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Deborah Harry - I Want That Man (Original & New 12'' Mixes) 1989 & 1999 Hi-NRG Disco Eurobeat 80's PWL

1.  I Want That Man (12 Inch) (6.26)  1989
2.  I Want That Man (Disconet Remix) (6.30)  1989
3.  I Want That Man (Edit) (4.06)  1989
4.  I Want That Man (Almighty Definitive Mix Radio Edit) (4.04)  1999
5.  I Want That Man (Almighty Definitive Mix) (7.21)  1999
6.  I Want That Man (D-Bop's 11_59 Vocal Mix Radio Edit) (4.04)  1999
7.  I Want That Man (D-Bop 11_59 Vocal Mix) (6.41)  1999
8.  I Want That Man (12 Inch Instrumental) (6.52)  1989

"I Want That Man" is a single released in 1989 by Deborah Harry - her first solo single to be released using her Christian name Deborah instead of 'Debbie'.

The track was written and produced by former Thompson Twins members, Alannah Currie and Tom Bailey. It was one of the most successful singles released during Harry's solo career, peaking at number two in Australia, number 13 in the United Kingdom, and number two on the Billboard Modern Rock Tracks chart in the United States.

The video was directed by Mary Lambert.

The song is a combination of late eighties pop music fused with light rock. The campy style of the single pushed it to become one of Harry's most prolific releases. Although it wasn't a global hit, in the U.S. it managed to find success on radio stations, particularly college radio.

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