Thursday, 15 September 2011

MAN To MAN feat Paul Zone "Man To Man" (Hits Album) Hi-Nrg Eurobeat 1988 zyx records 80's "OUT-OF-PRINT" CD RARE!

Hi-Nrg Eurobeat zyx records 80's
Man 2 Man (also known as Man to Man) were an American Hi-NRG band from New York City, that formed in the early 1980s. They were best known for their hit singles "Male Stripper", "Energy is Eurobeat" and "I Need A Man".

Under this name the band scored their biggest hit, "Male Stripper", teaming up with cult electro producer Man Parrish. Originally released in the United Kingdom in 1986 on the Bolts Records label, "Male Stripper" was a big club hit throughout the autumn and peaked at #64 on the UK Singles Chart.[1] In early 1987, "Male Stripper" charted again in the UK, and this time the song became an even bigger hit, spending five weeks in the Top 10 and two weeks at #4.[2] This success was barely seen by group member Miki Zone, who had died of spinal meningitis caused by AIDS on December 31, 1986.
Due to the death of Miki, Paul Zone decided to rename the act Man to Man and recorded a follow-up single. The record was a cover version of the Grace Jones hit "I Need A Man", which charted at #43 on the UK chart.[3] Paul Zone continued recording under this name into the 1990s, working with producers such as Jacques Morali.


  1. NICE NICE NICE! Thanks! RETRO - The best Disco Music here! :)

  2. I wish Miki were alive today.

    By the way, thanks.

  3. Hi Retro,
    Thanks for the collection of collections!
    So many magic mem's.
    Is there anyway I can get hold of the Man to Man cd?
    Party On

  4. Hey Retro! Any possibility of reuploading the two Man 2 Man CDs? Thanks!

  5. Foi deletado do servidor mediafire. Por favor upa novamente.


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