Sunday, 25 September 2011

KELLY MARIE "Make Love To Me" (12'' Maxi) 1978 Disco Rock Dance 70's "Out-Of-Print" RARE!

disco dance classics 70's
01. Kelly Marie - Make Love To Me (12'' Extended Mix) (6.19)  1978
02. Kelly Marie - Make Love To Me (7'' Mix) (4.20)  1978
03. Kelly Marie - Sentimental Kisses (7'' Mix) [B-Side] (3.07)  1978
Kelly Marie (born Jacqueline McKinnon, 16 October 1957, Paisley, Renfrewshire is a Scottish disco singer.

In 1978 "Make Love to Me" gave Marie her most significant success (to that point) in the English-speaking world, reaching #2 in South Africa and #5 in Australia: the track spent forty-one weeks in the Australian Top 40 and was ranked as the #12 hit of the year.

"Make Love to Me" might also have returned Kelly Marie to the U.S. club charts where "Run to Me" had reached #27, had Helen Reddy not covered the track for the U.S. market.
"Always loved this track!" 
"Thoughtful lyrics, Powerful vocals with a
"Groovy 70's Disco Rock" music production!"
Scores:  10/10!


  1. I always loved "Sentimental Kisses" ... don't know why, just always played the B-side more than the A side I guess! Thanx for sharing.And thanx for sharing all the other stuff too, it's a great blog.

  2. Thanks for the song and the background info.
    I'd always wondered where she was from.

  3. Any chance for a reup of all Kelly Marie Singles? Thank you


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