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Neil Cloud & St. Cloux - Reflections Of My Life (Album) 1978 [rare disco album 70s] south africa usa uk

  1. a. Reflections (The Good, The Bad And The Ugly) Of My Life (Campbell/McAleese/Morricone) [11.23]
    b. Finale (Campbell/McAleese/Morricone) [6.35]
  2. Time Of The Season (Rod Argent) [6.26]
  3. Hungry For Your Love (Cloud/Gordon) [4.54]
  4. Do You Remember (Cloud) [3.55]
  • Neil Cloud: Drums, percussion, vocals
  • Johnny Boshoff: Bass, keyboards, string and brass arrangements
  • Lionel Martin: Keyboards
  • René Veldsman: Vocals
  • Malcolm "Funk" Watson: Guitars
  • Erwin Keiles: Acoustic, rhythm and synthesized guitars
  • John Galanakis: Synthesizers
  • Ashley Kelly: Bass
  • Israela Weisser: Violin
  • Chris Boyle, Lofty Schultz, Hansel van Brugham, Eric Norgate and John Davies: Brass
Release information:
1978, Epic, DNW 2111
Neil Cloud was the drummer for SA superstars Rabbitt and after their break-up, he recorded this innovative rock/dance album.

The whole of side one of the LP is an interesting mix of the Marmalade's 1970 UK #3 hit 'Reflections Of My Life' and Ennio Morricone's theme from the Clint Eastwood movie "The Good, The Bad And The Ugly". An extract from this track was played on the radio (Radio 5, I would guess). The full 17 minutes-plus track was released on the 1999 Gallo compilation CD 'Disco Fever' compiled by Derek Smith.  'Time Of The Season' is a cover of the Rod Argent-composed Zombies hit (US #3) from 1969 and was released as a single by Neil Cloud in 1978. This track is also available on the Disco Fever CD.

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"A very rare 70s disco album from South Africa"

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  1. Along with Disco Fever, this is the best album I have ever discovered on your wonderful blog. I always loved the TK Disco 12 inch of the Zombies cover but it was such a joy to discover an entire album by him.

    Another record that is just crying out for a reissue!

    Is this a new rip Retro? I am sure the file size was smaller when you first posted it, though of course I could be wrong, my memory is certainly not what is used to be!


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