Thursday, 24 June 2010

High Energy Dance Sound of the 80's - Volume 2 (2CD Set) various artists

High Energy Dance Sound of the 80's
Volume 2
(2CD Set)


  1. Howdy

    There's a problem with the link of Volume 2 CD 2


  2. Link restored for Part 2/2.

    Good to know people of reading, commenting and hopefully enjoying these posts (even if it's report a 'link not working') :)

    Would be great to hear your stories/memories of these tracks from the 70's/80's

    Comments most welcome! :)

  3. I'm just loving the lASTED 2 HI ENERGY albums thank you so much Retro for all the hard work you do for us on your blogspot.. your the best

    i'm after an album called

    Flared Hits and Platform Soul

    would you happen to have it

    Graham in Kent x

  4. Lol thanks Retro. I check this page every day to see if there's something new. Have written to you twice in the past regarding memories of my clubbing days in the mid 1980's in Port Elizabeth. Would love to re establish contact with anyone who may remember those days at Partners and Plumb Crazy. If anyone remembers those days let me know at
    Thanks again for an awesome site and all the wonderful memories

  5. Hi Graham in Kent. "Flared Hits and Platform Soul" 2CD Box Set is available to purchase for £0.01 now at:

    Sounds like a bargain to me! :)

    Regards, Retro

  6. Thanks Retro for your help. i'll be buying that album first thing in the morning

    cheers mate x

  7. Hello,

    many thanks, I was kust wondering if there is any chance of getting these @320??

    Cheers, Hemmo


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