Sunday, 18 September 2011

TVI Records - The Best of (Dance The Night Away) various disco [hot productions] 1995


  1. I am trying to contact you. I have had no luck through your profile. I have been following your blog for over a year since you started, and I have noticed you are the of very few people I have found on the internet that shares the GENUINE Hi-NRG music.I am not very experienced with creating blogs, but have started to make my own, where I can share my personal record collection with people who GENUINELY appreciate the true Hi-NRG genre, and for those not so familiar, share some of my stories and memories from the 80's, when I used to buy all my music from one of the hottest and most exclusive record shops in melbourne City, that catered specifically for Club DJ's like myself at the time. I chose not to create a blog that just has a pile of boring 80's retro, or all the new tunes that are available just about everywhere. I want to share some really hard to find vinyls, and create some feedback to get an idea of what Disco fans are searching for. I am a particular Hi-NRG fanatic, and know that people like yourself would not be at Retrodisco Hi-NRG if you weren't a serious lover of the music. So, I am sending you the details of my new blog, because at the moment nobody really knows about it, and as I have searched the internet for things I cannot find, I think my uploads will be a nice find for the fans of Hi-NRG. Cheers to you. I wanted to get in touch so I could explain that I don't intend to post any of the same things that you do, nor do I want to step on your toes with posts. I am strictly going to post my personal records, and the rarest ones in my collection. Many bootlegs and limited DJ only stuff. Contact me please ... or Facebook Dion Jacobs. I want to talk to you.

  2. Many thanks for the TVI compilation, I have been looking for a decent rip of Tony Valor's Ma-Mo-Mah for ages. Anyone who enjoys the Soccer tracks should check out their self-titled album from 1979, the track 'Arena' in particular is a cosmic disco undiscovered classic. As disco/hi-energy compilations go, this is definitely one of the best I have come across in recent years and as always thanks for the high quality!

    Everyone should definitely check out DJ Deeds blog (link in comments above), he has some very interesting and rare posts.


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