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Soft Cell - Sex Dwarf (12'' Maxi USA Promo) 1981 hi-nrg disco synth 80's "HARD-TO-FIND" Very Rare! SLEAZY ELECTRO DISCO! BANNED! VIDEO! Classic Cult Underground

 hi-nrg disco synth 80's
SEX DWARF (from Soft Cell's - "Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret" Album) recorded in New York City in the early 80's at the height of its gay club scene, at a time when the drug MDMA (also known as ecstasy) was just beginning to become popular.

The sound and club beats of the album reflect this atmosphere, with songs about pornographic cinemas and infidelity, although the album's themes sprang not from New York but the seedy underworld of early '80s London.

The group caused some controversy in the UK over the single "Sex Dwarf", the music video of which was banned for explicit, S&M-related content.

The duo would delve deeper into its fascination with decadence on its subsequent works, including the 1982 remix album Non-Stop Ecstatic Dancing, which features an alternate cut of "Sex Dwarf" on which singer Marc Almond appears to simulate a female orgasm with his voice.
12'' Maxi USA Promo (Tracklisting)
01. Sex Dwarf
02. Entertain Me
03. Seedy Films
"Love this one!
Great 80's disco synth gem!
The music video was banned so posting here for you lovely readers to see!
This is a VERY RARE 12'' USA Promo!

As many links on this and other blogs have recently been "banned"
thought we would post something a bit more
 'over the top'
especially for YOU!  :)  lol!"

"Sex Dwarf, isn't it nice!  (Sugar and spice)
 Luring disco dollies To a life of Vice!"


Scores 10/10!


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