Sunday, 21 March 2010

Dead Or Alive - Nukleopatra (Album) PWL [South African Edition] 1996 Disco Punk RARE!

Nukleopatra is the sixth studio album from British dance music band Dead or Alive.
Still a massive success in Japan, Epic Records released Nukleopatra there in 1995.
Left without a record contract in the UK and the US, this album did not get released in other territories until years later. Nukleopatra was eventually issued on several different labels, with varying track listings, timings and album artwork.
Following Japan, "Nukleopatra" was released as a limited edition (only 550 CD's released) in South Africa by RPM Records in 1996. The South African album had completely NEW artwork, featuring risqué cover and disc pictures with Pete Burns grabbing his crotch..
aka (his "mangina") :)

The South African "Nukleopatra" CD album is a highly sort after collectable item - selling for US$300-US$500 plus+ when available

S.A. NUKLEOPATRA catalogue (CDRPM 1544) is the most rare and expensive official Dead Or Alive release ever.


  1. I have this !!! It's brilliant... Well i have all their imports and rarities. Actually met Pete Burns... Very weird and scary but in a good way!! Do you have anything of the band "Cinema"

  2. There is a copy for sale on Ebay at the moment, bidding starts at 100US, here is the link

  3. Can you repost this one please?

  4. Hi there

    Is there any chance of re posting this link PLEASE? You always have the greatest selection of South African releases so will be great to have this again...


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