Saturday, 21 August 2010

LORA MUNRO - The Sound Of (Album) hi-nrg musical eurodance 'kitsch camp' disco (CULT)

In 2000/2001, the 'zany' British singer Lora Munro released a Hi-NRG Eurodance album featuring dance versions of camp classic musical tunes. Songs from THE SOUND OF MUSIC (Do-Re_mi; Tomorrow; My Favourite Things; Supercalifragilistic-expealidocious; CHESS (Memory; One Night In Bangkok) + HOT GOSSIPs (STARSHIP TROUPER) and SHIRLEY BASSEYs (BIG SPENDER) were all given the Hi-NRG treatment... She toured gay clubs & bars in the UK (wearing her "Sound Of Music" frock)
This original "THE SOUND OF" album is "impossible-to-find" these days.. and certainly has become a 'kitsch camp classic'
"Definitely worth a listen! :) She has a great voice. Guarenteed to make you SMILE! :) :) :) lol!"

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