

  3. For a free CDR of Boom Boom Boom's album Stretch + 12" bonus singles & B-Sides please email


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