Tuesday, 27 September 2011

NIKKI LAUREN & SUNSHINE CREW "Those Were The Days" (Disconet Remix) 1987 Hi-Nrg Italo Disco 80's "Out-Of-Print" RARE!

Hi-Nrg Italo Disco 80's
"Those Were The Days" by The Sunshine Crew is a "hard-to-find" 80's Hi-NRG dance track, mixed by Steven Von Blau and Mark Styles.

"Those Were The Days" by The Sunshine Crew (featuring Nikki Lauren) special high energy mix. This cut is the debut 12'' single for Von Adventure Records. Nikki Lauren appears courtesy of Emergency/Quark records, thanks to label president, Curtis Urbina. This cover, version of the 1968 Mary Hopkin hit, was recorded while the group was or tour in Germany. "Those Were The Days" was produced, arranged, and mixed by Steven Von Blau and Mark Styles, with Pat Rosiello as associate producer. Nikki Lauren provided the extraordinary vocal arrangements.

Von Adventure Records would like to thank all our friends who have helped to make this record happen.

"Nice rare 80's Hi-NRG version of the Mary Hopkin 60's classic!"


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  2. Would you have the radio version of this song?? It is not available in the US Thank you for your help


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