Saturday, 19 June 2010

Via Afrika - Via Afrika (Album) 1983 Afro Disco Funk Punk Dance 'Hey Boy' 80's RARE!

Via Afrika was a popular South African 80's pop/funk/disco/punk group, who had a mega hit with the infectious "Hey Boy" in 1983/1984.
Other hits included "Via Afrika", "De Tango", "Cape Of Good Hope".
This special edition remastered album release features original 12'' remixes of "Hey Boy" and "Via Afika!" plus updated 2000 remixes!


  1. I always remembered a track from these guys called Hey Boy! But could never find it on the net or record stores. Anyways YOU R THE BEST!!! Thanx so much for this ALBUM!

  2. Thank you a lot for this album!

  3. Greeeaaaaat! Thank you so much!

  4. Thanks! I played this in the record store all the time. I lost track of the vinyl and have been looking for this ever since. Thanks for taking me back to 1983!!


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