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SIPHO ‘HOTSTIX’ MABUSE – Burn Out (1984) African Disco [multi million selling disco hit]

Sipho "Hotstix" Mabuse is responsible for "Burn Out" in the early 1980s in which the Afro Synth mega hit sold over 500,000 copies in early 80's South Africa alone, and the giant mbaqanga (traditional Zulu) disco hit of the late 1980s, "Jive Soweto"

Sipho "Hotstix" Mabuse was born in Johannesburg on 2 November 1951. Mabuse got his start in the African soul group the Beaters in the mid-1970s. After a successful tour of Zimbabwe they changed the group's name to Harari. When they returned to their homeland in South Africa they began to draw almost exclusively on American-style funk, soul, and pop music, sung in Zulu and Sotho as well as English. He has also recorded and produced for, amongst others, Miriam Makeba, Hugh Masekela, Ray Phiri and Sibongile Khumalo.

Then in 1984 SIPHO 'HOTSTIX' blasted his way back into the charts with a release that has his country at his feet. "BURN OUT" was one of the first home made hits that took every South African by storm, irrespective of race. colour or creed.
"BURN OUT" was #1 on every radio station in South Africa and soon Sipho was singing his way to the United Kingdom to secure a major deal with VIRGIN RECORDS.

Sipho ‘Hotstix' Mabuse – Burn Out [1984]
(multi-million seller)


  1. Just heard this on the Disco Fever post you made, what an incredible track this is and its interesting how the South African take on "disco" and "dance" music sounds so contemporary. Its almost that the act of injecting unique sounds and rhythms to the music at the time, somehow "future proofs" it because it doesn't sound as dated to the ears (mainly because at the time here in the UK we didn't hear a lot of South African music, I guess for political reasons with the general boycott, though I might be wrong and it was just poor distribution).

    There are a few other artists on the Disco Fever album (Rouge, Neil Cloud, John Ireland & Harari) that I have never come across before and they all sound amazing, I would love to hear anymore tracks by them. I knew Hot RS & Disco Rock Machine (also on the Disco Fever album) were South African but I had no idea Buffalo were, I presumed they were American! Anyway, any more tracks by these artists or any other examples of this unique "disco-rock" sound would be most appreciated!

  2. Thanks.
    I'd never heard this before.

  3. Link is down is there any chance of reuploading?


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