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People Like Us feat Cindy Dickenson - 'Hiroshima' (Never Too Late For Tears) (12'' Maxi) 1987 Hi-Nrg Disco Eurobeat 80's "HARD-TO-FIND" VERY RARE!!

Hi-Nrg Disco 80's
01 People Like Us feat Cindy Dickenson - Hiroshima (never too late for tears) (6.36)
02 People Like Us feat Cindy Dickenson - Restless Hearts (5.46)

People Like Us was a South-African Hi-NRG band from the mid-1980s who had worldwide success with their dance hits "Deliverance" & "Midnight Lover"

Biography of lead singer, Cindy Dickenson

Cindy was born in the UK and received professional training from the age of ten as a soprano at The Manchester School Of Music under Professor Campbell from BBC Radio.

She worked with various bands all over the UK and also got involved with song writing. She came to visit her sister in South Africa and enjoyed it so much that she decided to stay. Whilst there she got an agent, which got her signed at RPM Records. She soon released a rock-orientated single "Love Stealer", which had on the B-side one of her own compositions, "You make me fee like a woman". With that song she won a Sarie Award (South African equivalent to the Grammies).

The group Syndicate, with band member Peps Cotummaccio, approached her to join them and they were soon touring Cape Town for six months and also travelled to Italy, England, Greece, Portugal and Mexico for performances. They released the single "Don’t Go Into Town".

Paul Crossley and Terry Owen then became involved with her on People Like Us and recorded several songs. After the birth of her son Cindy took a break from the industry and later became involved with other projects including Strutt, with Denise Ostler and Helena Muir. Strutt recently also included a male singer David who came from Cindy’s singing school Reach For The Stars Voice Training Academy, of which she is the director.

Cindy Dickenson is currently living in Durban, South Africa where her husband is the radio DJ Dave Guselli on East Coast Radio.

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