Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Disco Rock Machine - "Time To Love" (Mini Album) 1978 disco rock 70s 80s "OUT OF PRINT" VERY RARE!

1. Time To Love (Rabin) [7.20]

2. Living For The City (Stevie Wonder) [7.20]
3. You Really Got Me (Ray Davies) [7.13]
4. Loving Styles (Rabin) [7.15]
Produced and arranged by Trevor Rabin (from Rabbitt / “YES” ‘owner of a lonely heart’)Recorded at RPM Studios by Hennie Hartmann
Musicians (to be confirmed):
Trevor Rabin: guitars, keyboards
René Veldsman: vocals
Kevin Kruger: drums



  1. WOW! I have wanted to hear this for so long, scanning the net with the four alternative titles this record has gone under (Living For The City, Time To Love & Disco Rock Machine 2) and at last someone has put up a copy! I had only heard the Kinks cover up to now but listening to it, its been well worth the wait. I am suprised this is not better known (especially given the fact a single album was released under four different titles) as its one of the best examples of the seventies "rock/disco" cross-over (Hot RS, Witch Queen, Rosebud, The Wonder Band etc.). Its strange how a lot of these kind of records emerged from South Africa...There is one "disco/rock" record from South Africa called "Disco Fever" released on the Gallo label in 1999 that I have been looking for as long as this record, if anyone has this I would love to hear it, I cannot find it (Discogs/EBay) anywhere!
    Anyway, thanks again so much for sharing this and the 12 Inch as well, its made my week and judging by the amazing list of records on the right, I may be here sometime! A great blog!

  2. I just wanted to add the fact that though this record was released 32 years ago, it still has the ability to cause dancefloor devestation (at discerning discotheques anyway), the bass and drum rhythms are so powerful that the layers of guitars, synths and voices just rides on top of the rock steady beat. Having listened to the tracks now, I can honestly say the two original tracks are as good as the Kinks & Steve Wonder covers.

  3. Is Disco Rock Machine available in CD? And, although it has been decades since I last heard this masterpiece, who was doing lead vocals on Time to Love?

  4. Great sounding album, this is true disco at its best :-)
    Loved to hear this again after 25 years, thanks for sharing this with us !

    Peter Schouten aka DJ-Pir

  5. Could you please re-upload this LP? I have been looking for this for years to hear. Vincent

  6. new link added :)



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