Sunday, 7 March 2010

MarcAlex - The Very Best Of (Album) 1990 PWL South African Pop Dance Funk

South African pop twins, MarcAlex (Marc and Alex Rantselli), burst on to the late 80's pop scene with a dynamic live act and some slickly-produced and hooky songs and albums.
'Quick Quick' is still their finest moment and sounds as fresh today as when first released. That song appeared on their debut album, 'Marcalex'; their second, 'Boys B Boys', also earned a prestigious Stock Aitken and Waterman (PWL) remix. The boys also had a hit with 'Heartbreakin' Love' in the early 90's.


  1. WOW, about 1/2 of this album is new to me. I liked this a lot. B-boys is not SAW in any way, but Love Somebody sounds like it could be. There are 4 PWL produced songs on here, including Stop Before You Go and My Life, My Love, My Everything.

  2. Thanks for this great album.

  3. Hi
    I had a tape of MARCALEX - the cover was them in white suites (just their top halves - not a full photo). The music on this tape was out of this world - the tape was stolen out of my car - I have searched everywhere for this music I just cannot find it

  4. Hi. Love this blog. Is ther any chance of a re-up of this album ?

  5. any1 who can assist finding this album?

  6. Nice collection, especially "Quick Quick".

    Can you upload it please?

    I can't find it.



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