Sunday, 26 February 2012

Replicant feat. Marc Almond - Self Control (Electro Disco Hi-Nrg) [RAF and Laura Branigan cover] 80's VERY RARE!

[RAF and Laura Branigan cover]

Marc Almond was born in 1957 in Southport (then Lancashire, now part of Merseyside) in England.

He initially shot to fame in the early 1980s as one half of the synth duo Soft Cell, whose hits included "Tainted Love" (UK #1), "Bedsitter" (UK #4), "Say Hello, Wave Goodbye" (UK #3), "Torch" (UK #2), "What!" (UK #3), "Soul Inside" (UK #16), and the club hit "Memorabilia".


  1. Loving it, I reckon you should check out Almighty Records, definitely right up your street!

  2. wow! great posts, but your files have been suspended. Got them anywhere else.

  3. Excellent posts, and so glad you have these songs. I have been looking for some of them for 20 years! Any way to contact you regarding some old ones I have?


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