Saturday, 24 September 2016

ODESSA - "Private Disco Show" (Retro's Radio edit & 12 Inch Promo Mixes) 2016 italo disco hi-nrg eurobeat new generation 80s LIME

RETRO's RADIO EDIT (Unreleased Promotional Radio play 7 Inch single mix)
The latest from the Bordello A Parigi ( ) camp sees Dutch disco peddle Odessa pay their dues to one of Quebec's most influential contributions to Italo: Denis and Denyse LePage's Lime. This Private Disco Show 12" should be seen less as Odessa cover version of Lime and more a homage to the husband-wife partnership with the same style of impossible-to-forget neon synth hook and sultry vocals. Loaded with '80s energy and hooky simplicity, it comes complete with an instrumental for those not brave enough to go all-out diva.

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